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Why Brits have a Longstanding Obsession with High-End Street Wear

street wearSome people think that the usual British attire consists of fancy suits, hats and long coats. But in reality, they dress just like the next man. In fact, one thing they have in common with other Western countries is their longstanding obsession with street wear.

5 Pointz agrees that many people are still wearing jeans and hoodies wherever they go.  Street wear is popular despite the Brits’ tendency to bounce between tradition and fashion. Here are some of the reasons for their enduring love affair with street wear:

It is everywhere

Accessibility is one reason people love street clothes. These are available in retail stores and even in e-commerce websites, thus making shopping an enjoyable endeavour. That, and the fact that these clothes are more affordable than other attire, give them an instant place in the wardrobe.

Positive impressions

The positive impressions that street clothes leave is another reason that makes street wear a lasting cultural phenomenon and not just a trend. Adidas sneakers look cool and sporty whilst boots exude a fashion forward sense. T-shirts and hoodies give off the impression of casual, effortless style as well.

No limits

People love street wear because existing fashion norms do not limit it. Unlike formal attire, which is defined by suits or dresses, there are no hard and fast rules in wearing street clothes. People can mix and match any style and still look just as good.

Custom-fit to personality

People love street wear because it brings out their personality and originality. As there are many ways to wear such clothes, they can choose the ones that define them best. The flexibility of such clothes even allow people to start new street wear brands by trying out different styles.


Street wear may never go out of style, not when these connect with certain groups. Rappers usually consider t-shirts, rugged pants and hoods as their signature look. People would usually see skateboarding enthusiasts in t-shirts, shorts and sneakers.

These reasons just imply that street wear is indispensable in British culture. It will not be just a passing trend but an evolving standard as people continue to create and recreate it.

When a Sweet Smile is Not Enough for a Good Selfie

Sweet SmilePeople look more appealing in photos when they are smiling, and even better if they have good teeth to show off a sweet smile. That is why people with a healthy oral condition have the confidence to stand in front of the camera or take a lot of selfies.

But, it is not just the smile that makes a person charismatic; a smooth face is also a factor. Wrinkles or facial lines are some of the things people do not want to see when they look at their faces in the mirror. These lines are not that much of a problem today, though, as there are effective treatments available.

Eliminate and Prevent Lines says Botox is a suitable option for people who want to reduce the lines on their faces without resorting to invasive surgical procedures. Practitioners usually use the botulinum toxin type A to relax the tiny facial muscles. They inject it on the areas with frown lines (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet, forehead and smoker’s lines.

Botox does not just eliminate facial lines, though. Some specialists also recommend it even before wrinkles start to form. They say that this treatment is an effective preventative procedure for people who want to maintain their smooth and appealing faces even as time passes.

Side-effects to Watch Out for

The treatment is relatively fast and painless. But, like every other medical procedure, Botox comes with a few possible side effects, such as swelling and bruising. Bruises are more likely to occur on areas that have more blood vessels, particularly the crow’s feet around the eyes. Another side effect is crooked facial expressions, which is a result of wrong Botox dosage or incorrect area of injection.

In very rare cases, some patients experience allergic reactions to the drug, causing life-threatening side effects. Some of these include vision problems, muscle weakness and trouble swallowing and breathing.

The effects of Botox are not permanent, though. To experience effective results, people should repeat the procedure at least every three months.

Is Chiropractic Care Really Safe?

Chiropractic Care in DenverWhile chiropractic care has a great track record regarding safety, all health treatments, whether traditional or alternative, have associated risks. Denver Integrated Spine Center shares more information below:

Chiropractic and Potential Risks

The risks related to chiropractic care, however, are extremely minor, such as mild aches, stiffness, or soreness immediately after the treatment. These are similar to what people commonly experience after vigorous exercises. In addition, recent studies state that discomfort normally goes away within 24 to 48 hours.

Neck and back pain, as well as some forms of headaches, can be treated with cervical manipulation or spinal adjustments. These functions to improve the mobility of joints, restore motion, and reduce muscle spasms to aid in alleviating tension and pressure in the affected areas. When conducted by a well-educated and skilled chiropractor, the risks are little to none, and the effects can be long-lasting.

When weighing the potential risks of any health treatment, it is important to compare the associated risks to other health procedures offered for the same health condition. In this context, potential adverse effects from chiropractic adjustments are considered more favorable than the most traditional health treatments.

The Problem With Pain Medication

According to the American Journal of Gastroenterology, patients who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for various pain conditions are three times more at risk of developing severe gastrointestinal complications like perforation or bleeding. Patients over 60 years old are five times more at risk for the same adverse effects.

In addition, the prescriptions for potent painkillers like hydrocodone and oxycodone continue to increase every year, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also reported that these pain medications are the number one cause of accidental deaths in the U.S., surpassing deaths that have resulted from heroin or cocaine overdose.

A chiropractor is a well-trained doctor that can offer relief to patients with various pain issues. Chiropractors have years of training under their belt to help them accurately determine if patients may have unique risk factors. This can help them provide the most suitable treatment.

The Green Choice: Three Ways to Go Eco-Friendly on Your Home Design

houseEco-friendly homes are more than just a trend. Many people choose these types of homes to contribute to the global movement towards environmental conservation and protection. You are not just doing yourself a favour if you’re using an eco-friendly design for your new home; you are also helping the planet.

Whether you are building a new abode or just having a home makeover, there are many innovative ways to make your home eco-friendly.

Start with the following steps:

Save the trees

It is always wise to save the trees when building a new home or an extension. Find a way to limit the numbers of trees that you will cut down by using a strategic design and placement of the structure. For instance, you can build your deck around a big tree. This will not only provide you a natural shade for your outdoor area, but will also make your home cooler and help you save on cooling costs.

Go for sustainable flooring

Going green does not always mean patronising natural over synthetic or artificial products, as the sustainable home builders of Perth’s explain. You also need to think about the sustainability of the materials. Premium wood floors are always charming, but they are not as renewable as bamboo floors. Linoleum, cork and reclaimed wood are also green options and can be as equally stylish as timber.

Go small but tall

Design your home for a small footprint. A structure with small but tall design is a great idea. As it uses an upward expansion, it requires a grid of small holes for the building’s foundation instead of a large crater. An airy rooftop terrace that rises on the same level with or above the trees around your house will surely be your favourite spot.

There are many other ways to build your new house without sacrificing options. Seek assistance from experienced builders to discuss eco-friendly home designs.

Simplicity: A Component of Great Football Kits

FootballAnyone who remembers Chelsea’s nauseating grey-and-orange kit back in 1995 probably has suffered the worst era for football kits. Liverpool, however, beat a dead horse with their awful 2013/2014 shirts. These unsightly jerseys have one thing in common: they are all complicated. All of them try to innovate, or at least be different, and it backfired in the most embarrassing way.

More than anything, this should serve as a lesson to coaches or anyone who makes the sartorial decisions at any club. You should bin the rainbow designs and stick to simple, monotone shades. As stated by Soccer Tutor, it is straightforward and more importantly, it represents the team’s traditional colour. It is more than a base colour for the shirts, a club or country’s colour is a source of pride.

Evoking Memories and Perception

Whatever shade your team chooses, you will be following a precedent set by a great team who wore the same colours. Red, for one, is the World Cup-winning colour of England and its two most successful clubs, Liverpool and Manchester United. Bavaria’s Bayern München also wears the same hue, and they are the pride of Germany. So successful are teams in red that Cardiff City’s Vincent Tan changed the club colours for a time, from blue and white to red.

Even if it is something as bland as white, you will only be wearing the royal colours of Real Madrid. Alfredo di Stefano, Ferenc Puskás, Francisco Gento and Raymond Kopa did not have problems wearing white while defining the formative years of the European Cup.

For crests of untraditional colours, such as yellow or orange, Brazil and Holland are behind you. The one taught the world how to play with joy, the other taught the world how to play; there is pride in wearing the same undertones that Pele and Johan Cruyff once donned.

Reverting to Tradition

Sheffield, aside from housing the first football club, also had their local university publish a study about trends in football shirts. No doubt, business is running the show nowadays, but in kits, tradition triumphs. To sell more, clubs choose to portray their own, authentic qualities rather than letting money decide. You can hear purists around the world of football cheering this news.

There is something so evocative about having the right kit. Every time your team scores, you feel an overwhelming urge to kiss the badge or flaunt the colours on the opposing side. Provocative, but pride and joy for your own team does that.

Summer Is Coming: Be Ready to Stay Cool

beachThe changing of seasons happens fast. One moment it’s  winter, but you’re already anticipating the heat of summer. Spring just started in Australia, but time can go by in a blur.

The heat in Perth can be unbearable once summer steps in — and the weather can be unpredictable. You don’t want to be caught off guard once the temperature rises, so find ways to prepare.

Ways to cool down

Hearing the word ‘summer’ can make people scramble for ways to stay cool. This early, you should be thinking of ways.

Prep your Perth home by setting up an air conditioner to keep temperatures comfortable. Have experts check your unit because it needs repair or maintenance to function well. Use fans, as well.

Seasonal features

Focus particularly on your windows. One thing you can do is to put reflective coating on them. That way, you will have protection from the sun because heat bounces off. The sun can give off harmful UV rays, so arm your house with the right shield.

Another treatment you may want to get for summer is the fly screen. The season can bring in a lot of flies, so you’ll be needing a lot of screens to keep them from entering your dwelling.


Invest in ice cube trays before summer comes. It’s guaranteed you’ll be using most — if not all — of them. Nothing beats having an ice cold drink when it’s hot. It’s a refreshing way of cooling down, so make sure you have those trays ready.

The heat of summer need not be feared — you just have to know the ways to prepare for it. The best solution, though? Hit the beach!

Virtual Imagery: The Secrets to Creating Efficient E-Posters

Digital PosterThe world is advancing really fast. From top-of-the-line gadgets and high-powered vehicles to everything wireless, people are getting more convenience in life with the latest technological innovations.

Nowadays, people use digital or electronic posters to present ideas, proposals and other information. They’re similar to traditional posters, as presenters put them up on the wall for the audience to see. The only difference is that they use large computer screens. In most cases, they make use of 42” LCD displays, wall-hanged in a landscape position.

Much like in a traditional poster, well-designed digital posters should be self-explanatory, highlighting both clarity and coverage throughout. The number of slides usually depends on your presentation. Some consists of only one, while others have as many as 50 slides.

To make the most of your presentation, follow a few guidelines on formatting and creating e-posters.

Get Full Attention

First, keep in mind that less is more in presentations. You can’t expect your audience to stay focused on the slides throughout. People only have a certain attention span. Anything that you project beyond is worth nothing to them. It’s not about how much information you provide, but how clear and concise your e-poster design and content are. Information overload won’t do you any good.

Mind the Readability

You have better chances of successfully sending your message across when the audience understands what you want to say. You can ensure this by using simple and standard fonts that are also large enough to read from afar. The more difficult it is to read your presentation, the more people won’t appreciate it.

Aside from using the right typeface and font size, you should also consider proper colour contrast. No matter how simple your text reads, you’re wasting time and effort presenting if the audience can’t view the words clearly. Basically, put dark texts on vivid backgrounds or vivid texts on dark backgrounds.

Digital posters are mostly visuals, so adding HD graphics and videos is ideal; however, sounds are more often unnecessary. By following these tips, you’re a step closer to a successful presentation.

Crooked Smiles and Terrible Bites: Watch What You Chew

TeethMisaligned teeth are problematic not just because they interfere with your smile, but they may also change how you bite and eat. Unfortunately, you can’t always blame it on genetics, as there are many factors that may cause your teeth to get crooked.

Sugary Sweets

We love sweets, but our teeth don’t exactly love them back, especially when they cause plaque. This clear and sticky film contains bacteria and usually forms on the spaces between your teeth. With proper cleaning, they don’t pose that much of a problem, though.

OrthoDenco notes that it may affect your teeth alignment when the acids that the bacteria create begin to eat at the enamel of your teeth. This not only causes your teeth to rot, but it may eventually cause it to fall out. Even when it doesn’t, the small spaces that form between your teeth force your teeth to move from their usual place.

Aside from causing your teeth to move and misalign, failure to address plaque may eventually cause more serious gum diseases. Your teeth falling out of your mouth would be the least of your worries if this happens, as the bacteria may find their way into your blood through sores or open wounds in your gums.

Hard Food

Constantly chewing hard food can also cause your teeth to get crooked. Although our teeth are very resistant to wear and tear, too much pressure and force in the wrong places can cause them to move in place and consequently, affect the alignment of the rest of your teeth.

If you’re worrying about your teeth’s alignment, it’s important to watch what you chew. Limit the amount of sweets you eat and be careful when eating hard food. Practicing good oral hygiene is also important to avoid getting gum diseases.

Granny Flat: Making the Most of Small Spaces

Granny FlatMore families today are returning to the multi-generational living trend, so there are instances when the house isn’t big enough for everyone. As a result, they look for ways to have an additional living space within their property. A good example is granny flats. and both noted that these add value to any property. It can be useful for guests, elderly loved ones and teenagers who want their own private area. There’s no guarantee that it will be spacious, but there are ways to make the most of its limited space. Here’s how:

Loft Bedroom

Ask your builder if they have designs for loft bedrooms. This is having half the size of a second storey, which you can dedicate solely as your sleeping area. In the case of granny flats, installing a traditional staircase may not be advisable because it can take up space. Going up and down can be dangerous, especially when you need to carry something.

Multi-Purpose Fixtures

If a loft bedroom isn’t possible, then start investing in expandable and collapsible furnishings like sofa, drawer and wall beds. Sofa beds are ideal if you want to combine the bedroom and the living area. Wall beds give you more space by hiding your mattress in a closet-like storage. Drawer beds make the most of the area underneath your bed, so wouldn’t need an additional closet.

Higher Shelving

Most people limit the height of their shelves depending on their reach. What they don’t realise is that they can maximise it further by allowing it to reach until the ceiling. For things you don’t always use, you can put them on the top-most shelf and use a ladder to get them whenever necessary.

These are only some ways to maximise the space of your granny flats. Like any other living space, all you need is to make your furnishings work with what you have.

Keeping Your Boat in Tiptop Shape

BoatYou have probably insured your boat just like most boaters. That’s a good way to help restore your boat in case of severe damages. However, you’re missing the mark if you depend on the insurance but disregard maintenance.

Avoid putting your watercraft and your enjoyment in jeopardy. Consider the following measures to take into account in properly maintaining your boat:


The harsh weather of Australia will cause your boat to wear and tear over time. A sturdy boat storage in Perth will reduce chances of damaging your watercraft. Furthermore, it will reduce or prevent the likelihood of theft. Remember that cars are not the only valuable items for thieves.

Applying protective coverings will help make your boat last longer as well. Use wax and anti-fouling paint to help keep your boat from dirt, water, rust or other harmful elements. Cover it with a durable cloth for extra protection. If you live in regions which freeze during the winter, shrink-wrap your boat or consider indoor storage facilities.


Scrub dirt, grime or salt residue off the surfaces with marine boat wash and a soft-bristle brush. If marine boat wash is not available, car wash soap and even laundry soap would be great alternatives. Rinse well with fresh water.

Occasional maintenance of parts

Occasional maintenance on the boats’ components is very important. While the frequency of changing oil varies by model, some experts recommend doing it annually or for every 100 operating hours. Check your propeller and apply waterproof grease on the shaft to prevent corrosion. Take the boat to your local dealer for assistance if you’ll have a hard time doing the repairs yourself.

Keep an eye for parts susceptible to damage such as fittings, ropes, bolts, nuts, screws, battery, fluids, engine, bilge pumps, and electrical system. Boating failures are attributed to loose, fraying or corroded parts, so make sure that all components are functioning properly before using your boat.

It takes proper maintenance and not just insurance to own a boat that will last longer. It prolongs the life of your watercraft and saves you money for repairs. More importantly, it guarantees your safety while you are on board. Don’t hesitate to get a little grease on your elbows. You will see how that small sacrifice paid off in the long run.