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Millennial Trends Spark Need for More Truck Drivers

Driver posing beside a red truckIt may be hard to connect Millennials to the trucking industry at first glance, but when you think about the online conveniences this generation has gotten used to, the connection becomes apparent. Millennials are known for being tech-savvy, with their generation growing up being aided by technology almost all the time. Particularly, these practices have resulted in the need for more truck drivers:

Online Shopping

Millennials love their online purchases. They have several websites bookmarked for beauty, wellness, food, and other items they can easily buy without leaving home. Even the way they buy presents for the holidays rely heavily on these online tools. They love to do extensive research and compare several websites before finally spending money.

They also trust online shopping enough to buy bigger and more expensive items, such as furniture and appliances. All these, of course, cannot reach their home without trucks handling the delivery. With the rise of online shopping, there have been many trucking job openings to fill the demand. Millennials also want quick service, which is why a small delivery company will need to improve their fleet and roster of drivers if they want to keep their clients.

Seeking Independence

Smiling millennial while workingMillennials have a tendency to feel restless. They travel a lot and want to fill their lives with unforgettable experiences. Some may even say they prefer to acquire experiences rather than spend money on expensive items. This need for independence is also the reason more Millennials are considering living on their own. The move out of the nest they grew up in calls for movers, especially if they’re headed to a different city or state.

While it’s true that they may not afford a house of their own just yet, this hasn’t stopped them from finding a property for rent, which they often share with others to make monthly payments affordable. They also want to be close to the city, where their jobs await along with forms of entertainment that their parents’ suburban home simply does not have access to.

Building Their Own Name

No matter how small or simple, Millennials love to capitalize on their ideas. You’ll see their entrepreneurial skills at play when they come up with innovative products that solve problems that have plagued their peers for a long time. They’re also an environment-conscious generation, which gives rise to more sustainable business practices. All the changes they want to do for the world are reflected in the way they design their office, which of course, calls for new equipment, furniture, and miscellaneous tools.

As they acquire an office, all the renovations and item purchases require the help of truckers. Even the delivery of items from their home or old location to their new office also needs the assistance of movers and truckers. Millennials may also ask for help from friends and family, commandeering their personal vehicles to save on costs, but there are bigger items best left to the hands of professionals. When it comes to important and sentimental items, they don’t mind spending a little bit.

Truckers are needed more than ever in a world that has to cater to the needs of millennials. It makes sense that there’s a rise in job opportunities in this area.

Why Parents Should Prevent Childhood Obesity

Kid checking his stomach

Good news: Utah has the lowest childhood obesity rate in the country. The bad news is that it still means about 8.7% of children between 10 and 17 years old are obese. Depending on their state of health, they might need professional intervention, including pediatric treatment in Salem.

Now, parents can have a dozen excuses not to consider it. The process can be costly, the child might be too young to go through a program, and wouldn’t it be better to teach body positivity instead? New studies, though, highlight the importance of a prompt help for the children:

Obesity Increases the Risk of a Hip Disease

Childhood obesity has a profound impact on the joints because of the added pressure of their weight. Over time, it can result in non-communicable but painful conditions such as slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE). SCFE is a condition common among teens that affects one or both hips. It occurs when the femoral head slides from the thigh bone’s neck. It then causes the hips to become painful and stiff.

A study published in Pediatrics revealed obesity might increase the risk of SCFE. Children who are five years old or younger and are already morbidly obese have as high as 20 times the chance of developing the condition. The risks also increase as the body mass index (BMI) goes up. A part of the reason is the result of other studies that suggest obese children tend to remain so once they reach their adolescent years.

SCFE is treatable, but in severe cases, it can involve a surgery, which can be both costly and risky for the children. It also doesn’t guarantee that the kid will no longer suffer from pain or can already pursue more physical activities.

Obese Children Might Perform Poorly in School and Later in Life

Kids on swimming subject

Obesity’s impact is not only on the child’s health but their overall well-being. This is one of the findings of a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In the research, they worked with more than 22,000 parents and caregivers of children. They needed to answer questions that evaluate the child’s level according to the flourishing markers. These included the ability to complete a task, care about school, calmness during a difficult situation, and interest and curiosity in learning new things.

Based on the data (and after adjusting other variables), less than 30% of obese children scored well in all five of these markers. Nearly 40% of those with a healthy BMI hit these markers.

Community Efforts Can Be Effective in Lowering Childhood Obesity

It takes a village to raise a child or, in this case, keep them as healthy as possible. A University of Kansas study showed a community effort might be a useful option to reduce the BMI of the kids. In fact, the stronger the program is, the more likely it can be successful. The success also depends on the number of distinct behaviors it targets.

Fighting childhood obesity is not easy, but it’s possible. It becomes even more real when you get the help you and your family needs now. The process can be complicated, but the benefits will always outweigh the costs and trouble.

For Teachers: Methods for Helping Young Students Learn

Kindergarten teacher with her studentsWith the many things that distract schoolchildren nowadays, it can be quite challenging for teachers to help their students learn. Among students, there is always a temptation to talk, especially if they find the lessons boring. There might also be distractions inside the classroom like tech gadgets. Sad to say, not only older students can become distracted; children who are just starting their formal education and can also develop unhealthy learning habits.

It’s a good thing, then, that there are various ways teachers can help their young students learn. If you’re a preschool or middle school teacher, take a look at three of these methods:

Engage the students’ imagination

For young children, their imagination can be a potent tool for learning. Inside the classroom, you can engage their creativity in different ways. You can, for one, read aloud some stories, or better yet, have them write their own stories. Also, instead of letting them become a distraction, take advantage of tech gadgets and use an online storybook creator to help you and your students create stories and books. Another way to encourage imagination is drawing. You can have tasks asking your students to draw what they want to become in the future, where they want to go someday, or even how they can help the environment.

Let the students play games

Teachers playing toys with studentsGames are always fun, so why not incorporate them into your lessons to help your students learn? For geography lessons, for example, you can play a game of Toss the Globe. In this game, the student holding an inflatable globe names a continent, ocean, or country and tosses the globe to another student who then locates the place or body of water mentioned before passing the globe. Flash cards can also be good for educational games. You can use addition and subtraction flash cards and have five students play at a time, with the first one who gets three correct answers winning the game.

Give the students practical experiences

As the adage goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” You can help your students learn by having them experience things. Science experiments, for instance, have always been a great hands-on experience for students. Have your students grow plants in both ideal and not-so-ideal conditions so that they can see for themselves how important sunlight, water and soil are to plants. If your school allows students to go on field trips, you can take your students on one as well. Go to a museum, zoo, theater, or fire station; a field trip will be an enjoyable learning experience for your young students.

Now more than ever, it can be difficult for teachers to help their students, especially the young ones, learn. Many classrooms nowadays have many distractions, such as various technological gadgets that encourage kids to play instead of study. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t let this discourage you from performing your duties to the best of your ability. After all, you can always find ways to share your knowledge with your students.

How to Make Summer School Fun and Enjoyable Even via the Internet

student taking notes during online class

Summer is not all fun and games for students. Sometimes, the days become so dull that they wish they were doing something fruitful and productive. That said, why not take up education courses online since you have the time for it. This would also be perfect for those who need to take up extra units for failed classes during their academic year.

If you are one of the learners that think they might get too distracted when they choose to study online, don’t fret. The Internet can also give a lot of benefits that can help you do well with your studies. Let’s start with these basic yet vital advantages:

Finding Additional Information

There are times when you find a topic too complicated that even after you go over it a number of times, it can still be confusing for you. Fortunately, the Internet is chock full of information that you can use. You can find them by either going through your own online class sources or the ever-reliable search engines.

With the right research skills, you can even find information that would fit your level of understanding for easier processing and learning. However, do make sure that you finish all your required tasks before you go off browsing for unrelated topics or themes.

Listening to Music

Setting the mood with music makes whatever you’re doing easier. Specific kinds of melodies and rhythm have already been proven by recent studies to enhance learning, focus, and memorization. Also, other musical genres are perfect for relaxation, which can help your mind when you’re already stressed with studying.

woman listening to music while taking online class

Thanks to the Internet, you can easily find whatever kind of music you’re into and you can even shuffle them for a bit of variation during your study sessions. This makes lessons less of a chore and more of a soothing and enjoyable experience.

Studying With Friends

The Internet makes communications easier, making it perfect for setting up study groups. Even if you don’t take the same summer school program online, you and your friends can still help each other out when studying.

You can give each other pointers, proofread and even edit their works through e-mail. You can also offer your friends a much-needed boost of confidence by sending messages or text. With the increasing popularity of social media, you can even create group chats and pages for better coordination of activities, faster sharing of information, and more effective means of enriching one another.

The best part of these is you won’t even need to travel to your friends’ houses just to send your message. Everything can be done, from classes to research and social connections, in the comfort of your home.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg if you decide to take classes online. By making the most of them, you can gain an impressive edge in your work and learning skills, even more so when it comes to your daily grind as a student. Also, the conveniences that you can gain with online summer courses can help you save time, effort, and money.

Learn About Fire Ants and the Harm They Can Do to Your Household

large fire ants

Some pests are more dangerous than others are. A fire ant’s bite can be burning and sharp at first and will then itch on the next day and turn into a white blister. If a fire ant bit you, you would be fortunate if you only get one bite. The insects are vicious, and when something or someone disturbs the mound, they will attack en masse. You must avoid them when you can. For your household, the best thing you can do is prevent them from entering the property.

A harmful insect

There are two species of red fire ants –Solenopsis invicta and Solenopsis richteri. Both species originated in South America and now thrive in 13 states. They have a poison that stuns the prey allowing the tiny animals to overcome mammals larger in size, and with grave efficiency. They work in large groups, and when someone steps on the mound, they would not let up until the intruder leaves or is overcome. When they gang up on other creatures that have bothered their repose, they become ruthless very quickly.

Red ants have venom, and when they sting some people respond with a red patch—a hive, which may be accompanied by dizziness, and in some cases difficulty with breathing. Red ants are harmful insects. Some insects are useful, but others are venomous, destroy crops, and infest homes. Both harmful and helpful species coexist with us in this world.

Hive mentality–how the colony works

Some fire ants are reddish black, while others are reddish brown.  Some members of the colony may be small—about an eighth of an inch, while others are about a quarter of an inch in length. We must be able to deal with them with knowledge of their habits and behaviors. We must be able to protect our homes from the potential damage and discomfort them y may cause.

Fire ants do most of their work in the spring and summer, and they are active until early fall. Where temperatures are warmer, they are active year-round. The mounds of fire ants may rise about two feet from the ground, but some colonies maintain flat mounds that are hidden and not readily evident under some turf. You must consider calling for the services of a pest control company in Framingham to deal with them appropriately.

Watch out for an invasive species

isolated fire ant

Solenopsis Invicta or the red imported fire ants are considered an invasive species in America. They are not as easily dealt with as you would think, and that is why you must entrust them to a pest control company with a license that is valid on the state where you live.

Fire ants are dangerous, cause multiple stings that burn, and itch from the venom they produce and transfer to their victims. Many children have been found allergic to the fire sting bite. Some may manifest life-threatening reactions. They are dangerous to household pets as well. You must be able to protect your family from these harmful insects, and elicit help from the best exterminators in your region.

A Heart-to-Heart Talk on Cardiac Tests

Cardiac Pain

Cardiac diseases are currently among the most prevalent and deadliest diseases worldwide. This increase has primarily been attributed to sedentary lifestyles and poor diets which lead to the accumulation of dangerous fats around the heart. There are different tests used to diagnose various cardiac conditions. After diagnosis, the tests might still be required to track the progress of the disease.

The most common cardiac tests cardiology experts in Gunnison will recommend for their patients are non-invasive ones. These include x-rays, Holter monitoring, electrocardiograms and stress tests among others. When the non-invasive tests are inconclusive, your cardiologist will usually recommend invasive cardiac tests. Here are some of these tests.

Blood tests

Blood testing in cardiac patients generally includes a check for different enzymes. The common systemic enzymes checked include fibrinogen, C-reactive protein, triglyceride, prothrombin while the common cardiac enzymes are creatinine kinase and troponin. Blood tests are generally recommended after a heart attack to monitor the extent of damage to your body’s functions. They are also useful in determining your risk of developing different cardiac conditions.

Cardiac Catheterization

Man checking his heart beat

This examines the interiors of your cardiac blood vessels using x-rays known as angiograms. A catheter is inserted via a blood vessel in your groin, neck or arm to the heart. Injection of a dye through the catheter to illuminate your blood vessels then follows. The procedure takes about two to three hours. Cardiac catheterization is generally used to assess the narrowing of your coronary arteries by plaque and evaluate the functioning of cardiac valves. The procedure is also an interventional one which can be used to stent blocked coronary arteries and open them up.

Nuclear Imaging

In nuclear cardiac imaging, a radioactive substance called a radionuclide is injected into your bloodstream. Computer generated images and scans are then taken to identify how your heart chambers are working and its blood supply. Nuclear imaging is often used with exercise stress tests to augment its results’ accuracy. In this case, the radionuclide is injected at the peak of a patient’s exercise. The test primarily assesses the extent of narrowing of your coronary arteries.

Transesophageal Echocardiography

Conventional echocardiography is a non-invasive test. In transesophageal echocardiography, however, an instrument will be inserted into your throat and then the esophagus. The images captured through high-frequency sound waves will give a clear picture of your heart’s condition since a portion of the esophagus lies near the heart. A transesophageal echocardiogram will show the thickness of your heart’s walls, any abnormal tissue on the valves and blood leaks due to valve narrowing. It is also used to assess the heart’s condition in children with congenital cardiac diseases.

Correct diagnosis is a cornerstone of successful treatment of your heart condition. The above tests will significantly help in reaching the accurate diagnosis and tailoring your treatments efficiently. For mild cardiac disease, lifestyle modification which includes diet changes and exercise might be enough for optimal control. In severe conditions, however, oral medications and sometimes cardiac correction surgeries or placement of cardiac devices are the mainstay treatments.

Tips for Finding the Right Paper-Shredding Service

Shredded paper

Have you ever imagined every office desk in your business having heaps of old c, with nowhere to go and just stuck in the traffic caused by your old, struggling paper shredder? Well, you haven’t, for sure, if you are under contract with a company that offer paper-shredding services. If you are not, then I guess it is time to do so. Paper-shredding companies can save a lot of space and money. It can also relieve some of your stress. To get the best service, it is important to check out three factors below:


Paper-shredding services are not very expensive. They are also not time-consuming as your old paperwork can be picked up from or transported to usually one location, making transport costs cheaper or nil. One can find shredding services that charge £45 for every 30-pound box of paper. You would be lucky to find a company that charges £25 for boxes weighing less than 25 pounds. Some companies offer a bit higher cost for the first box then lower for the succeeding boxes. While many providers base the shredding rate on where the business is located, some look at how much paper you are having for shredding services or how often you would be needing their service. This should become clear in the contract agreement. Also, note that it is also cheaper to drop documents off at the company’s location.

Types of Services

Shredded paper

One can choose from typically five types of services: one-time shredding, regular shredding, on-site shredding, off-site shredding, and drop-off shredding. One-time shredding, also called annual purge shredding, is the most common as many companies have it for their annual clean-out of old documents. Regular shredding allows companies to have their documents collected regularly for shredding. Also called mobile paper shredding, on-site shredding does the shredding on hire. On the other hand, off-site shredding uses a secure destruction site. Finally, drop-off shredding is done with you dropping off the documents to the shredding location. It is advisable to choose the service that conforms to your shredding needs to minimise costs. An annual purge is cost-effective, while regular shredding is not if there is not much inventory of documents on the chosen shredding dates.


It is pertinent to search for services that come with security features on the documents you are leaving for shredding. Make sure the contract provides a stipulation that no one else will see the documents that will be shredded. The information contained in these old records and paperwork can still be stolen. There are service providers that have consoles—where documents are stored—with a lock and security codes. These locked consoles are only opened and locked by one designated person from your company. Also, each console has its own unique lock so that if a container is misplaced, it will be easier to retrieve it. For some providers that accept only drop-off services to their locations, a console is not provided; instead, the box is labelled by a unique barcode, making it easier to scan and trace.

Shredding documents and records is provided only by companies with certifications as they handle sensitive information. When choosing one to do the job for you, be picky. Look for a provider that has national certification, not just experience and technologies, to do the job.

Effective Ways to Decorate Your Office

Office Space

An office’s overall design can affect everyone’s creativity and productivity. Thus, it is no surprise that most successful companies mix fun and work in their office environment. However, not many business owners have office spaces designed to cater to such creative ideas. With that in mind, how can you make commercial office partitions stimulate everyone’s creativity or imagination?

Interestingly, there are several amazing yet budget-friendly ideas that you can apply to your office. Thus, regardless of the size or circumstances that you’re working with, here are a few ideas to help you design a more creative and productive office space.

Keep Everything Clean

Clutter can create distractions, which take someone’s focus away from their work. suggests cleaning your office’s surfaces as well as the floors and walls to remove dirt and any clutter. You should only put the things that you want to see and remove any unessential item. You should also clean your workspace before you go home so that you’ll have a nice office to greet you every morning.

Put a Few Inspiring Colors

Another way to spark your creativity is to use colours. The Spruce says that various colours have effect on people’s minds. For example, bluish tones stimulate the brain, while yellow hues spark your creativity. Also, green makes people more relaxed. However, these results vary from one person to another. Thus, you should try to identify which colours stimulate your creativeity and try to incorporate it into your wall.

Create a System

Office Room

You can set up your system to help reduce clutter and somehow relieve yourself from anxiety. You can create balance by organising your files and folders. You can also establish your schedule each day as well as the time that you’ll take your breaks. Creating a system that works for you and sticking to it will help keep things organised.

Add Your Personality

You can add a bit of your personality to your office space by adding character to your workstation. You can display a few of your photographs, souvenirs, as well as other decorative items to make your area more comfortable. You can also try to post personal things that make you smile and remind you of your loved ones.

Another tip is to create an inspiration board that contains pictures of everything that you want to achieve in life. It’ll serve as a reminder of everything that you want to be or want to have.

Add a Touch of Nature

Adding live plants and even a small orchid can freshen up your space. You can also add a seashell to remind you of your tour on the beach. If you have a knack for it, then adding an aquarium with fish inside can freshen up your space.

In the end, adding a few design aesthetics to your office space is a great way to improve everyone’s workstation. It’s best to keep everything neat and tidy to lessen your clutter. Also, leave your desk clean before going home. Doing so will prevent you from getting distracted and help you be more productive.

Why TIC Properties Aren’t Exactly Too Good to Be True

tenants checking a unitThe concept of tenancy in common (TIC) is advantageous for many homeowners and investors. TIC makes homeowner ownership more attainable because you can enter an arrangement with other people to divide a property’s price and co-own it.

The cost of a TIC can be less than that of a condominium based on square footage, which can provide a significant return at resale. Compared to condo units, TIC properties appreciate just as fast but can be 20% cheaper.

Selling a business or investment property to buy TICs allows diversification; you can have different pieces of real estate instead of just one. You can even defer tax if you use a well-structured 1031 exchange.

While the benefits of TICs can make a long list, these properties have less-than-desirable qualities, too. Before you put your dollars on real estate through TIC for whatever purpose, bear these things in mind:

TIC Contracts Are Complicated

Considering that you won’t be the only one to have a percentage stake in a TIC, the legal side of the agreement can become complicated. Ideally, a TIC contract should reflect the best interests of all co-owners. In practice, though, the rights of some parties end up being less legally covered either by design or by mistake.

tenancy contract

Although all parties could sit down and discuss what should the contract spells out, don’t assume that all agreed-upon points would actually be in writing. Talk to a trustworthy lawyer to ensure that you won’t be cheated or disappointed.

TICs Can Become Unattractive When the Market Turns Sour

The demand for TICs for sale has increased dramatically since 2010, but they spend more days on the market during downturns. If you decide to sell yours when the economy heads south, you might need to wait for a serious buyer for more than two months.

Many people can be allergic to TICs, especially those located in not-so-popular communities, during recessions. If a TIC makes sense for your situation now, be financially ready to keep it for a while in case another housing crisis comes along.

Laws Can Be Extra Tough on TICs

The law, in some areas, limits the advantages of TICs. In San Francisco, for instance, a rental TIC owner can only increase annual rent by 1.6%; condominium landlords don’t content with such restrictions. Also, you might find it trickier to evict tenants.

Moreover, you might not be able to turn your TIC unit into a condo due to several factors. It’s best to seek proper legal counsel to know whether condo conversion will be an option for you before proceeding with the purchase.

Few Lenders Are Willing to Take the Risk

Specialized loans exist for TICs, but the lenders that offer them are in short supply. Depending on where you live, you might be hard-pressed to a lending institution that’s willing to extend credit to you.

The benefits of TICs are not a myth nor a mirage, but their potential drawbacks are also true. As with other pieces of real estate, do your due diligence to make an informed decision.

Is Your New Home “Cool” Enough for the Florida Weather?

A View of Florida

You’ve finally found your dream home in Florida. It’s quaint, near the sea and fits right into your budget. Moving to a new address all the way across the pond may be difficult, but with a house as lovely as this, you’re probably more than motivated to have your slice of paradise.

Before you call any moving company in West Palm Beach, FL, though, consider this: the hottest 2018 summer day in the state reached a whopping 94°F (around 34.4°C). The heat index — what the temperature feels like — is about 103°F (around 39.4°C). That’s a world away from London’s cool, grey weather.

Dealing with the scorching heat is part of daily life in the Sunshine Coast. As a newcomer, you might not be accustomed to the sweat and humidity. The best compromise is to find a home that keeps you cool and comfortable without raking up electricity bills. Choose one that leverages passive cooling.

A Home that Passively Cools

Passive cooling is a design strategy that cools and ventilates a building without relying on mechanical or electronic devices. The building — or, in your case, your soon-to-be-home — should tap into natural elements, such as breezes, nighttime air and shade. Think of it as a structure that’s designed to keep out heat — an attractive prospect in a state that’s known for its sunshine.

It’s counterproductive, not to mention expensive, to buy an ordinary home then renovate it to incorporate passive cooling designs. The trick, consequently, is to look for these cooling structures during house hunting.

Add these items to your checklist when you’re looking for a new abode in Florida.

A Cool Façade

They say your home is an expression of your self-identity. While it might be tempting to paint your home with colours that are as bold as you are, remember that light hues reflect the sun’s rays, while dark ones absorb them.

Also, passive design would discourage you from choosing a home sporting the bright Pantone Color of 2019. Narrow your earmarked homes to those with grey, beige or neutral facades and roofs. Bland, yes, but they will help keep you cool in the sweltering Florida heat.

The Presence of Shade

a house under renovation

If you don’t want to use your air-conditioning system too much, reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home — a feat that’s trickier when you’re in the Sunshine State.

Thick, reliable window treatments are your best friend. Houses with shutters and blinds are ideal. It’s a bonus if you can identify windows that welcome the most sunlight during the day. See if you can plant a shady tree nearby to shut out most of the sun’s rays, as well.

Deciduous trees are a smart choice because they lose their leaves during the fall, letting in generous amounts of heat.

Leveraging the Breeze

A big part of passive cooling is taking advantage of the prevailing breeze. Air movement is crucial to keeping indoor temperature comfortable. So houses with skylights, clerestory windows, vents and louvres are less likely to make you sweat.

Additionally, it’s better if the long façade of the house has windows and faces the direction of the prevailing wind. The openings should have the same size. Open plan spaces and the presence of openings at different levels also maximizes air flow.

Does passive design sound like too much trouble? If you’re moving to a humid place, the extra effort will pay off later. Your ideal home is not just pretty décor and nice plumbing. It should also be designed to keep you cool in your hot, new address.