3 Top Cloud Backup For Business In 2019

3 Top Cloud Backup For Business In 2019

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular in most small businesses these days. Aside from the security that it offers, it’s also a perfect solution for the limited space that physical drive has to offer. Tech Radar says that running backups regularly is crucial for business.

Even losing a small fraction of your data could spell disaster. But how do you choose which cloud service to get for your budding business? Choosing the right cloud service can be a challenge. After all, there are so many services that promise to provide the best service.

So, to help you make the right choice, here are a few options that you can consider for 2019.

DropBox Business

One of the first companies that offered cloud storage services is DropBox. Digital Trends that the service starts at $12.50 per month for each user with 3TB of encrypted space. The service provides you with access to 256-bit SSL/TLS and AES encryption.

Although the services don’t have any online editing tool, you can easily use the service so that you can sync all files between every user. DropBox also offers up to four months of file recovery. It’s a perfect option, especially if you want to check any of the files that you’ve deleted for the past couple of weeks.

A few of its other features include two-factor authentication for additional security and Office 365 integration. Other cloud options are much affordable compared to DropBox Business. But several businesses still choose to it over others because it’s easy to navigate.

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GSuite/ Google Cloud for Work

Another option that you can choose is GSuite. Almost everyone is familiar with Google Services, whether it’s through AdSense accounts or even G Suit-based email services. That’s why it makes perfect sense for businesses to look for a Google G Suite reseller to get their service.

For only $12 each month for every user, you can take advantage of the Business package. It provides users with an integrated office suite that has extensive storage as well as an archiving option. Businesses that only need access for five users can have 1TB of storage for each person who uses it.

GSuite also provides an option for users to edit their files online. They can also edit it offline and then upload it online so that they can synchronize it with other users in the team. It’s a great collaborative tool that lets its users access various office apps such as Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive is Google’s biggest competitor because of its price. It currently offers a $5 monthly fee for every user to access 1TB of cloud storage. Users can also have an option to store up to 15GB of files and share them easily within the organization.

The only issue that users find in their service is two-factor authentication. Their system requires you to use the same password as the user’s regular Microsoft password.

These are only a few of the most popular choices when it comes to cloud services. There are other types of cloud system that people can use to manage their business. All you need to know is which software would help cater to your needs.