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The What, Why, and How of Bio-Based Products

Scientist working on bio based products

If you’re in any manufacturing industry, you’ve probably already heard of bio-based products. When Henry Ford predicted in the 1920s that ethanol would fuel cars, not a lot of people were convinced. If those people were still alive today, they’d be eating their doubts for breakfast. Just like the manufacturers of polyurethane coatings from, many industries are now making bio-based products their material of choice. Here’s a look at what these bio-based products are and why time and money is being spent on research for it.

What are Bio-Based Products?

Bio-based products are industrial or commercial goods that are made from biological materials or materials that come from plants, animals, and forestry or marine materials. These types of materials are considered to be biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment.

Why Should Industries Use Bio-Based Products?

There have been numerous efforts by different organizations to go green or to help save the earth and its natural resources. This is one way that for the industrial sector to help them. By using bio-based products, manufacturers can help the farmers increase their profit as they use corn, soy, and other crops to create the materials they need. Besides that, since these materials are biodegradable, it reduces the toxins in the air and water as factories release cleaner smoke or wastewater.

How are Bio-Based Products Created?

Biological materials like plants, for example, go through a process to extract oils or other resins that can create industrials materials. A good example of this is castor oil, which comes from the castor bean plant. Castor oil is used in the manufacture of many materials like lubricants, adhesives, paint, plastics, and cosmetics.

“Bio” means life. It means that if more industries choose bio-based products over fuel-based products, it gives life not only to consumers but the manufacturers, and farmers as well. It helps build a more sustainable process in making commodities that people use every day. Using bio-based products is the green choice for the manufacturing industry.

What You Should Know When Buying a Laser Cutter

Laser cutterAll vendors claim to have the best products. What do you do when need to buy a laser cutter? First, you should know there are different types of laser machines as well as materials on which laser cutting works.

One of these is the C02 laser cutter. However, no matter which kind of laser cutter you opt for, here are four pointers you will find helpful in getting the right one:

Type of Material

Laser cutters can engrave and cut different materials — wood, acrylic, and textiles, for example. You can also carve in lamination using a laser machine. Determine what you need the laser machine for, and the material you will be handling.

Warranty and Support

Buying a laser machine is a big investment that you have few chances to get it right the first time. Ask your dealer whether they have a manufacturer’s warranty for the equipment and the extent of repairs they allow. You could also ask about spare parts should you need to get them replaced.

Shape of the Material

Most of the laser work is on sheet materials, although it can involve tubular items. If you plan to use cylinders, you should get a laser machine that supports a rotary tool. A rotary tool holds circular objects in place and rotates to be able to engrave the entire surface.

Power Capacity

You do not need to buy the machine with the highest wattage you can afford. The quality of the optics determines the performance of the laser. Again, wattage performance varies across manufacturers. Thus, it is advisable that, when possible, test the laser cutter’s performance before you buy it.

Now that you are aware of what to look for when buying a laser cutter, you can assess your needs and choose a laser machine that will best meet them.

Unusual Reasons That May Send You Filing for Bankruptcy

a man with no moneyFor most people, the thought of filing for bankruptcy comes as a crushing blow. It comes off as the ultimate fail in all matters finances, at least in the eyes of the world. In some cases, your current predicament may be due to factors beyond your control.

Here are some life situations that may lead you to need to seek out a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City.

A declining income

Contrary to popular opinion, not all people who are insolvent are also unemployed. An economic downturn can lead to a significant drop in your revenue. In such cases, it is common for people to use credit cards to bridge the income gap. If nothing turns up in good time, your debt utilization level hits the roof.

You are likely to incur a Rob Peter to pay Paul situation. Since your income doesn’t suffice to pay the bills, you must borrow money to keep the lights on or buy grocery. Again, an inability to make the minimum payments on the cards leads to penalties and surcharges.

You got divorced

Annulment of your marriage carries a great risk of insolvency. In some instances, you might be held liable for your spouse’s debts. If your ex-spouse doesn’t pay up the creditors might try to collect for you. On the other hand, you might experience financial pressures of supporting two households on the same income.

Child support, alimony, and other mandatory payment might lead you to increase your credit card utilization ration. Especially when carrying other debts such as student or personal loans, mortgage, and car payments. Unless you come into a windfall, you’re likely to face severe financial hurdles.

Financial insolvencies are a harsh reality that people contend with at some point in their life. Some situations that lead up to bankruptcy might be beyond your control, and as such, you should not view it as a failure.

4 Reasons Online Education Works

a girl taking an online classLearning is one aspect of life that technology is significantly helping today. From how-to video tutorials to learning a new language, acquiring a new skill or learning to do something yourself has now become much easier. One industry that's taking full advantage of this is education.

Most schools and universities offer courses, tutorials, and even online summer school classes. And it's made it more convenient for student bodies to complete their required units without worrying about going to school.

Here's why online education works for many people today. 

Saves money

Why are student loans popular? It's mainly because of the accumulation of college costs. Numerous textbooks, meals, dorm fees, tuition, and other random school expenses can be a great burden to a student. With online courses, most of your costs would be for the classes alone.

Force-teaches basic technology

Being tech-savvy is way beyond scrolling up and down your news feed or posting Instagram photos. Taking online courses teaches you how to download material, navigate through lectures and even communicate with other online learners on educational platforms. 

Makes it easier to focus

Many things can happen in the classroom that can distract you from absorbing anything from a professor's lecture. An annoying seatmate or the noise of other students will not help you focus at all.

Learning at home gives you the freedom to choose the quietest time of the day for you to focus on your online class.

Leverage for working students

Juggling work and education can be taxing as you struggle to manage time between the two. Taking self-paced online courses during your free time can help you focus more while you're at work.

Online education may not be everyone's cup of tea. But knowing its advantages and familiarizing yourself with the many options it has to offer can help you decide on whether you should take your next course in the comfort of your own home. 

How to Achieve the Victorian Style in Your Home

a Victorian houseThe reign of Queen Victoria left a large and impressive impact on today’s architecture. There are still many homes today that carry the elaborate layouts of the Victorian style — fancy metal fence decorations or designs, arched and eyebrowed windows, and touches of stained-glass.

If you’re building a new home or renovating your current one into a romantic Victorian home, here are some ideas that can help you achieve the rich and ornate feel of a home in the 1800s.

China Dishes in a Glass Cabinet

Keep hand-painted plates, saucers, coffee and teacups, in a glass cabinet that’s in the corner of your dining room. Or better yet, use them as your everyday dishes to add romance and nostalgia to your mealtime.

Wicker Furniture

Painted white or dark brown, and woven into intricate designs, wicker furniture contributes to the homey yet elegant design of a Victorian living room.

Clocks, Frames, Candelabra

The 1800s used gold, silver, brass, or copper to create these fixtures with curvy and slender designs. Use candelabra to line your halls. Add a big, round brass clock in your dining room. Or use copper frames with fancy vine designs for a Victorian painting.

Intricate Wallpaper Patterns

These are often leaf and flower designs that are daintily curved into detailed patterns. The mix of vines, leaves, and petals make for vintage and romantic backdrop to any room in a Victorian home.

Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue

When it comes to choosing colors, you should always go with jewel tones. An emerald green door against a sapphire blue wall gives a room strength and boldness. A ruby red dresser in your room gives it a splash of vibrant energy.

Though this style may seem extravagant and fancy, being creative and thinking out of the box can help you get a cost-efficient Victorian feel that your family will love to come home to every day.