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Pros of Getting a Newer Car

New CarCar owners often face the dilemma of choosing between switching their old car for a newer model and maintaining their old ones. While maintaining your old car seems to be more cost-effective than switching it for a relatively newer unit, some circumstances may prove that having newer car is far more practical than maintaining an old one.

Here are the different reasons owning a newer, fresher car is more sensible:

You are spending too much on repairs

Older cars, especially those that are under-maintained, need more repair. This would mean persistent and hefty repair costs that could sure blow your budget. Instead of spending large amounts of money repairing your old car, you may want to consider buying a younger one with far less wear and tear.

Your safety is at risk

Of course, no one wants to suffer from undue physical harm and financial losses caused by road-related accidents. Unlike cars produced three or more decades ago, vehicles manufactured in recent years are better equipped with modern safety features and state-of-the-art automotive components, Pickles Auctions notes.

Your fuel bills are up

Newer vehicles come equipped with different innovations, such as electronic throttle control system, which make car engines more efficient in consuming fuel. If you think your fuel bills are beyond the comforts of your budget, maybe it’s time to look for a newer car.

Replacing your old car with a brand new one is costly, and agreeing to pay for an auto loan unprepared is disastrous to your budget. Luckily, in Australia, there are used cars for sale that are surprisingly fresher and younger but still within your budget. By driving a newer, younger model, you are cutting your costs while ensuring your safety on the road.

3 Qualities that Make an Accountant the Right Talent for a Job

AccountantIf you are in need of a professional accountant, you won’t have a hard time finding them. You are going to have some difficulties finding the right talent, though. There are just so many individuals claiming that they are expert in terms of accounting services.

So, before offering a job position to the first accountant you encounter, make sure that the prospect possesses these four qualities. If he or she does have them, then chances are, that person is the right talent for the job.

1. Skills and Expertise
Impressive analytical thinking, combined with Maths prowess, is the first thing that you should look for in someone offering accounting services. By using these skills, the accountant can quickly see trends and patterns in your finances that either make it go up, stabilise or drop down.

2. Communication Skills
Most accountants work in isolation. But, this does not mean it is fine to hire someone with mediocre communication skills. The right accounting talent is someone who has great communication skills and makes use of it to voice out potential problems, patterns and trends accurately to the people in your business who need to know them.

3. Proactive
Being proactive is another crucial quality that makes an accountant a great choice for a job. Since you need this professional to monitor things that have an impact on your finances, it is only a must that he or she does so without being asked. In addition, if there is anything else that the accountant sees is worthy of discussing with you, such as a potentially risky investment, he or she should notify you immediately to prevent any drastic impact on your finances.

Do not put your business at risk by making the wrong choice. Keep these three qualities in mind, and you’ll have higher chances of picking the right talent.

Makeover Plans: Giving Your Swimming Pool a Unique Look

Swimming PoolGetting a swimming pool for your house makes a smart home makeover. Going a mile further and decorating the swimming pool gives your property that strong ‘wow’ factor. While there are many swimming pool decoration projects, not all of them might be suitable for your home. Normally, most of the projects would cost next to a fortune, but this doesn’t mean you have to go over your budget.

All you need is a bit of planning to keep your pool decoration budget in check.

Create your own

Most people often choose ready-made furniture and designs when decorating their patios and swimming pool areas. While this helps you save time, buying ready-made furniture pieces might not be as good enough a solution if you want to create a new look for the space. Think of merging design ideas instead. Apply your DIY skills and see what you can create for your pool décor.

Keep the pool safe

Child accidents related to swimming pools have topped the list as the most prevalent hospitalisation cases in Australia. As you can’t monitor the swimming pool on a 24/7 basis, devising a solution to keep the children away when there isn’t an adult around is more practical. A fence would be a great idea. Some even recommend glass pool fences from Perth manufactures like Apart from the added safety, the glass fences provide an exquisite touch to your outdoor space.

Add a bit of flora

Plants lend texture, colour and coolness to an outdoor space. With the better part of your pool dominated by artificial material, adding plants brings in the balance and provides the much-needed shade. Instead of using an awning to block of the sun, consider growing a couple of leafy quick-growing decorative plants. These will give you the shade and a constant refreshing breeze as you lounge around the pool.

Most of us have a thing for thrifty solutions—we know you do, too. Before you get started with your pool décor project, make a thorough plan to apply cost-effective alternatives.

Live Without Worries: Perks of Living in an Apartment

ApartmentTo be financially stable, you should earn more than what you spend. Make adjustments in your budget allocation to achieve this. Some also make it a habit to save money before spending. One of the richest people, Warren Buffet, said that you must save 20% of your salary and spend the rest. He set a great example by living in the same home he bought when he started. The lesson is to live frugally and save more.

This is one reason why living in an apartment is a good choice. Aside from it, apartments also offer you low maintenance living arrangements. Lower Cost, Lower Maintenance Living in an apartment means paying for a rent that may be lower than the mortgage for a house in the same area. Cooling and heating a smaller space like an apartment also means saving on electric and gas bills.

No Maintenance, No Worries

Aside from more expensive bills to pay, you also have to think about the daily upkeep of your lawn or garden or the removal of pests and bugs if you live in a house. However, if you live in an apartment you only have to call your building superintendent to take care of these things.

Living in an apartment may not give you a garden to enjoy on the weekends, but it also means not having to tend to the area. If you are too busy to tend to a garden, you won’t regret not having one.

Move Around, No Problem

People with jobs that require a lot of travelling prefer apartments. Look for penthouse apartments in Brisbane or rent a high-rise in Manhattan—you can live anywhere your work takes you. says penthouse apartments in Brisbane let you enjoy first class fixtures and amenities; choose a place near your office to have the perfect setup.

Apartments, when chosen properly, give you good living arrangements. To enjoy the many benefits of apartment living, look for the best apartments now.

What You Don’t Need to be a Freelance Writer

Freelance writerSome people think being a writer means plenty of credentials, certificates, and a degree in writing. In truth, writing is a career where credentials matter as little as your zip code. Not a lot of writers know this and they paralyze themselves thinking, “I can’t be a writer, I didn’t study journalism. I’m too unqualified.”

The sector of freelance writing is taking off the last few years. It’s helping companies keep up with their content while providing a source of income to stay-at-home mothers or working students. A wide array of freelance writing jobs is available for anyone who thinks they have the guts to make the cut.

A Degree in Writing

Contrary to most in-house writing jobs, being a freelance writer means you aren’t judged by your degree or your credentials. You can be a college dropout for all it’s worth but if you write good content with a good grip of grammar, chances are, they’ll let you work for them.

This is a field that’s welcoming of all types of people: students still finishing their degree, graduates of a course they didn’t want to take in the first place, stay-at-home mothers, and even nomads. You don’t need credentials or certificates to be a freelance writer. If you have the skills, you get the job.

A Portfolio

Very rarely does someone walk in to apply as a freelance writer with a writing portfolio at hand. While it helps, it’s not very crucial to any application. You can show them your skills during the exam itself and build your portfolio along the way as you take on project by project later.

… Or a Blog

You don’t have to have a blog if you want to be a freelance writer. You will write for the internet, but a blog isn’t a requirement. Even in-house corporate bloggers don’t run their own blogs. In the long run, if you feel like you’ve mastered your language already and want to share your own voice, then do it.

A Home with an Internet Connection

Majority of freelance writers took the job so they can stay at home and attend to their more pressing needs. Some, however, took it because of the convenience it promises: you can essentially work anywhere. As long as you churn out quality pieces at the end of the day, you can expect to be paid.

In fact, many commit to this nomadic lifestyle and travel the world while they build their career as a writer. You can work from home, but you don’t have to. You can go places and work from anywhere. As long as you have a laptop and you can find an Internet hotspot somewhere, you’re good to go.

It’s no wonder many find freelance writing an appealing option. Either as a full-time career or a night job, freelance writing is a friendly route that can take you to great places.

Can You Really DIY Roof Repair or Replacement?

roof repairDeciding whether to have your roof repaired or replaced professionally or go the DIY route is an issue many homeowners face. Add that to the issue of determining if your roof needs to be replaced entirely or just repaired. Making sound decisions about your roof will make sure your home’s overall structural integrity won’t be compromised.

Common Roof Repairs

Re-roofing or repairing your roof will largely be based on its overall condition. If you notice leaks, it is oftentimes more cost-effective to re-roof instead of just making repairs. Older roofs displaying signs of wear and tear, such as broken concrete or clay tiles, will soon show signs of reduced performance and efficiency. Also, some homeowners tend to lean towards re-roofing when extending their homes, so everything will look consistent. Common roof repairs Perth, WA residents need include:

  • Replacement of missing, cracked or broken tiles
  • Rust Removal
  • Using flexible pointing for re-pointing
  • If applicable, re-bedding gables and ridges
  • Flashings replacement or repair
  • Application of various protective coatings
  • Gutter repair or replacement
  • Sterilisation and application of anti-fungicide
  • Waste removal
  • Complete pressure clean
  • Replacement of the entire roof, if required
The Need for Professional Roofers

The main concern about doing your own roof repairs or replacement is safety. Although it is very easy to find information online, there’s really no substitute for the equipment and skills professional roofers possess.

Because of lack of experience, most do-it-yourselfers often end up making mistakes that can lead to more damage to their roofs, such as leaks and issues in insulation.

A properly designed roofing system is a key element in safeguarding your home against different weather conditions. While there are minor roof issues that can be easily performed by the average DIY aficionado, more complex roofing issues should be left to professional roofers to ensure optimum roof durability and performance.

Paralegal Career for Working People: Striking a Balance between Work and Study

Paralegal CareerTaking paralegal studies while working is a challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, the right strategies in studying will help you make it through. If you are a professional who is planning to become a paralegal, try these ways to strike a balance between work and study:

Take online courses

If your schedule is not conducive for studying, online courses from paralegal schools like are a good option. You do not have to think of the travel time to attend classes or ask your boss for concessions just to accommodate your studies.

Build up knowledge & vocabulary

Some of a paralegal’s duties are to interview people and draft documents. Brush up your confidence and communication skills by interacting with colleagues. Read news and cases when you have time. Dedicate an hour after work to improve your knowledge and vocabulary. Paralegals cite cases as reference so this will improve your research skills.

Get to know your computer

Paralegals assist lawyers in creating documents for trials. Thus, they should know the basics of using computers like typing and using spreadsheets. Get a computer and familiarize yourself with it to build up your technical skills.

Practice multitasking

Paralegals perform multiple tasks every day. You should be fast and flexible to become a paralegal. Come up with ways to develop multitasking and organizational skills. Arrange your schedule. Use a timer to find out how fast you finish tasks at work. You will learn to handle different situations, which happen often when working as a paralegal.

Learn to prioritize

Limit your time for non-essentials to make room for your studies. Knowing and doing your priorities will reduce your stress and help you achieve work-life balance. After all, you also have work and family to contend with daily. Be busy with work, study and family, but never forget to exercise. Working out will help you keep up with your busy life.

It will be hard, but not impossible to study a legal course while working. Follow these tips so you do not have to give up your dream of becoming part of the law profession just to accommodate another option.

3 Factors that Influence Addiction among Women

seeking help on drug addictionEvery addiction journey is unique. Causes and treatments vary from person to person. Old and young have different needs, and so are men and women. Studies show that women respond in behavioral and biological manners when it comes to substance abuse. Experts from list down some aspects that influence addiction among women.


Relationships may be a big contributor to risk for substance abuse. Women who abuse substances tend to have a significant other who is also a substance abuser. This is because most women believe that drug use ceremonies, like sharing of needles, can be a channel of communication to create or strengthen bonds.

Further, the status of a relationship influences substance use and potential abuse. Married women are less likely to be addicted patients. Divorced women are at greater risk. The emotional issues linked to divorce are a primary factor that contributes to this.


Research says that victims of sexual abuse are more likely to turn to drugs and other forms of addiction, such as alcohol and cocaine. Those who have suffered domestic abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder are also at risk for developing addiction.

Victims of abuse resort to addiction as a coping mechanism. It is their way to lessen feelings of isolation and sadness. It may also be a means to improve self-esteem and confidence. At the other end of the spectrum, however, substance abuse may be a way to inflict harm to one’s body.

Eating Disorders

Women who suffer from eating disorders struggle to control their urges. Researchers speculate that this lack of control is often what leads people to drug abuse. Substance abuse may aggravate the symptoms of eating disorders.

This is why dual diagnosis treatment is important. Addicted patients must choose rehabilitation programs that treat each of these conditions. Inpatient recovery plans are best for treating eating disorders and substance addiction. This ensures that medical practitioners will constantly monitor patients.

Women have unique needs when it comes to addiction recovery. It is important to identify the root of the addiction and recognize needs to ensure successful treatment.

Exquisite Ways to Spend Australia’s Many Holidays

ANZAC biscuitsAustralia is one of the countries known for its numerous specials days and events. Combining it with the diverse landscape and culture, it gives people another reason tour around the country. Apart from a good opportunity to visit places, each state in Australia has a few traditions worth seeing.

Here are just a few highlights of Australian Holiday Celebrations.

The Restaurateur’s Expertise

In all parts of the globe, restaurants tend to pull off the best holiday gimmicks. Australian restaurants are no different. While they deck out their decorations and whip up special menus for known holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, they can create dedicated menus as well. A fine example would be the ANZAC biscuits from, which have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Get into Sports, Mate!

Most Australian holidays entail large competitions. Do not confuse it with the after-Christmas “Boxing Day,” as it refers to the traditional day-off of servants as they receive their Christmas boxes from their employers. Yet, most states commemorate this event with a yacht race in Sydney, cricket matches in Melbourne, etc. Football leagues and other competitions happen on other special days like Queen’s Day.

The Australian Barbecue and Picnic

Most Aussies use their long weekends to spend time with their families, which usually involve picnics or the classic afternoon barbecue. This is usually the case during Labour Day and Christmas, which falls midsummer in the country. It is a Christmas tradition to go on a family picnic at Bondi beach in Sydney.

Parties, Parades and Adventure

Occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Australia Day deserve a nice fireworks display for the audience. Apart from that, parades for ANZAC day and Labour Day often happen in different states. Many take the opportunity to hike and camp with their families.

Spending holidays in different places is a culture-enriching activity. It gives you a chance to learn about the country’s history. It provides a glimpse into the people’s traditions and practices as well. Lastly, it highlights the beauty of the land that isn’t typically seen in normal travelling schedules.

Safe Way to Identify If Your Roof Contains Asbestos

removing asbestosWhen inhaled, asbestos can cause serious health problems such as cancer and lung diseases. People who live in old houses are at risk because a few decades ago, asbestos was one of the popular building materials. Roofing, pipes, insulation and other construction materials can have this.

Identifying asbestos

The problem with detecting asbestos in the roof, however, is that you cannot identify it just by looking. Also, most asbestos products are not harmful. According to roofing experts in Perth, airborne fibres are what make roofing materials with asbestos dangerous to health.

Determining the age of the house

The first step in detecting asbestos is determining the age of your house. As mentioned above, older buildings are more likely to have some asbestos building materials. Specifically, material used during the early 20s up to the late 80s can have this.

It was only considered a health risk in the late 80s when asbestos exposure was associated with certain types of cancers.

Asbestos can be whitish, greyish or whitish-blue in colour. When mixed with other materials, it can be impossible to detect. Roofing tiles that contain asbestos usually have the same grey, white or bluish-white colour.

Provide Samples for Inspection

Perth roofing experts like says exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health risks. Keep your family safe from potential health hazards by knowing whether your roofing tiles contain asbestos. To do this, take a sample for laboratory inspection.

Just be very careful when taking a sample, as the dust can get into your lungs immediately upon inhalation. It is best to wear a mask and rubber gloves. Before cutting the tiles, spray them first with soapy water to keep fibres intact.

When the lab samples return a positive result, replace the tiles, but do so very carefully. Unless you have the proper skills, call professionals for asbestos removal instead.