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Getting a Colorful Landscape

Colorful landscaped backyardThese days, landscapes in commercial properties deserve a little care to maintain their overall look. Investing in commercial landscaping services will help you keep your property clean. During summer and spring, a maintained landscape looks beautiful. Do you know that you can keep your lawn pretty all year round?

Install the Right Outdoor Lighting

You can highlight the different elements in your landscape using outdoor lighting. Adding colored filters to the lights can improve the appearance of your green lawn.

Get a Variety of Plants

Create a space with beautiful plants. Have varieties that bloom in different seasons. A landscaping expert will help you choose the plants. Since many flowers blossom during spring and winter, growing them together will make your landscaping colorful all year round.

Use Colorful Shrubs and Trees

Most people ignore the contribution of shrubs and trees to the overall look of the landscape. Shrubs and trees are better than flowers and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold. You have to consider the beauty and security of your lawn.

Change the Existing Landscaping Elements

Besides adding plants and trees in your compound, adding other elements will brighten your landscape. You can put gravel on your paths or paint your fence to the visual appeal of the landscape. If you feel unsure, you can look for recommendations online.

In the end, maintaining your landscape requires professional landscaping services. Doing so will increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to visitors and clients.

How to Gain Enough Head Space in Your New Loft

Headspace for loft conversionBuilding a new room in your house can take a lot of time, money, and effort. There are lots of things to consider, too, such as getting the right contractor to do it, making sure if it complies with the building regulations in your area, and so much more.

Because of this, many people decide to get loft conversions instead. It’s much more practical, plus, you would not have to think about certain things that you would have to when having a whole new room built.

Here are a few tips on how you can gain a lot of head space. Consider these in your loft conversions in West Wickham.

1. Use the right type of furniture.

Avoid using extremely tall furniture, as this can make your loft feel and look a lot smaller. Opt for furniture that has multiple uses instead so you can save space in your loft.

Lighting also plays a big role in this, even though it is basically just an illusion. Make sure to allow as much extra light as you can to have the room appear bigger than it really is.

2. Extend the floor level.

Now, this one can be a little bit more tedious than the first tip that we have given you. If you really are serious with increasing the head space in your new loft, then go ahead and have the contractors extend the floor level.

3. Replace your attic’s roof.

This is another big project, so make sure that you are a hundred percent ready to undergo this transition. The contractors would have to demolish your attic’s roof in order to be able to replace it, which means that it is possible that you would need some planning consent before undergoing this project. Ask your local government and see if you need to submit anything before doing so.

The good news about roof extensions though is that you get to enjoy a whole new huge head space after the whole project is finished.

Always do your research and see if you are willing to have your attic open for a while or you just want to work with illusions for more head space.

Types of Wood for Luxury Stair Treads

What wood to pick for stair treadsStoried homes are currently the leading choice for homeowners to maximise indoor space with a small plot of land. To this end, stairs become a necessity to access the different floors of your home. You can choose to make your stairs a design statement rather than a simple, functional part of your home.

The ideal method to achieve this is by choosing wood stair treads. There are different types of wood you can use for stairs, including mid-range, engineered, economy, and luxury. Here are the kinds of wood you can choose for luxury stair treads.


This is considered the queen of exotic hardwoods with its excellent texture and grain. Teak is renowned for its durability and has natural oils that make it resistant to decay, rot, and moisture even with no additional varnish or oil treatments. It has contrasting shades of brown and red and tends to darken over time with light exposure and silica presence.

Black Walnut

This is among the most-sought domestic hardwoods. Black walnut has a warm, rich dark chocolate colour that adds character and warmth to your stair treads. Its sapwood is creamy white. Though not as long-lasting as teak, it is softer and cheaper compared to the latter. Black walnut is hence at times used as an affordable alternative to teak.


This is a hardwood with a rich character and intricate, complex grain pattern that has black flecks originating from its pitch pockets. Cherry has a warm, inviting deep red colour. There are two primary types of cherry, including Brazilian and domestic. Brazilian is the costlier of the two, but both types exude opulence and elegance.

The given options will cost more than other material options on the market. The cost will, however, be worth it with the sheer elegance, durability, and luxurious feel they will give to your interior. Maintenance of these stair treads is stress-free. Hence, this concern should not hinder you from investing in them.

A Well-Kept Home: 6 House Items that Should Stay Clean

Carpet on wooden floorLiving in the suburbs can be such a relief. Not only do you have a neighbourhood free of downtown traffic; you also have cleaner air to breathe. While the area outside could be one less thing to worry about for suburban residents, it might be a different story for the home interiors. Because you are in charge of the clutter and cleanliness indoors, do not forget to clean these parts of your household.

1. Carpets

According to carpet cleaning services specialists, your carpet is the first thing indoors that could get dirty. Since this is the place that guests would step their shoes on to wipe dirt off them, bacteria or moulds could grow on these materials.

2. Curtains

Curtains would be another thing to clean, especially if you open your windows a lot. These window accessories could get dust on them, which could cause allergies if not cleaned.

3. Beddings

Pillowcases, blankets and bed sheets would need to get washed and replaced whenever they get too dirty. Unclean beddings could cause sickness to spread and trigger acne on the skin.

4. Utensils

Forks, knives and spoons get used regularly. Because these materials handle food, they need to stay sanitised so that bacteria will not get on your meals.

5. Cooking Ware

Like utensils, dirty cooking ware could compromise food safety. Pots, pans, grills, spatulas and such should get washed regularly and stored in sanitised containers.

6. Furniture

Chairs, beds and tables are furniture pieces that people use a lot. The sweat and other bodily fluids that might get on these pieces could attract bacteria, which require homeowners to clean the said furniture when necessary.

To sum it up, suburban living presents many benefits to its residents. The cleaner outdoors is a welcome relief, but the indoors would be the homeowners’ responsibility. Regular cleaning of furniture, cooking ware, carpets, curtains and beddings would ensure that you are able to maintain a well-kept household.

Why Hire a Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental Service? Read On

Worker collecting trash from dumpsterMaintaining cleanliness definitely has many benefits. Be it a small task like maintaining the cleanliness of your house or workplace to as big as the construction site you manages, hiring a junk removal and dumpster rental service serves you the best.

Firms such as Rubbish Works of Denver can handle the hauling broken furniture and large item pickups of trash in Denver for disposal. Or perhaps you can opt to have a standby roll-off dumpster nearby. Here are the main benefits of contracting a junk removal and dumpster rental service.


First things first, cleanliness is synonymous with orderliness. A disorderly place greatly exposes everyone to accidents. An orderly place significantly reduces the chance of accidents from happening. Thus, you can relate cleanliness to keeping everyone safe, sound, and far away from accidents.


A dumpster can actually free up spaces previously occupied by trashcans. With only one designated place to dispose of all trash, no need to maintain small trash bins that you usually place in corners and post.

Now, you can use these spaces for other purposes such as for a new cabinet or just have an additional space.


Aside from maintaining the cleanliness of your house or office, you can also help keep the cleanliness of the environment. A trusted junk removal and dumpster rental service work in accordance with all federal and local environmental laws and regulations.

As such, they are obliged to follow the strict protocol of waste recycling.


Likewise, as a business owner, you have additional safeguard to a safer, more efficient workplace that greatly reduces the risk of any environmental violations. Don’t belittle these violations as it could actually translate into expensive lawsuits, which you cannot win when you’re against the government.

In addition to having a safe environment, maintaining the cleanliness actually contributes to greater peace of mind: no trash, no stinky smell, no accidents, no environmental violations, and no problem.

A Beginner’s Guide to Fence Line Landscaping

Luxurious backyard landscapingThere’s an old adage that goes along the lines, “Good neighbors make good fences.” Fences don’t just provide an extra security to your home. When chosen carefully and installed properly, fences improve the overall aesthetic look of a home — creating curb appeal or concealing unsightly aspects of the property. This is why having good-looking fences should merit careful consideration from homeowners.

The Art of Prettifying Fences

Fence line landscaping is an art many homeowners should think about trying when giving their yards a facelift. While some may think that it’s not necessary, this craft is still worth spending time and money on. There are many reasons for this, and one would be to soften the hard stuff in your yard.

The ordinary wood fence or your DIY aluminum fence is a hardscape — a straight, rough-edged feature in your yard, and one that could use a little visual softening through the use of plants. The softening is crucial as it creates a cozier, homier, and more inviting vibe to your house’s exterior.

Fence line landscaping also helps in reinforcing the style of the house you would want to project. For example, white picket fences usually complement country-style houses where homeowners grow cottage garden plants.

Pairing Plants and Fences

For summer, you may want to consider having long-blooming perennials like the Rose of Sharon and Bluebeard shrubs. This will add a pop of color to your yard and add a nice color contrast to your fences. Clematis is also a good choice, especially for wire fences, as the leaf stalks cling to anything.

For gloomy seasons, like winter, you want to go for plants that give off that vibrancy. Try evergreen shrubs and plants, like red twig dogwood. This matches well with white fences, as it brings out that fiery color of the plant.

Consider the art of beautifying your fences. Remember, good-looking fences make good-looking houses.

A Guide to Choosing Insulation for Your Home

Home insulationOlder homes in Fairfax, VA were obviously not designed for the highest levels of energy efficiency. Adding or improving insulation to the attic or elsewhere can lessen the energy bill burden significantly. Often, the solution is just adding insulation that pays back in a couple of years. Here are some important steps to help you determine the type and amount of insulation to use.

Conduct an energy assessment.

The most important thing is to determine whether you need to improve your home’s insulation in the first place. An insulation check as conducted during an energy audit or roof replacement for your Fairfax, VA home is very revealing. An energy assessment also checks for air sealing needs in the house. If you choose not to call the energy auditor, you still need to check three major things:

  • Insulation presence or absence,
  • Type of insulation, and
  • Insulation R-value.

Inspect and evaluate insulation.

For a start, the areas to check for insulation include floors, attic and walls next to the basement or garage. This is because the structural elements around these areas are exposed; you can easily decipher the insulation type and size. The rule of the thumb is to make estimations via an opened electrical outlet box. Check via several outlets because it is possible to have insulation in certain parts of the house only.

Determine the cost of insulation.

The R-value of the insulation is going to be very important for this insulation project. Whether you get the value through a professional assessment or own analysis, energy- and cost-savings can help you determine the amount of insulation you need. It will also guide you on where to place the insulation.

Winters in Fairfax can be extremely drafty. Poorly insulated homes are exposed during winter because of their never-ending cold. If you think your home needs new insulation badly, contact an expert in roof replacement for help.

5 Easy Ideas for a Modern Home

Luxurious home interior with large sliding doorsModern houses are gaining popularity among homeowners for their emphasis on function and form over excessive and impractical designs. If you are among those captivated by a modern and minimalist look, here are five ideas on how you can achieve it.

Use Clean Lines

In art and design, lines signify a simple, clean yet contemporary aesthetic. For a modern look, incorporate elements with minimal lines that make a statement. Floating wood stairs, for example, seems simple in design, but is an eye-catching element that your guests will surely notice.

Airiness is Godliness

Proper ventilation is a recurring element in most modern homes. In designing your home, consider incorporating high ceilings to allow air to flow freely, thus minimising the use of air-conditioning. Avoiding stuffy furniture and heavy fabrics also helps achieve a breezy feel.

Let the Light In

Along with ventilation, making use of natural light also enhances the energy efficiency of your home by making use of less electric light during the day. A well-lighted space also creates a welcoming atmosphere. Glass windows in areas that receive just enough sunlight are key to achieving this.

Open up Your Space

Designers characterise modern spaces by their open floor plan that creates a look of space, even in otherwise small areas. This also imparts a feeling of a natural flow among the different parts of a house – improving functionality with no square metre wasted.

Smarten up your Home

Incorporate new technologies concerning the maintenance, security and function of your abode. Apps, gadgets and appliances that make use of smart technology will further enhance the contemporary feel of your home and create an efficient system for you and your family.

By knowing the elements that define a modern house, you are now equipped with tools that can help you achieve your design goals.

3 Winter Household Preparations You Must Not Forget

 burning firewood in a fireplaceFrom November through March, the State of Utah becomes a winter wonderland. Its uniquely dry and fluffy snowfall is a legend of its own; its snow-capped hills and mountains some of the most popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. But as majestic as winter is, households in The Beehive State knows that upon its arrival, essential home preparations must be made, such as these:

Fireplace preparation

The fireplace in your Salt Lake City home must be readied for the cold season as early as November, at which point daily temperatures across the state start to dip. The kind of fireplace you have determines what preparations you must do.

If yours is the traditional type that uses wood, cleaning the firebox and the chimney’s interior and exterior are important. Crucial components that need checking include the flue and damper. For a gas fireplace, the glass plate must be checked for cracks, the shut-off valve for clogged holes, and vents for any signs of wear and tear.

Furnace inspection

If your house has a working furnace, the crucial part you must inspect, and replace if necessary, is the air filter. A faulty one has detriments ranging from increasing your energy usage and cost to contaminating the air quality in your home.

Sprinkler shutoff

Failure to turn off your grass sprinklers during wintertime could freeze the pipes and lead to a breakdown. As soon as the days start to get cold, make sure to drain all the pipes connected to your sprinkler, and shut off all valves and controllers attached to it.

These tips seem almost unnecessarily simple to some. But you will be surprised by how many households inadvertently neglect to do them. See to it that you make these preparations so you can enjoy your lazy winter months with peace of mind.

How to Achieve the Victorian Style in Your Home

a Victorian houseThe reign of Queen Victoria left a large and impressive impact on today’s architecture. There are still many homes today that carry the elaborate layouts of the Victorian style — fancy metal fence decorations or designs, arched and eyebrowed windows, and touches of stained-glass.

If you’re building a new home or renovating your current one into a romantic Victorian home, here are some ideas that can help you achieve the rich and ornate feel of a home in the 1800s.

China Dishes in a Glass Cabinet

Keep hand-painted plates, saucers, coffee and teacups, in a glass cabinet that’s in the corner of your dining room. Or better yet, use them as your everyday dishes to add romance and nostalgia to your mealtime.

Wicker Furniture

Painted white or dark brown, and woven into intricate designs, wicker furniture contributes to the homey yet elegant design of a Victorian living room.

Clocks, Frames, Candelabra

The 1800s used gold, silver, brass, or copper to create these fixtures with curvy and slender designs. Use candelabra to line your halls. Add a big, round brass clock in your dining room. Or use copper frames with fancy vine designs for a Victorian painting.

Intricate Wallpaper Patterns

These are often leaf and flower designs that are daintily curved into detailed patterns. The mix of vines, leaves, and petals make for vintage and romantic backdrop to any room in a Victorian home.

Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue

When it comes to choosing colors, you should always go with jewel tones. An emerald green door against a sapphire blue wall gives a room strength and boldness. A ruby red dresser in your room gives it a splash of vibrant energy.

Though this style may seem extravagant and fancy, being creative and thinking out of the box can help you get a cost-efficient Victorian feel that your family will love to come home to every day.