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Understanding the Importance of Web Development

Web development information with coffee and penMost businesses focus on having a website with a good design. Yet, web design is only a part of web development. Many website owners ignore this fact because they do not understand what it is. The result is a poorly developed website. Knowing the importance of website development can prevent this costly mistake.

What Web Development Is

There is a big difference between website design and website development. While the former involves the design elements of your site, the latter covers a lot more than that. C1 Partners noted that a good Denver web development company would also work on server and client side scripting, web content development, e-commerce applications, and configurations and server security.

Why You Need a Professional for Website Development

It’s easy to create your own website using a free template. You can even find templates that can help you come up with a sophisticated-looking website. The problem is these web development tools won’t allow you to customize your website to suit your specific needs.

Your website may look good, but will it provide what your site visitors need? By allowing a professional to do the dirty work for you, you will get the website that will attract visitors and make them stay longer.

The Right Professionals to Work with

First, your prospective developers must have the necessary skills. They must have significant experience in the industry. Likewise, they should have a good track record of success at what they do.

While it’s not easy to find a reliable web development company, it is possible. You just have to know how. Shortlist companies that meet your criteria and set an appointment with each of them. You can ask for references and talk with their previous clients. Ask for quotes, and come up with a decision that takes into account all important factors.

If you appreciate the value of web development, you will not fall into the same trap that befell a lot of website owners.

Surviving a Winter Storm: How to Prepare Your Household

House with snowA winter storm is often unforgiving. Humans are – to a huge extent – at the mercy of nature. This does not mean, however, that you cannot do anything to protect yourself and your family. Here is some advice for staying safe when a winter storm heads your way.

Get your kit ready

An emergency kit may be the difference between survival and being in serious trouble. Make sure you have the following items in your kit before the snow starts falling.

  • An environment-friendly snow-melting product like Safe Paw.
  • Sand (for vehicle traction)
  • Snow shovels
  • Dry firewood and alternative sources of fuel, in case you are isolated and fuel supplies are unavailable.
  • First-aid kit
  • Clean drinking water
  • Fire starters like a flint, waterproof matches, or a few Bic lighters
  • A battery-powered radio
  • An extra cell phone with a fully charged battery. A basic phone can last longer on one charge than a touchscreen smartphone.
  • Long-life survival food packets or canned food

Get your household ready

Have a meeting with your family. Discuss the safest spot in your home, in case you have to run for safety. Discuss also where you should all meet in case you suffer separation. Delegate tasks, such as making sure the pets are inside, who grabs which bag, etc.

Giving each member a flashlight with a string for wearing around the neck or belt and a cellphone is also ideal.

Get your vehicle ready

It is ideal to stay indoors during a snowstorm. If you have to move, however, you want your vehicle to be ready. Take your car to your trusted mechanic to get it fully winter-ready. From the antifreeze/coolant to winter tires, your vehicle should have what it needs to get you to safety.

For checking your surroundings after the storm or participating in search and rescue operations, an amphibious search and rescue XTV you can get from providers such as is more rugged and reliable than a regular vehicle.

If you live in a region often visited by weather disturbances, you may want to invest in one of these ultra-reliable vehicles.

Surviving a winter storm is not only a matter of luck. You have to take action and prepare your home, your vehicle, and your family. One who is prepared is more capable of surviving even when things start to go south.

Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Stone Benchtop Products for Sale

Different kind of stonesKitchen benchtops can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Classic and contemporary options abound for the meticulous homeowner. Stone countertops can be very expensive indeed, but experts still argue that it is the best choice — that is, if you want a kitchen that stands out, and a countertop that can last for years to come.

Natural versus Engineered Stone

Organic and durable — these are the qualities of natural building materials. However, these features exist together with porosity, another trait unique to organic countertops. Porous materials are highly vulnerable to staining, which is a disadvantage for natural benchtops that fetch a high price. While sealiing can lessen the material’s porosity, it lessens the natural appearance as well. Natural materials are also more expensive per square metre than engineered alternatives. For example, black granite can fetch as much as $2000 per square metre.

Meanwhile, engineered stone is more affordable, but not made from pure natural material. Manmade conglomerates of quartz and resins made to resemble the surface characteristics of marble — that is what you get when you choose imitation stone. However, many homeowners choose engineered stone surfaces not only for the more attractive price tag, but also for their durability, low porosity, and high scratch resistance.

Granite versus marble

When you purchase stone bench tops in Tauranga, from companies like Prestige Bench Top Limited, it is likely the merchant will offer either marble or granite. Marble is popular, but it stains more readily than granite. If you are concerned about staining, then make sure the marble is treated and sealed prior to installation. The other option is sealed granite, which is as reliable.

Granite is also porous, but it performs excellently in abrasion tests. The choice is yours, and it will depend on your aesthetic sensibilities. Both types of natural stone are classic choices and lend elegance to the room.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. When designing the kitchen, you want it to look its best. Organic stone kitchen countertops come from mines while engineered products are manufactured in factories. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Which type of countertop would you like to own?

Effective Methods of Strengthening Metal Sheets

Man working on a metal sheetMetal sheets have a variety of uses. You’ll find the material in nearly every product you use and every place you visit. It’s in cars, planes, buildings, cutlery, dental appliances, kitchen accessories, and more. Its flexibility, strength, and resistance top corrosion makes it a necessity for almost every industry.

Hascall Steel Company shares that an industrial process transforms metal into thin, flat sheets of different thickness. But what can give the material its structural integrity?

Stretching Profile

This method increases the strength of the metal profile by changing its shape. It requires curve into any metal sheet through the various known methods. Manufacturers stretch the material outside of its limits and wrap it around a die.

Industries use stretch forming machines that are suitable for all sizes and shapes. In your workshop, you can use a hammer and sandbag, and a power hammer among other tools.


Folding over the end of a metal sheet will significantly increase its structural integrity. The size of the bend to be made depends on the application. The easiest way to do so is to clamp the metal and use your body weight to bend it. Another common way is by using a metal break. This machine gives you control on the bend’s quality.

Structural Grooved Seams

Pressing designs, beads or grooves onto the surface of the metal sheets increases its rigidity. These methods add design to the metal surface as they compound the strength of the metal. You can use a number of ways to achieve this, but the most common method is with a hammer or chisel that is softer than the metal in hand.

The combination of the above methods will leave your metal sheets optimally rigid. Also, the tools are easy to use and easy enough to master with enough practice. Alternatively, you can leave the job up to expert technicians in steel service companies.

Knowing When You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing the lawnThe right time to fertilize your lawn depends on four factors. These are the grass type, climate, the type of fertilizer used, and the look you want to achieve for your lawn. In general, if you want your lawn to look good all year round, you should fertilize it four to five times a year.

However, even if you are not after looks, your grass still needs fertilization two times each year.

Kinds of Grasses

As mentioned, lawn fertilization here in Salt Lake City also depends on the type of grass you have. There are two types of grasses. These are warm season and cool season grasses. Each type has its own growing season that requires a particular fertilizing schedule.

Regardless of the kind of grass, it is ideal to use fertilizers while your lawn is growing actively. Otherwise, if you fertilize at a time when your lawn is dormant, weed growth may be triggered. You only waste fertilizer this way.

Cool Season Grasses

This type of grass is popular for having two growing (or flourishing) periods. First is after the grass returns to life after dormancy during the winter. The second growing period happens at the onset of fall when the temperature is often moderate, and there are no more heat waves and droughts.

It is ideal to fertilize cool season grasses with a bigger concentration of oxygen during the lawn’s growing period early in the fall season. Another application with a lesser concentration of nitrogen is necessary during the spring season.

Warm Season Grasses

Obviously, this type of grass flourishes in summer, when the days are warmer. Warm season lawns need fertilizing right after they green up in spring, and then again late in summer. You should apply a bigger concentration of nitrogen in spring, and a lower level in fall.

By following the guidelines offered in this post, you can make sure that your lawn goes through fertilization the right way.

Give Your Business An Edge When Breaking Into New Markets or Territories

Business people having a meetingThere are many reasons the competition may be getting the best of you and outclassing you in the marketplace. In most cases, you are the new kid on the block just trying to carve a niche in the market. In other instances, your competitors might have better products. They may also have a better and an aggressive marketing strategy that makes them stand out.

You have to accept and contend with such realities when starting a business or launching a product in a new market. Whilst the odds may seem to pile against new entrants, this is not reason enough to give up.

Understand your target customers

People have a strange attachment to money. It is maybe because it feels good to have a fat bank account or because it takes real effort to make some. Whatever the reason, people find ways to hold on to their precious dollars for as long as possible. In most cases, the will hunt for bargains when shopping and other avenues that will help them save more.

You can have a better chance of success by making your products more affordable. Engaging in an in-depth market research helps you position and price your products appropriately. That way, you keep them affordable without compromising on quality.

Invest in Professional Packaging

People will gravitate towards the most attractive products on the shelf. You want those to be your products so you can stand a chance in a competitive market. Other than the attractive packaging, you must provide top notch labelling. Using one of the best label printers in NZ, you can ensure that your products boast the correct information on the labels. It helps the buyer learn about your unique selling points.

Breaking into a new market takes a considerable amount of effort. You can give your business a significant edge by following these pointers.

The Ultimate Recipe for Becoming the Best Athlete

Athlete with his intense trainingProfessional athletes are celebrities in their own right. But before they were able to enjoy the limelight and cash in on their earned status, while doing the very thing they love, they had to go through some tough regimen.

Take, for instance, Serena Williams, who started intense training in public tennis courts at the age of five. Fast forward to decades later, she wins Wimbledon and appears in a Beyonce music video. If that is not the pinnacle of success, then what is?

If you, too, aspire to be a professional athlete in the same league as the likes of Serena, Lebron, and Phelps, here is what you need.

Intense Training

The best of the best do not slack around. If you want to be a pro, you have to train as if your life depended on it. The specifics of your physical training should rely on what invaluable skills required by your chosen sport. For example, if you wish to become the next Serena Williams, agility training should be your focus.

Healthy Diet

You cannot be Lebron if you have layers of love handles and you would require a trampoline to hoist yourself up in the air for a dunk. Therefore, stay away from French fries and donuts. Your diet should achieve two goals: provide the energy that you need and boost your immunity.

Your go-to food items should include lean proteins, whole-grain carbs, and lots of fruits and veggies. Having a limitless supply of electrolyte drinks for athletes – such as E-Lyte Sport – is also a major part of this equation.

Mind Power

Professional athletes share a common trait: their mental game is on point. Their mind has enough power and focus that they could will their bodies into optimum performance. They are not prone to self-defeatist thoughts.

Think Michael Phelps who could butterfly his way to multiple Olympic medals despite wearing unflattering Speedos.

With these ingredients, you, too, could be the next Serena, Lebron, or Phelps. Yes, you do not even need performance enhancing drugs.

Toys for Big Boys: An Ultimate Classic Car Shopping Guide

Classic car collections lined upHave dreams of owning a classic ride that you could drive around town? The truth is, buying one may require more than just your time and energy. In every step of the way, you must be fully involved to ensure you have the authentic model at the right price.

Knowing these things will assist you as you shop around:

Have a Checklist

Create a list of tasks you will likely to do. Before doing anything, jotting down the things you have to take care will make the whole process easier to handle. It is an effective way to track down all the activities that must take place, as well as keep things in order.

Research on the Car You Want

No unique classic car is the same as the next; each one has its characteristics which are the reasons they fascinate car collectors. That is why if you are invested on adding a new piece to your collection, it would be easier to have a car in mind before you even start the search.

Take a Good Long Look at your Future Car

Take time to examine the vehicle. Most classic cars you see have undergone restoration at some point. Always make an estimate of your possible expenses if you are going to buy your classic car. Does it need further restoration or repair?

There are two ways to do this. Either you buy a car that has undergone restoration, or you buy a restored one. The former may be more expensive, but you save yourself the headaches. The latter can be inexpensive, but you would have to invest time and effort to have it restored.

Befriend the Seller

Get close with the dealer. As a customer, you would like to ensure that you are making the right choice. Do a background check and get in touch with previous clients to see how they work.

If you are planning to buy a classic or any collectible vehicle, you must be willing to take on many tasks and up your level of commitment. This is the only way you can ensure that you are getting what you deserve.

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Condominium

Beautiful condominium with a poolIn recent years, it seems that more and more Americans are buying condominiums for their main living space, investment, and even money-making venture. If you’re currently looking at homes for sale in Rockport, you might be thinking of the same thing. Here are three things you need to consider first before making that condominium investment.

First, you need to determine your budget

Of course, the first step in making any purchase is to determine how much you’re willing to spend. It’s always easy to shop for properties for sale online and offline, but you end to have an estimate of the figure you’re willing to let go to purchase the condominium of your dreams.

If you’re new to this, it is advisable that you hire a financial adviser to explain to you some of the processes and expenses involved in purchasing real estate, including mortgage terms and payments, property taxes, and maintenance costs. Knowing well how much you need to shell out will help you determine if a 3-bedroom condominium is better for you instead of a penthouse.

Consider the neighborhood

For most people who live in busy cities, they buy condominiums so they can live closer to where they work. If you’re buying a condo for work-related reasons, you might as well consider buying one in an area near your workplace or transport hubs. If you’re buying one for leisure, check for available condominium units in places that you prefer, a quieter area perhaps? But if you’re looking to buy units for money-making ventures, such as renting it out to vacationers or students, you might want to buy in areas near tourist spots and schools.

Check the amenities

Not all condominium properties have a full range of amenities. If you’re buying a condominium because you want to enjoy the gym and pools, check them out and gauge if they’re worth the price you’ll pay. After all, some gyms and pools in condominiums are not worth it; you might want to get a membership at a sports club instead.

Buy a Condo in Rockport Today! People buy condominiums for various reasons. Regardless if you’re buying for leisure or business, consider these factors before making a purchase.

Saving Oral and Overall Health: Don’t Let Kids Drink Sugary Beverages

Little girl drinking waterWhen it comes to beverages, children often choose sweetened drinks over water. The sad part is such choices contain empty calories and lots of sugar that can contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. The damage to teeth intensifies if they consume them in large amounts or if your child has poor oral hygiene.

Common Sugary Drinks

Sweet beverages may include fruit juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, as well as flavored water. Breast milk and unflavored cow’s milk may contain lactose, but they are not considered sugary beverages. Milk, furthermore, is essential for your child’s teeth, bones, and development.

The Truth About Fruit Juice

It’s normal to think that fruit juices are healthy because they come from natural food, loaded with vitamins. The thing is making a glass of orange juice, for instance, will require three to four fruits. Your kid, on the other hand, can get a sufficient amount of vitamin C by eating half an orange. This is why it is best to encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables, instead of drinking juice.

Repercussions to Diet

Indianapolis kids’ dentists note that it’s not advisable to include fruit juice or sweet drinks in your child’s diet. You can let them drink some occasionally and be sure to dilute them in water. Note that consuming sugary beverages contributes to decay, lowers the nutritional quality of your kid’s diet, and teaches the habit of drinking the said beverage.

Water is the Best Drink

For most kids, water is the best drink for quenching thirst. Breast milk is great for infants or those younger than 12 months old. Older kids can still benefit from milk, but be sure to no offer more than three glasses per day since it can result in poor appetite. It is also advisable to avoid soft drinks or artificially sweetened beverages.

Proper Oral Care

Caring for your child’s teeth is also important to avoid tooth decay. Get them into the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes each time. For babies and toddlers, don’t let them go to sleep with sweetened drinks on the bottle. You should also encourage them to drink from an infant cup when they are six months old.

Don’t let sweetened drink compromise your child’s oral and overall health. Limit or avoid sugary beverages and visit your child’s dentist not later than their first birthday.