5 Fun Activities to Do During the Weekend

5 Fun Activities to Do During the Weekend

Weekend ActivitiesAfter a demanding bout in the office, it's refreshing to get out of town and get that much-needed break. Being able to relax and have fun gives back your zeal for life and makes you more productive both at home and in the office. Here are some cool things to do on your break:

Food and wine

Food refreshes your soul, and there is no better way of indulging in this than by sharing a meal with your family or friends at any restaurant in Northgate (or anywhere you live for that matter). If you worry about not getting healthy food while dining out, do not be afraid to ask for a change in the menu. Eat what pleases you to enjoy this moment.

Arts and Theatre

Get entertained to live opera, ballet, or even live musical shows at a theatre new you. If you have young children tagging along, look for art scenes that have child themed entertainment so that they do not miss the fun.


Grab your picnic basket with all its delicacies, lie on your cosy blanket and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with your family outdoors. Have fun as you engage in entertaining activities, like hopscotch and catch. Picnics are relaxing and help you harmonise with nature especially if you are an outdoor person.


A night out in the wild with a bonfire in the backyard is a great way to unwind. To make the experience more pleasurable, be sure to carry mosquito repellents that will guard you against bites and itching from mosquitoes. Spending time in natural surroundings will give you a new lease of energy.

Family and Friends

Your family and friends are a good support system. Spend time with them as you engage in chitchats and heart-warming laughter. You can either stay at home or follow the suggested activities above.

Make the most out of your weekend or holiday because there are many fun activities all around you. Be adventurous and experiment with new things.