Are You Getting a Fair Treatment in Your Child Support Case?

Are You Getting a Fair Treatment in Your Child Support Case?

Child SupportAlthough the State of Utah has provided specific guidelines when it comes to child support, matters can become complicated. Child support lawyers in Provo say that even if you only have the best interest of your child or children in mind, you may be taken advantage of or treated unfairly in the proceedings. When these instances occur, you may find it hard to handle them on your own.

The Value of a Child Support Lawyer

There are so many areas where a child support lawyer is valuable to you. They will explain all the provisions under the specific law, which can appear complex to the ordinary person. Your lawyer can also provide support during these stressful times. More significantly, your lawyer will help in the following:

  • Enforcing A Child Support Order. It’s not uncommon to hear one spouse failing to comply with the agreement. This may mean shouldering all the expenses. In instances like this, your lawyer can help either by discussing with the other spouse or going to court.
  • Ensuring Proper Accounting of All Income. Your spouse’s income may come from many sources, not just from salaries or what they may have declared. Without proper accounting, the other party’s contribution may not be an equitable share. Your lawyer can ensure that all sources of income are properly listed.
  • Calculating Net Income Correctly. It might not be intentional, but there may be cases where records don’t reflect your spouse’s net income correctly. This may be due to certain deductions or technicalities. Nonetheless, this will still have an impact on the amount you pay for child support.

While you should not be bickering over money matters, and instead putting the welfare of the children as the priority, it’s also not right if the other party doesn’t playing fair. You deserve what’s fair and just without sacrificing the children. Be aware of the details that matter and ensure everything is declared properly.