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Primary Indicators of a Vehicle that Needs Wheel Alignment

Mechanic Aligning wheelWheel alignment can improve your car’s braking and handling capabilities, but the wheel alignment needs are unique to a car’s type and model. To determine the most appropriate wheel alignment for your vehicle, your mechanic will first evaluate the condition and extent of wheel misalignment. The mechanic will then set the wheel to the right angle, according to the specifications in the car manufacturer’s manual.

How do you know that it is that time to take your vehicle for wheel alignment? Auto service providers in Clearfield will advise you to note the following:

Shaking Car Movements

If you feel shaking movements on your hands as you drive, there might be tire imbalance, worn out car parts, or wheel misalignment. DIY car maintenance will not help you correct these problems; you will require the help of an experienced auto service provider.

Wear on Tires

Ideally, your tires will bear the weight of the car, regardless of whether you are driving it or not. However, the rate at which the tires will wear out will depend on the weight of the car, how often you use it, the surface you drive on, and the weight you carry. It is a good practice to inspect the tires and look out for any sign of wear.

From the wear on tires, you can determine your car’s level of weight distribution. Your tires should wear out evenly. A tile on any side of the tire is an indication that your vehicle needs some aligning.

Car alignment connects the vehicle to the wheels. It includes a readjusting of the tie rods, springs, and bushings. With proper car alignment, you will not only enjoy better control of your car as you drive, but you will also ensure that your car’s tires wear out evenly.

Understanding The SR-22: Should I Have One?

Closeup of a car key on an auto insurance policyThe SR-22, also sometimes called SR22 insurance or certificate of financial responsibility, is essentially proof of auto insurance that certifies the carrier has met the state’s minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage. SR-22s differ significantly from the regular types of proof of insurance coverage, such as a standard insurance ID card since ID cards only prove that you’re currently insured, while SR-22s guarantee that you have met minimum auto insurance requirements for a certain amount of time.

Do You Need an SR-22?

You will need an SR-22 if you have committed severe traffic violations, specifically if:

  • Your driving record shows excessive or substantial violation points;
  • Your driver’s license is currently or has been revoked or suspended;
  • You have been involved in a serious auto accident;
  • You have been caught driving your vehicle without the necessary insurance coverage; and
  • You have been convicted of DUI, driving under the influence, or DWI, driving while intoxicated.

When looking around for an SR22, a top auto insurance provider in Chicago says that an R22 is usually called SR22 insurance, but this isn’t accurate since as mentioned above, it is merely a certification of auto insurance. But since obtaining one would involve working with an insurance company who would file the SR-22 on your behalf, the process might feel similar to buying auto insurance.

A Word on SR-22 and Getting Auto Insurance

Since an SR22 is directly linked to serious traffic offenses and auto accidents, there’s a huge possibility that your auto insurance premium would increase, or that your insurance provider won’t file your SR22 for you. In this case, you’d need to look for another insurance company to file it for you.

Also, since having an SR22 would communicate to the insurance providers that you’re a high-risk driver, you’d need to find an insurer willing to give you auto insurance. Otherwise, you might consider getting one through the automobile insurance plan of your state. Do note though that you should only apply for state auto insurance as a last resort since they come with significantly higher premiums than standard auto insurance. So try to find a reputable auto insurance provider willing to work with you even if you have an SR22.

Ensuring Your Safety When Driving a Rental Van

Rent A CarTransport is one of the critical considerations when taking a family or business trip. These trips come with many challenges, but one of the biggest factors is the amount of luggage you carry. Getting a convenient means of transportation that comfortably fits all people and luggage is paramount.

If you’re visiting or touring around Metro Manila, the ideal solution is to get a van for rent in the area. Unfortunately, most people get a false sense of security when driving vans and this compromises their safety.

Here are some tips to ensure your safety and that of the rental vehicle:

Keep Your Load Well-Secured

Passenger and cargo vans are the ideal choices for transporting loads. But these loads are prone to rolling, tumbling, and sliding, which endangers your safety and that of other road users. Make sure all your items are secured and your passengers are wearing seat belts.

Be Careful When Parking

Since a van is bigger than a regular vehicle, parking might be a challenge. Unless your van has backup cameras, ask someone to guide you when parking to avoid costly accidents. Always pay attention to the height restriction of a garage and your van’s to improve your safety and that of your belongings.

Be Aware of a Van’s Unique Driving Challenges

Vans will take longer to stop compared to small vehicles since they are heavier, more so when fully loaded. You should, therefore, leave sufficient space between your van and the vehicle in front of you to avoid road mishaps. You will likewise need a wider area when turning Because vans are less stable than average vehicles, you should not turn too quickly.

Even for seasoned drivers, driving a van is an entirely different experience. Different, however, does not mean scary or unsafe. With the expert tips above, you are bound to stay safe and enjoy your trip.

Why You Need Off-Road Type Vehicles for Farms

An off-road all-terrain vehicleFarms only have dirt roads or trails instead of paved streets. In such conditions, you need off-road vehicles to drive effectively. When you deal with auto parts and tires, many auto servicing shops such as, recommends you can make such vehicles ready for farm work when you use the best all-terrain tires, check the suspension, and know how to drive an off-road vehicle.

Get All-Terrain Tires

When you visit an auto shop, ask for help with commercial vehicles, and you can start with the tires. The tires receive the most wear and tear when used on farms, and you will need the tires to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Ask the dealer what they can offer farmers, especially the best all-terrain tires.

Service the Suspension

Such tires can do well off-road, granting users a versatile but durable tire set so that their vehicles can go virtually anywhere on the farm or in the city. Aside from great tires, however, you also need auto servicing. Farm vehicles will need a functional suspension system to handle dirt roads, and you can supply the replacements for extensively damaged suspensions.

Know Important Auto Lessons

Finally, you should learn more about how to be ready for commercial vehicle use off-road. For example, you can learn how to keep an air compressor, an off-road jack, and a puncture repair kit in handy. These tools will help you face sudden tire problems at the farm.

You can also practice preventative maintenance. Every once in a while, you can spend one to two hours checking the vehicle for problems. The moment you detect any, bring the vehicle to an auto service shop. By catching these issues early, you can minimize vehicle problems that can stall farm work.

With all this, you can make sure that all your vehicles work well for whatever purpose you use them.

Buying a Car: 3 Proven Ways to Get the Best One

ShowroomBuying a car comes with some mixed emotions. First, you are excited at the idea of owning a vehicle; especially if it’s your first one. But you are a bit worried because you do not know what lies ahead.

However, you need not worry if you are well versed in the factors you need to consider before buying a car.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Can you afford it?

You need to be realistic on this one. Review your finances and determine how much you can spend on your purchase without breaking the bank. It is also the perfect time to assess the cost of ownership of your new car. It is worth noting that the cost of ownership is likely to be higher than the buying price.

This is where factors such as fuel, repair, maintenance, insurance and depreciation come into play. Having this information in advance will help you when arranging for the financing.

  1. Do your research

It will be a grave mistake to buy a car without first doing some thorough research. Thanks to the Internet, you can now access a myriad of manufacturer’s websites. Here, you can read reviews about the brand you desire. In addition, this is the best time to research on the pricing options for different cars for sale in Auckland, Wellington or anywhere else.

Do not forget to check on their reputation and reliability. Research is imperative regardless of whether you are buying a new or used vehicle.

  1. Your needs and wants

You need to distinguish these two factors to get your ideal vehicle. When it comes to your needs, consider the intended use for your new car. For example, if you need a family car, buy one that is spacious and safe. Ensure that the vehicle you choose meets your primary requirements.

Once you are sure your need is catered for, you may consider what you want in a car. The factors that may affect your decision include colour, style, reliability and fuel economy, among many others.

Buying a car is a serious undertaking and there is no room for any mistake. But with the guidance of the above factors, you will have your ideal car in no time.

A Better Driver: Increasing Your Car Knowledge & Improving Your Motoring Experience

a man drivingCar owners fall into two loose categories — drivers and car enthusiasts — which count towards their driving experiences. Drivers don’t care that much about the inner workings of their car if they see that it’s up and running. As an enthusiast, however, they boast of having knowledge about your car’s parts.

In the latter category, it’s easier to tell when your engine is in need of attention and basic maintenance. Contrary to popular opinion, increasing your car knowledge and skills is not an uphill task. Here’s how you can do it:

Study your owner’s manual

Each car comes with a detailed user manual that explains the best practices in keeping it in great shape. Reputable mechanics in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah, however, noted that many drivers tend to overlook the information found in it. Granted, the manual is not the most interesting read, but it can help keep your car in excellent shape.

Start reading general information, such as when to change the oil, switch the tires, and when to schedule a major service. As you become familiar with the general terms, start digging into the more complex knowledge. With time, you will find that you’re stocking up on valuable information.

Join a car forum

Thanks to the Internet, you can access and find the best minds who can teach you more about cars. There are many blogs, forums, social media accounts, and websites dedicated to helping drivers make the best of their cars. Just pick one that suits your needs and you’re on your way to better motoring. Typically, such platforms bring together people owning the same car models, living in the same city, and having many other similarities. With a little digging, you’ll find one you can trust for years.

Your attitude towards your car determines how much pleasure you will derive from it. With a little effort, you can improve your car knowledge, which is the first step to improving your driving experience.

What to Look for in a Truck Driver

Truck Driver Standing In Front Of His TruckBeing in the logistics industry requires you to find some of the most efficient and reliable people to work with. This is because the industry is fast-paced, and time is an important currency. Among the most important people you need to look for is a reliable truck driver.

A reliable truck driver will ensure fast and efficient delivery, helping you meet deadlines and cut on certain expenses. If you are looking to work with a truck driver staffing company, you need to set first your standards. Here are some of the traits you should look for when hiring a truck driver:


Your truck driver will mostly be on the road, to the point that there are times when they will be driving for a few days straight. With the demands of the job, it is important to hire drivers who are independent. Add to that the honesty, as well. Truck drivers are often given a budget for long trips and it is easier for you to track cash flow if your driver remit receipts and excess cash.

Technically informed and adept

Driving is a fairly technical job. In case a breakdown happens, your truck driver should be quick to respond to it. This is why it’s important to work with a truck driver who can fix even the slightest mechanical problems.


Like cars, problems can happen to trucks while on the road. Things like fluid leaks, breakdowns, and tire problems, need to be addressed and prevented as soon as possible. Your truck driver should be alert enough to spot such problems and keep them from happening.

Finding a good truck driver can be a bit difficult, especially if you are looking in the wrong places. Seek the help of a recruiter or ask for recommendations.

CRA Unveils Research on Car Repair Delays in New Zealand

Client and mechanic talking about the delayed car repairA reduced level of red tape among car insurance companies in New Zealand could shorten the amount of time for car engine repair work, among others, to be completed, according to a Collision Repair Association (CRA) research.

The CRA said that it takes six days on average for repairs to be completed after an accident, including two days for paperwork. If red tape is reduced, the research claimed that the process could be hastened by one-third of that time.

Lost Time

The research based its findings on a survey of members. CRA General Manager Neil Pritchard said much of the problem lies in the absence of an industry policy on proper documentation for filing a claim. In addition, some insurance providers still ask for more details even as the car-service company already submitted a cost estimate for repair work.

Pritchard believes this routine request for more documents takes precious time, which can otherwise be set for the required repairs. Since service companies take in more than 300,000 cars each year for repairs, it is important to have a streamlined process for doing paperwork.

Insurance Policy

Insurance Council CEO Tim Grafton argued that the delays in filing insurance claims can be attributed to a lack of qualified panel beaters. These people are an important part of the process since they are authorised to quote estimates for car repairs.

Aside from this, Grafton said that the CRA should hire more panel beaters particularly those familiar with high technology vehicles. The need for more skilled staff is also evident in major cities in the country, where there has been an increase in cars and accidents, he added.

Reduced paperwork for filing an insurance claim will allow car owners to leave their vehicles for a shorter period. Do you think insurers should cut unnecessary red tape for the process?

The Culprits That Shoved Your Brake Pedal Too Far Down

Pushing down the brake pedal All parts of your car play integral roles in making your driving experience as smooth as possible. The brake system is among the most important components, as your safety on the road greatly depends on it. As such, you should do everything to keep it at its peak condition; otherwise, you run the risk of getting into an accident that can cause serious injuries.

Keep in mind that many things that can go wrong with your brakes, such as the pedal going too far down. Working with a dependable and experienced brake repair specialist in Clearfield is important. It also pays to know about the possible causes of the problem, so you can keep it from becoming a constant headache. Here are some of them:

Letting your brake fluid run dry

This is a leading cause of pedals going so low that drivers have to put in extra effort in extending their foot just so they can step on it. The good news is that you can easily find out whether this is the culprit. You just have to check if you still have brake fluid, and then refill it if necessary. Use the marking – usually located at the side of the reservoir – as a guide when filling the gauge back up.

Allowing your vehicle to run on contaminated brake fluid

Your brakes may have a sealed system, but it doesn’t mean dirt and debris won’t make their way into the fluid. You should also pay attention to the seal, as the smallest crack or hole can give air, moisture, and condensation a way in, which leads to contamination.

Continued use of worn-out brake pads

Excessive brake pad wearing also causes the pedal to lower, which compromises the brake system and puts you in harm’s way. Have it replaced with a new one before it wears out completely.

Don’t let your malfunctioning brake system put you in danger. Contact a service technician to ensure that your brakes are working properly.

Toys for Big Boys: An Ultimate Classic Car Shopping Guide

Classic car collections lined upHave dreams of owning a classic ride that you could drive around town? The truth is, buying one may require more than just your time and energy. In every step of the way, you must be fully involved to ensure you have the authentic model at the right price.

Knowing these things will assist you as you shop around:

Have a Checklist

Create a list of tasks you will likely to do. Before doing anything, jotting down the things you have to take care will make the whole process easier to handle. It is an effective way to track down all the activities that must take place, as well as keep things in order.

Research on the Car You Want

No unique classic car is the same as the next; each one has its characteristics which are the reasons they fascinate car collectors. That is why if you are invested on adding a new piece to your collection, it would be easier to have a car in mind before you even start the search.

Take a Good Long Look at your Future Car

Take time to examine the vehicle. Most classic cars you see have undergone restoration at some point. Always make an estimate of your possible expenses if you are going to buy your classic car. Does it need further restoration or repair?

There are two ways to do this. Either you buy a car that has undergone restoration, or you buy a restored one. The former may be more expensive, but you save yourself the headaches. The latter can be inexpensive, but you would have to invest time and effort to have it restored.

Befriend the Seller

Get close with the dealer. As a customer, you would like to ensure that you are making the right choice. Do a background check and get in touch with previous clients to see how they work.

If you are planning to buy a classic or any collectible vehicle, you must be willing to take on many tasks and up your level of commitment. This is the only way you can ensure that you are getting what you deserve.