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Kids Party: Where to Spend This Special Day

Birthday CandlesKids are only going to be young once. It is better to give them the best birthday celebrations while they are young so they have good memories to look back on. While it is safer to stay at home where you can control the surroundings, outdoor venues are available to cater to your child’s needs. Take them out of the house and make each birthday a special one.

Pop Up Garden

It does not have to be far. Sometimes, all you need is some pop up items where they can have fun with their friends. It can be at your own garden or rent a nearby open space. You can have inflatable wall climbing pieces or giant slides where they can have fun all day. It is important for kids to be under the sun and be active instead of just eating cakes or sweets on their birthday.


Another way to make their special day more meaningful is to go on camping. Bond with your kids and teach them survival tips. Engage in activities such as fishing or boating. Trekking and hiking lets them be close to nature and learn more about wildlife and the forests. Take them to magnificent views and sleep under the stars where they can learn astronomy. With camping, it can be a full day of fun and learning.

The Beach

Nothing beats going to the beach on birthdays. The sights are great and the sea opens you up to exciting water activities. A beach club is a good kids party venue because it is not limited in space. You can invite their friends and all them can have fun playing sports or simply swimming at the shore.

Wherever you choose to spend your kid’s birthday, remember that the focus is on their enjoyment. Ask them what they want or surprise them with a trip they will never forget.

Are You Getting a Fair Treatment in Your Child Support Case?

Child SupportAlthough the State of Utah has provided specific guidelines when it comes to child support, matters can become complicated. Child support lawyers in Provo say that even if you only have the best interest of your child or children in mind, you may be taken advantage of or treated unfairly in the proceedings. When these instances occur, you may find it hard to handle them on your own.

The Value of a Child Support Lawyer

There are so many areas where a child support lawyer is valuable to you. They will explain all the provisions under the specific law, which can appear complex to the ordinary person. Your lawyer can also provide support during these stressful times. More significantly, your lawyer will help in the following:

  • Enforcing A Child Support Order. It’s not uncommon to hear one spouse failing to comply with the agreement. This may mean shouldering all the expenses. In instances like this, your lawyer can help either by discussing with the other spouse or going to court.
  • Ensuring Proper Accounting of All Income. Your spouse’s income may come from many sources, not just from salaries or what they may have declared. Without proper accounting, the other party’s contribution may not be an equitable share. Your lawyer can ensure that all sources of income are properly listed.
  • Calculating Net Income Correctly. It might not be intentional, but there may be cases where records don’t reflect your spouse’s net income correctly. This may be due to certain deductions or technicalities. Nonetheless, this will still have an impact on the amount you pay for child support.

While you should not be bickering over money matters, and instead putting the welfare of the children as the priority, it’s also not right if the other party doesn’t playing fair. You deserve what’s fair and just without sacrificing the children. Be aware of the details that matter and ensure everything is declared properly.

Sharing the Kid You Love with the Spouse You Don’t

ParentingDivorce is difficult, especially for your child. During this trying time, the best way to offset the negativity of the separation is by giving the child access to both parents. He needs to see that Mommy and Daddy are OK together even if they live under separate roofs.

But what if you and your ex-spouse are always at each other’s throats?

Co-parenting: A Challenge for High Conflict Couples

Trying to co-parent immediately after a divorce can be counterproductive, especially if you are not in good terms with your spouse. Your high-conflict relationship may result in heated arguments and discussions. Kids notice and often react negatively to fighting parents. When they constantly see Mom and Dad fighting, this results in harm to their physical and mental health. recommends setting up a parenting plan that works for both parents. If burying the hatchet with your former spouse is not possible, however, then parallel parenting is your best option.

Like Train Tracks: Understanding Parallel Parenting

Psychology Today defines parallel parenting as “…an arrangement in which divorced parents are able to co-parent by means of disengaging from each other, and having limited direct contact, in situations where they are unable to communicate with each other in a respectful manner”.

Unlike traditional co-parenting, parents work toward a similar goal (to raise the children properly) without the need to cross paths. For high conflict families, this parenting model offers a system that keeps you and your spouse apart while remaining in the children’s lives.

Under such an arrangement, both parents have the right to decision-making in different areas. For example, you take charge of your child’s medical concerns while your former partner handles education. Parents only come in contact when they must make major decisions.

Settling the Dust Works

Parallel parenting protects your child’s relationship with his parents while keeping him away from arguments. Parenting separately also places your child away from conflict and focuses on improving his well-being.

Time away from each other eventually leads to the mending of wounds and cordiality. In the future, parents can care for their children together once the tension has ended.

Regardless of the parenting arrangement, look at your relationship objectively and how it will impact your children. You might not love your spouse anymore, but your love for the kids should drive you towards the best decision.

Soundproofing a Room — without Breaking the Bank

PlasterboardsYou may be a music enthusiast who wants to practice, practice, and practice just to get it right. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for perfection, but your goal may be affecting someone else’s peace of mind.

It’s every musician’s dream to spend every waking day playing music without holding back and worrying about other people complaining about the noise. The secret to making this happen is a soundproof music room. You can build one right in your home, without breaking the bank, by considering the following:

Find Affordable Materials

Although the age-old trick of attaching hard laminated cardboard or egg trays on the walls still work, there are quite a number of cheap alternative options available on the market today. You see, egg trays and cardboards are quite unsightly; not to mention they do not last very long, unless you decide to brush or spray them with paint.

Choose acoustic plasterboards instead. These materials effectively block out noises and you can find many affordable materials online or in local stores. The secret to finding cheap deals is to shop around.

DIY or Ask Help

DIY projects can save a lot on labour costs. Ask family and friends for help, or maybe even your band mates and other musicians. There are many online resources and video tutorials you can refer to when installing plasterboards. Plan and delegate tasks, so you can finish everything on time and on budget (don’t forget to order pizza to keep everyone motivated).

Beg, Borrow and Buy From Thrift Stores

Other ways of soundproofing a room include placing thick carpets on the floor, vinyl tiles, and cushions and foams on the windows. If you’re short on budget for these add-ons, go to friends and relatives with a list of materials you will need for your soundproofing project. Request these items for free or ask for a big discount. For materials they cannot provide, check the nearest thrift shops and second-hand stores for options.

With hard work and affordable materials, you can easily build a room where you can rehearse and record music without having to worry about angry neighbours. Consider this as an investment; this simple home renovation can create a big difference in creating an environment conducive for creativity.

Why Outsource Your Recruitment Functions?

Benefits of Recruitment AgenciesThe global economy continues to experience fast changes in the fields of innovation, competition, product portfolio, and employment. For successful companies, getting skilled employees is as good as creating a superior product in the market.

With companies putting a lot of effort on the primary production of goods and services, they don’t excel at recruiting and retaining talented staff. Employment recruiters make sure you get highly skilled labor as you focus on your business.

Improves the quality of the workforce

Companies diversifying their product portfolio underscore the issues that impact the quality of their output. Hiring a talented team of employees from diverse backgrounds allows you to enjoy innovation and efficiency in your company.

In most cases, you may not have enough time to conduct the required analysis to ensure you get the best. Leaving it to specialists allows you to focus on your core functions and beat the competition in terms of workforce.

Lowers the rate of turnover

With increased market competition, businesses tend to attract performing individuals across the industry. Despite recruiting the best talent, you may lose your workforce to competitors. The recruitment agency says specialists understand what it takes to satisfy the workforce through job evaluations, salary increases, and other incentives.

Reduced costs

A higher employee turnover increases your expenses on advertising, interviewing, and training new employees. As Chron explains it, “A high employee turnover rate implies that a company’s employees leave their jobs at a relatively high rate.” Know that every stage of employment comes with a substantial cost. An agency helps you to keep your company’s performance at optimum levels.

Large multinationals offer tremendous incentives to attract people who want job security. It may be difficult for startups to attract the same level of quality. Recruiting companies level the playing field for you to hire top-notch talent to drive your business to prosper.

Tools For Keeping Track of Your Employees

TimePicture this: your boss suddenly calls you out because it turns out your team has the most inconsistencies in terms of attendance. All of this is simply because your team’s manual attendance log is outdated and full of mistakes — frustrating, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this scenario happens in some companies. Most employers have difficulty tracking their employees, thus making it difficult to process salaries and evaluate performance. As such, they use the following technologies to prevent the consequences of inadequate attendance monitoring:

Cloud-based time and attendance trackers

Companies can track employee attendance easily through cloud-based trackers. Salarium notes that these trackers allows organizations to integrate any number of employees, work locations and time information in the cloud.

With cloud-based trackers, employees can log and track their attendance accurately. They only have to log on to the attendance tracker software online while the tracker records the information for the employer and HR personnel’s reference.

Self-tracking apps

Advances in app development made it possible to have time and attendance trackers on smartphones and tablets. As such, most companies nowadays use these self-tracking tools to make the attendance process more convenient for employees.

Self-tracking apps allow employees to log and view their attendance, pay slips and leave balances on mobile devices. Most of these tools even feature the employee’s productivity. With these tools, employees can assess and improve their performance in terms of attendance. Employers can also monitor them more effectively.

Biometric Timekeeping System

Employers know that even the most advanced trackers have limitations, which some people take advantage of. That’s why some companies and government offices use a biometric timekeeping system to prevent such inconsistencies. This system records a person’s working hours by identifying human DNA, thus eliminating the chances of logging in or out using different credentials.

Door controllers

Some companies use door controllers to address attendance problems. Employees usually swipe proximity cards to these devices to log in and enter the premises. Door controllers help employers track employee attendance accurately and keep their office safe at the same time.

Inadequate time and attendance monitoring may cause problems in payroll processing and performance tracking if left alone. Investing in these devices will help reduce or prevent these problems from happening to your company.

LJ100: Boosting Stamina

StaminaMen who have difficulties in their energy level and sexual stamina tend to get help from supplements. LJ100 is one of the many products that enhance sexual drive and boost proper metabolism. What’s great about it is the fact that it is all natural.

There is only one listed ingredient in LJ100, Eurycoma Longfolia. This plant is also known as Tongkat Ali or Longjack. It is a very common ingredient mixed in men’s supplements that boost testosterone production. The plant where the ingredient is extracted is native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

The health advantages of Eurycoma Longfolia include:

  • Increase in sperm count
  • Boost in testosterone levels
  • Cure penile dysfunction
  • Increases stamina
  • Enhances muscle mass and strength
  • Enhances sex drive

While most men use LJ100, women also buy LJ100. The fact that it has undergone clinical studies makes it a good competitor in the market. Moreover, the ingredient found in the supplement (Eurycoma Longfolia) is proven to support healing of different kinds of body discomforts. There are also no stated side effects or negative claims from the buyers of the product.

The downside of the product is its lack of detailed broadcasting about other ingredients used. Compared to other supplements, it is a little expensive. But the effects are really good. recommends buying LJ100 from trusted sellers only.

LJ100 is a great product for men who are looking for testosterone boost. There are no claims for possible side effects of using this product, which is a good thing. Moreover, since it comes from an organic ingredient, there are little to no health risks. However, a person should always check his health condition before taking in any kind of supplements to avoid health risks that can lead to fatal injury.

In With the New, Out with the Old SEO Ways

SEOGoogle has launched so many updates in their algorithms that it has caused a panic among the search engine optimisation industry, thinking that SEO is dead. But it isn’t. You can still use SEO to promote your business online, but make sure to adapt your site to the latest changes.

It’s a good thing you can ask Perth SEO agencies, such as, to help you implement these changes.

Be Smartphone-friendly

More and more people are using their smartphones for online research. In fact, there are more mobile users now than desktop computer users, hence the importance of making this change to your website.

Another reason to follow this trend, which has been building since 2013, is that Google also evaluates how mobile-friendly websites are in ranking before ranking them. Mobile searches are also expected to increase in 2015 and beyond.

Start Website Optimisation for Other Search Engines

Google is the undisputed search engine leader, although Yahoo and Bing are also gaining more web users these days. Since Yahoo and Bing’s market shares are increasing, it’s best to start optimising your website for these search engines now. Growth of even more search engines is likely credited to web users who do not want to deal with annoying ads and have their personal details sold to third party bidders.

Earn Organic Links

It’s so much easier to give in to the temptation of getting links through link swapping or building them from unrelated or low-quality websites. However, Google devalues these links as they consider the contextual factors first before qualifying links. They also value brand name mentions, often earned from producing good products or services; writing useful, informative content; and building genuine relationships. Aim for organic links from authoritative sites relevant to your content.

Build a Strong Social Media Following

Ask your SEO Perth agency to help you get more followers in social media. Social media signals are becoming more valuable in bringing in sales and referral traffic, as well as earning backlinks and increasing brand awareness. Establish a social media account that will not only post content about your business, but also serve as your medium to interact with your customers or followers.

These are only a few of the things that you can do to update your SEO strategy to fit the latest trends. Implementing these changes may help you grow your business and your market.

Building Ideas: Eco-friendly Add-ons to Your Perth Granny Flat

Interior DesignGreat things come from putting up your own granny flat on your property. It can serve as temporary housing for any of your friends or relatives who are visiting. You can even convert it into a small office or a rental unit for added income. Nonetheless, it is important to make your granny flat eco-friendly.

Here are a few suggestions that you might want to include to your new blueprints:

Energy-saving Add-ons

Install solar panels for your granny flats. Not only can the solar panels light up the flat itself at time, it can also add to your home’s power supply. The eaves can be extend and serve as shade to windows when you want to keep the heat in during winter. Make your windows large enough to light up the granny flat and its rooms during the day, so you do not need to use all the light fixtures in the space.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Use recyclable wood boards for your flooring and ceiling. Builders of Perth granny flats may even recommend these recyclable materials for insulation, as they are readily available and affordable. Another great addition for recycling is a composting area and a garden. No matter how small a space you reserve for it, the added vegetables, herbs, flowers and fertilizer that you can get from your garden can be worth it.

Green Furnishings and Fixtures

Buy wooden, second hand furnishings from thrift shops and depots. Get water-conserving showerheads and taps for your fixtures. Use LED lights instead of the typical florescent lighting. When you buy appliances, check their energy star grade.

Living green is not just a fad; many cities are requiring homeowners to turn to eco-friendly products for their home. By designing your granny flat with green materials, you are giving your home that environmental incentive and making it an even more comfortable place to live in.

Want an Eco-Friendly Home? Start With the Plumbing

Plumbers in West ValleyTaking part in protecting the environment is the responsible thing to do. It’s also a safer way to live. When thinking about what you can do from the comfort of your own home, consider starting with the plumbing system.

Get leaks fixed ASAP

Did you know that even the tiniest leak in your home’s plumbing system can already lead to 34 gallons of water being wasted? And this is just for one leaky faucet with a single drip per minute, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Just imagine how wasteful it is if there are more  leaky faucets in your home. A continuously running toilet is an even bigger environmental issue, as it wastes about 200 gallons of water every day.

Fixing these leaks promptly makes your home eco-friendly, and will also protect you from high utility bills.

Invest in low-flow fixtures

To conserve water, invest in low-flow plumbing fixtures, including toilets and shower heads. Low-flow toilets can get you up to 6,000 gallons of water savings every year, while low-flow shower heads can cut your water usage by up to 3,000 gallons annually.

Although these are more expensive than regular fixtures, the money you save easily outweighs their initial cost. They are also great for the environment.

Don’t use caustic cleaners

Caustic cleaners, while effective in clearing minor clogs in pipes and drainages, are hazardous not only to the environment, but to your health and safety, too. When allowed to sit for too long in the plumbing system, they will eat away at the material, releasing and producing toxic gases. Plumbers in West Valley City recommend using greener alternatives to these chemicals to get your drains cleaned with little to no environmental impact.

Even without leaving your home, you can do your share in protecting the environment. Find areas that need improvement in the house, and always go for greener alternatives.