3 Reasons to Visit Batam Island this Summer

3 Reasons to Visit Batam Island this Summer

Beach of Batam IslandBatam is one of the top quick getaway destinations for many people in Singapore and Malaysia because of its proximity. But it has also become a popular tourist must-see for international travellers from all over the world. Here are some of the reasons why you need to see this island soon.

1. The Seafood is Fresh and Cheap!

When you’re visiting an island, you’re guaranteed to get the best and freshest seafood at a much lower price. For instance, chilli crab in Singapore and Malaysia can be pretty expensive wherever you are, but in Batam, you can enjoy a half kilo for roughly $7.  And this is what Batam is famous for.  Before you go on your trip, you can consult with WOW Getaways about where to eat in Batam. There are many seafood restaurants along Piayu Laut, which is about one-hour away from the Batam Center.  If you want to take home some treats, opt for the tasty fish cake called otak otak.

2. You Can Combine Adventure Play and Relaxation

Many people escape on island getaways for rest. But after only a few days, they get bored and look for other activities they can try. Batam offers the best of both worlds. The laid-back, spa culture is ideal for people who want some peace and quiet, but other travellers can also enjoy a wide range of water activities including hoverboarding, winds surfing, jet skiing and kayaking. But while many spa centres in Batam cater to tourists, the vast selection and competition also allow for affordable prices.

3. Drink Up Because Alcohol is Pretty Cheap

Alcohol, even beer, is pretty expensive in Singapore that even locals prefer getting their booze from the convenience stores. Rarely do you see locals in Singapore spending money on overpriced alcohol at bars and pubs. In Batam, you can get your drinks on because, by comparison, alcohol is very, very cheap.

See you in Batam!

If you’re looking for a quick island getaway in Asia, head to Batam Island and escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore and even in Malaysia. And when you’re in Batam, load up on the food and drinks and enjoy activities that can cost you a small fortune when you get back to the Lion City.