All the Reasons to Have Your Overcrowded Teeth Treated ASAP

All the Reasons to Have Your Overcrowded Teeth Treated ASAP

Teeth overcrowding being checked“Teeth overcrowding,” as the term suggests, is when the teeth sit too close to each other, mainly due to the lack of space in the mouth, an irregularly small jaw bone, or incorrect eruption or growth of the teeth. For many Bromley residents, this condition is nothing more than a cosmetic dental flaw.

What they are not aware of is the myriad of health problems teeth overcrowding may bring. From gum diseases to severe tooth damage, crowded teeth can become a primary source of pain, literally and figuratively. As such, it is imperative you set an appointment with a Bromley orthodontics office as soon as possible, or you put yourself at risk of the following:

Increased risk of periodontal disease

Lack of sufficient space between your teeth can cause gum problems since they can rub against each other excessively. The unnecessary excess pressure and friction can then lead to inflammation, redness, and irritation of the gums. The longer you delay correcting the alignment of your overcrowded teeth, the greater your risk of periodontal disease.

Weakened resistance against cracked tooth syndrome

Teeth spacing and bite issues result in difficulties maintaining optimal oral health, which then weakens the enamel – the hardest tissue covering your teeth. When this happens, your teeth can easily and quickly sustain cracks or other damages. Bacteria and plaque can settle in the tiny hairline fractures this syndrome creates, speeding the process of decay further.

Also, the weak enamel makes the teeth more susceptible to other forms of physical damage, such as chipping and breaking.

Reduced overall quality of life

When you experience the problems above, you can then expect a lower overall quality of life. Not only will you tend to smile even less because of the physical flaws, but you will also experience unnecessary pain as a manifestation of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

So, do not wait too long before you have your overcrowded teeth treated. Seek an orthodontist now before this malocclusion turns into a nightmare.