4 Top Tips to Fix Your Imperfect Smile

4 Top Tips to Fix Your Imperfect Smile

Woman having her teeth replacedWhile all smiles are unique, few are ever naturally perfect. Your teeth play a huge role in boosting or reducing the cosmetic appeal of your smile. Broken, discolored, crooked or missing teeth can take away the joy of smiling as often as you deserve. With these proven tips, however, you can begin to enjoy flashing a beautiful smile much more often.

Replace missing teeth

Missing teeth have a powerful effect on the appearance of your smile. The first thing people notice when you smile is your teeth, so those blanks are doing you no favors. Fortunately, getting dental implants from a reliable Manteca dentist like Smile Designs Dentistry can help fix the problem overnight.

Take care of discoloration

Discoloration can take the shine away from your teeth, robbing you of a bright smile. The thing with discoloration is that it doesn’t result from poor dental hygiene. Rather, chromogens that determine the color of your food stick on the enamel and cause dullness. A quick solution to this problem is by professional teeth whitening.

Fix chipped teeth

While the enamel is the most resilient substance produced by your body, it isn’t indestructible. Unfortunately, when teeth crack or chip, they cannot heal themselves. The result is a less than appealing smile. A skilled dentist, however, should be able to repair them by using porcelain veneer, dental bonding or a lifelike dental crown.

Straighten uneven teeth

Misaligned teeth interfere with the uniformity of your smile, substantially affecting its aesthetic appeal. Teeth that have misshapen edges also make your smile seem jagged. A quick way to solve this problem is through tooth bonding and contouring, the use of braces, or Invisalign. These simple procedures help reinvent your smile.

A lovely smile is arguably the most inviting facial expression you can have. By working towards perfecting your teeth, you can add a lot of charm to your smile.