Buying Water Treatment Equipment

Buying Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment EquipmentWhen buying water treatment equipment, there are many options, but there are a few things you need to consider before you buy. To begin with, you need to decide if you want a whole house water treatment or you only want to improve the quality of the drinking water in your house. 

If it is the latter, you can get it done by simply installing a countertop water filter or an undersink water filter, notes. You will be able to install either one of these systems without much expense, in the region of $100 to $250 to get this done.

Reverse Osmosis Facts

You should also get your facts clear on the reverse osmosis model before you invest in one. The first thing is that this model doesn’t do many of the things that people attribute to it. The RO model uses a semi-permeable membrane to clean water by forcing water through the membrane at high pressure. As a result, it rejects some contaminants, minerals and a large part of the water but does not remove herbicides and pesticides, which can be removed by the additional installation of a carbon filter.

Installing an R.O. will cost you around $2500-3500 with the cost of hiring the plumber as an additional cost. It will waste a lot of water that also translates to cost, at some point and it filters out beneficial minerals and makes the water acidic, which is harmful.

Best Water Purification System

A distillation unit is another kind of water filter that uses a hot coil to make the water vaporize is not very good at removing organic chemicals and so is not very effective. The best water purification system that you can invest in is a 3-stage filtration system that employs multi-media block filters like Carbon Black and Granular Carbon Filters.

It will cost you less than a $1000 and you will need to pay an additional $175-200 for the plumber. You will need to replace the filter every 3 years and this could set you back by about $650 and you can do this by yourself.