5 Wedding Services to Book a Year Early

5 Wedding Services to Book a Year Early

Wedding Planners in Brisbane Your wedding is a new beginning for you and your future spouse. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when planning for a wedding. So where do you start? Here is a list of services you need to secure a year before you tie the knot.

Wedding Planner

If you want to avoid all the prenuptial confusion, hire a wedding planner. They are responsible for the organisation and detail of your special day, based on your ideas. Make sure to meet your wedding planner regularly and explain clearly your expectations for the event.


If you’ve set the date, book a venue as early as possible. In Brisbane, Australia, wedding venues should be booked 9 to 12 months before the wedding. March, April, November, and December are popular, so consider an early reservation if your wedding falls on any of these months.

Depending on the season and time, you could choose a venue that suits your wedding theme. Some venues even provide a wedding stylist to help you with your special day. The planners at victoriapark.com.au in Brisbane suggest choosing one that provides you with everything from flowers, draperies, lighting to linens to minimise those pre-wedding jitters.


Book your photographers in advance, especially if you’ve chosen a popular month and the demand for an excellent photographer is high. This will help you prepare your engagement photos and videos that you could show during the reception.

Catering Services

If the venue does not provide any catering service, make a separate reservation for a professional wedding caterer. Book them early to know the catering choices they could offer. This will also give the caterers time to grant you a food tasting, so you could judge which could satisfy you and your guests the most.


For couples who want to get married in some place other than a church, it’s better to look for an officiant or solemnising officer early on because you would want to talk about ceremony styles as well as your vow options. It is imperative to find that someone who could officiate your wedding and give it the sensitivity and solemnity you would want on your special day.

You don’t need a fairytale wedding, but it is better to start your married life with memories you won’t forget.