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Tips When Choosing the Right Hairstyle

scissors cutting woman's bangsHairstyles are not one style fits all. Stylists suggest that before having your hair styled or cut, it is worth taking the time to know which hairstyles will best suit your face. Your hairstylists should use the best Yasaka hairdressing scissors to style your hair, as they guarantee the haircut you choose will fit you.

Do the following to determine which hairstyle fits the shape of your face and how the style could look on you.

Determine the Shape of your Face

To know the shape of your face, use a tape measure or ruler to measure and record the width of your brow, forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Get the length of your face from your forehead hairline to your chin.

Using the measurements you recorded, follow a standard guide to determine if you have an oval, round, oblong, square, diamond, or heart-shaped face. You can easily find these guidelines on the internet either illustrated or described in detail.

Look at Sample Hairstyles

After determining the shape of your face, the next step is to browse through an array of pictures of celebrities and people with the same shape as your face and the hairstyles that you feel you want to have. Take a sample picture of your chosen hairstyle.

Showing your hairstylist a picture of the cut you want will give a clearer idea of what you want done. Your hairstylist may even provide a better suggestion in case the style you want may not fit your hair type or may be too difficult to maintain.

Keep in mind that the perfect haircut does not just involve cutting. It also requires styling, and regular maintenance to keep you looking well groomed always. You may want to follow the suggestions above to check out what hairstyle fits your face.

Stay Stylish and Dignified With Clean Men’s Boots

hipster boots on a table with shoe polishing materialsFrom hipster work boots to ‘Ugg boots’, great boots can make you look stylish when you pair them with the right outfit. As beautiful as great boots can be, however, they will endure the outdoor elements, unless you never wear them outside. Your boots will encounter mud, rain, dust, and dirt, and while your boots can take a beating, all the grime can ruin your look.

To look your best in your hipster work boots or suede boots, you must learn how to clean them.

How to Clean Boots

The way you clean your boots will depend on what material your footwear is made from. Leather boots can easily be cleaned because of its toughness. You will simply need a good hard brush, detergent, a soft cloth or rag, leather polish, and shoe protection spray.

Clean Leather

Soak the laces in warm water with detergent, and then soak a cloth in separate water to clean any surface dirt on the boots. Use a brush or toothbrush to scrub your boots with the water-detergent mix. Afterwards, wipe your boots with a clean cloth and leave the pair to dry along with the laces. Finally, apply the shoe polish and shoe protection spray.

Clean Ugg

Ugg boots, on the other hand, need a different cleaning method with a washcloth, cold water, white vinegar, a suede brush, and eraser. Using the brush and eraser, clean the boots of any debris and scuff marks. Once clean, you can damp the boots with water and a cloth. Prepare a 1-part water and 1-part vinegar mixture and use it with a washcloth to remove stains. Finally, wipe the mixture from your boots with another clean washcloth.

With the methods above, you can keep your stylish boots clean. Along with keeping them clean, you also make them last longer and you can keep rocking those boots all year round.

First Day at Work? Here’s How to Dress for Success

People in Corporate AttireIn the corporate arena, how you present yourself is important if you wish to establish your personal brand. As a representative of your company, moreover, you want to always exude an air of professionalism and to look your best.

Here are some ways you can make sure you look your best on your first day at work:

Invest in Your Smile

Smiling can help you come across as approachable, especially in a corporate setting. According to author and speaker Lillian D. Bjorseth, a smile is very important in a business setting as it conveys interest and excitement, as well as creates a positive environment.

Investing in your smile, therefore, is a smart move. For individuals whose crooked, stained, or misaligned teeth are holding them back, however, it pays to get in touch with a reputable cosmetic dentist from Manteca such as those from Smile Designs Dentistry. They can whiten, straighten, and align your teeth through time-tested cosmetic methods. With their help, you can smile with confidence in no time.

Dress for Success

Before you go to work, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. The way you dress affects people’s perception of you and consequently, your personal brand. In the article entitled “A Brand Called You” published in Fast Company Magazine, author Tom Peter says personal branding lets us bring out our special traits and then communicate those strengths to the right audience.

Apart from proper clothing, good posture is also important. Proper posture can help convey confidence and trustworthiness that people in the business want to see.

To create a positive impression, you must do your best to look great, even without a dress code to follow. This entails wearing appropriate clothes, wearing a huge and positive smile, and projecting good posture. Remember, the way your bosses and peers perceive you will dictate the way they treat you.


Why Some Fabrics Wrinkle

Example of Wrinkle-Free FabricsFormal occasions like weddings call for special attire. Wedding dresses, suits, and similar garb look great. That is, until they get wrinkle. This is enough reason for product packaging suppliers such as Eastpac Group to offer specialised boxes, garment covers, and carrier bags to protect clothes during transportation. But have you ever wondered why some fabrics wrinkle more than others?

Underlying Science

Moisture and heat are two of the major culprits in wrinkling fabrics. You may think that these are also the same two methods used to remove wrinkles. There are specific fibres more prone to wrinkling than others. Natural fibres such as flax, linen, cotton and hemp are the most vulnerable. Silk falls in between.

More common fabrics such as wool, nylon and polyester are affected by heat and moisture in a specific way. These textiles have a so-called glass transition temperature limit. Anything below this temperature causes the fibre’s material to be in a “glass phase.” Long chains of repeating molecules which are held by special bonds line up the space inside the fibres. When heated, these bonds break, causing the fibres to shift and form new bonds as they cool. An abrupt return to the fabric’s glass phase causes the altered structure to show in the form of wrinkles.

Manufacturing Methods at Work

The way a fabric is created also affects how resistant or prone it is to wrinkling. For instance, knitted fabrics are less prone to wrinkling than woven ones. Purely one-fibre fabric (i.e. 100% cotton) is more vulnerable to wrinkling unless mixed with another fabric like spandex. The quality of the fabric’s fibres also means that it’s more wrinkle-resistant. And lastly, tightly woven fabrics with high thread count will need significantly less ironing.

The Solution

It helps that wrinkle-free fabrics are now in existence. Courtesy of research in the 1950s by one Ruth Rogan Benerito, wrinkle-free fabric was made possible by replacing the hydrogen bonds between fibres with stronger, water-resistant ones. While Benerito’s early creations were a bit crude, they did pave the way to better things — albeit still not perfect, making sure you look as good as you should on that special day.

The Simple Wedding: How to Save Money and Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Happy NewlywedsThe facts: you love her and you know she feels the same way towards you; you want to ask her to marry you; you don’t have $30,000 in your bank account for a wedding. The sum of all those facts is you want to marry your girlfriend but you want something less costly.

The good news is, these pieces of advice will help you save money. Let’s start with the proposal.

Don’t blow thousands of dollars on the proposal

If you’re going to go all out — for whatever money you have in your account — don’t do it at the proposal; save it for the wedding. For the proposal, keep it simple yet romantic. There are thousands of ideas to do this, but the first thing you should consider is do it while you are both doing what she loves. For example, if you’re both accomplished mountaineers, climb an easy-enough mountain and get on one knee as soon as you catch your breath at the summit.

As for the ring, a diamond is a great choice but it will set you back a lot of money. Instead of a real diamond, pick a forever brilliant Moissanite ring; it sparkles even more than a diamond, looks exactly like one, and costs only a fraction of what you’d pay for a precious stone, points out. It will be a precious little secret between the two of you.

Don’t overspend on flowers at the wedding

Have a garden with colorful flowers? Think about using those. If you do hire a florist, ask for the less expensive packages. And to save even more, have the flowers at the wedding transferred to the reception area. Even the bridesmaids’ flowers can be repurposed as table centerpieces.

Pick a wedding dress on sale

Designers often shave off a huge portion of a wedding dress’s cost when it’s time to display a new set. Ask for those dresses; it’s highly unlikely that there’s more than one version of the dress your girlfriend picks. In some weddings, those that happen away from a church, a wedding gown isn’t even warranted. Your lady can pick a simple white dress to go with your semi-casual attire. Here’s a tip: a Bohemian style wedding is a good option.

There are many ways to save money when you’re planning a wedding. Include hiring a cousin to take the photographs, and asking other friends and family to pitch in with whatever talent they have. You can concentrate on saving more for the future instead of blowing everything on your wedding day. After all, the best part of it is your union.

Up Your Nail Game With these Of-the-Moment Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish TrendsFrom sophisticated glitters and sparkles, to French tips version 2.0 and ombre nails, these novel twists on nail art and colour should be at the top of your nail game this year. According to various online style influencers in Australia, these nail polish trends will be sure to give your go-to reds and nudes a run for their money.

Be Glitterate

Yes, you can pull off glitter with class and sophistication. If you don’t like glittery clothing, opt for glittery nails instead. Cluster it or splash it on; doesn’t matter. The key to making it sophisticated is to sufficiently layer glitter over a base colour that’s classically sheer.

Stripe It Up

Striped tees? Why not striped nails? All you need is a base colour, a vertical or horizontal stripe or two (you can also opt for a check or plaid pattern) and you’re good to go. Black and white, blue and red, doesn’t really matter!

Colour Pop

Look to your trusty plastic beach ball for colour inspiration. The key is to slather on a thick coat for a more solid look.

French Tips v.2.0

White French tips — not. Go bold and modern this year by pairing the classic nude base colour with a splash or two of colour. French flag colours on your tips? Oui, oui.

Brush Away but with Purpose

Negative space has always been a massive trend in nail art these past seasons where the nails are almost left bare except for a purposefully applied brush of colour. This year, the negative space is more artsy and natural-looking with lighter and more strategically placed strokes of white nail polish. Experiment with different strokes to create interesting textures.

Ombre Nails

Yes, now that ombre hair is out, ombre nails are definitely in. Get three nail polish colours, a small, clean sponge, and add a bit of patience and luck. The result, gorgeous ombre nails. Instead of choosing hues within a colour family, such as different shades of blue, opt for contrasting hues that will pop more, but seamlessly blend into each other.

Just remember that you have to keep your nails clean and properly groomed so that you can pull off these nail looks without hitches. Likewise, don’t be afraid to experiment — it’s just nail polish, you can erase it and then try again.

Time is One Thing You Shouldn’t Waste, Waist Train Now

WaistAge is what happens to you when from seemingly out of nowhere and without your explicit permission, belly fat finds its way to your midsection. Now, you not only have to deal with an image far from the washboard abs everyone is crazy about, you could be at great risk of developing one or two degenerative diseases, research says.

Indeed, says, sports waist trainers should get you back into the path to fitness. Or you could let time have its way and shorten your stay on planet Earth just like that.

Time Snatchers

Everyone will agree belly fat, that portion of your body which makes you look like you’re carrying a pot, is bound to be an issue as time goes by. Sadly, however, there’s more to the phenomenon than just a physical irregularity.

The Nurses’ Health Study points out that the amount of extra fat around your midsection is inversely proportional to your lifespan. Accordingly, the greater your waist size, the fewer your number of years on Earth.

The revolutionary study, which was the longest and most comprehensive of its kind, observed 44,000 middle-aged women study volunteers. After 16 years, researchers found out that those women who had the biggest waist sizes (35 inches and higher) also had the greatest risk of dying from degenerative diseases (e.g., heart disease or cancer). However, women with smaller waists (28 inches or less) developed far fewer risks.

Stretching Your Life by Thinning Your Waist

Utilising sports waist trainers in Australia maybe the best decision you could make to get fitness back into your life. By increasing the temperature around your body, sports waist trainers hasten your goal of cutting off unwanted flabs. This means getting those curves won’t be such a tall order after all.

Moreover, the sports waist trainer is adjustable, allowing you to tighten and slim your body even more.

And as you could wear the body hugger just about anywhere without anybody taking notice, your chances of shedding unwanted fat surges by leaps and bounds.

This way you don’t waste precious time. Instead, with sports waist trainer doing your bidding, time – and daresay, age – is on your side.

Why Brits have a Longstanding Obsession with High-End Street Wear

street wearSome people think that the usual British attire consists of fancy suits, hats and long coats. But in reality, they dress just like the next man. In fact, one thing they have in common with other Western countries is their longstanding obsession with street wear.

5 Pointz agrees that many people are still wearing jeans and hoodies wherever they go.  Street wear is popular despite the Brits’ tendency to bounce between tradition and fashion. Here are some of the reasons for their enduring love affair with street wear:

It is everywhere

Accessibility is one reason people love street clothes. These are available in retail stores and even in e-commerce websites, thus making shopping an enjoyable endeavour. That, and the fact that these clothes are more affordable than other attire, give them an instant place in the wardrobe.

Positive impressions

The positive impressions that street clothes leave is another reason that makes street wear a lasting cultural phenomenon and not just a trend. Adidas sneakers look cool and sporty whilst boots exude a fashion forward sense. T-shirts and hoodies give off the impression of casual, effortless style as well.

No limits

People love street wear because existing fashion norms do not limit it. Unlike formal attire, which is defined by suits or dresses, there are no hard and fast rules in wearing street clothes. People can mix and match any style and still look just as good.

Custom-fit to personality

People love street wear because it brings out their personality and originality. As there are many ways to wear such clothes, they can choose the ones that define them best. The flexibility of such clothes even allow people to start new street wear brands by trying out different styles.


Street wear may never go out of style, not when these connect with certain groups. Rappers usually consider t-shirts, rugged pants and hoods as their signature look. People would usually see skateboarding enthusiasts in t-shirts, shorts and sneakers.

These reasons just imply that street wear is indispensable in British culture. It will not be just a passing trend but an evolving standard as people continue to create and recreate it.

For All Seasons: The Stylish Man’s Guide to Layering Clothes

layering clothesWeather al throughout Great Britain can be unpredictable at times, which is why it is always good to have a back-up plan for your outfits. Whether it is a comfortable knit sweater when the temperature drops or a thin t-shirt for the dog days, the only way to cope with the uncertainty of the weather is by mastering the art of layering.

Those who practice smart layering, in particular, can take one layer off and still look sharp when the weather gets hot. For the colder days, those who practice smart layering can slip a top layer on and still look well put together. In a sense, smart layering allows a man to look great in a wide range of temperatures—without heading home to change.

To master the art of layering, listed below are some rules to follow.

Quality Visible Layers

The visible layers are the key in a well-put layered outfit. Anything that is visible should be something comfortable to wear. For instance, opting for a quality Brixton Clothing t-shirt as a middle layer is a good call. Quality clothes like this prevents the whole outfit from looking either too flimsy or too tacky—or both.

Oversized and Bulky Items

The purpose of layers is to create a warm and sophisticated look that looks complementary and smooth. Bulky pieces will only defeat that purpose, as layering them would only make the wearer appear overstuffed and dishevelled. For instance, putting a heavy wool sweater over a dress shirt looks unkempt and disproportionate.

When wearing layers, the rule of thumb is to use only clothes with a classic light and tailored fit.

The Right Colours

Layers should be complementary colours, as this would balance the overall appearance of the final look. The colours ensure that all the layers in the whole outfit work in tandem, and that the completed look seems intentional and well thought of. For instance, a red sweater over a button-up shirt with hints of red brings out the minor colours in the bottom layer, which successfully integrates the two components ever.

Layers are a natural fit for the fall and winter, but with the right wardrobe pieces and the right materials, you can have a layered look all year round.

Like Stars in the Sky: The Many Choices in Buying Jewelry

Like Stars in the SkyWhether it is a man buying jewelry for his lady, or women shopping for their own use, they need to take some precautions. This is because artificial jewelry exists today – such as those made from imitation gold or precious stones – but the genuine articles, such as gold and diamond, never go out of fashion.

Still, if you want to find authentic pieces, mind the following three tips:

1. Go To Reputed Stores

In buying earrings, bracelets, necklaces or bangles make sure that you know what you are buying. Go to trustworthy shops. The money involved is higher for some exclusive jewelry, and if you buy from reputable dealers, it avoids unsavory transactions.

Unlike popular opinion, such stores still exist where they sell genuine pieces. You can design your own stuff and have them custom-made at these stores. These shops give customers proper documents such as a bill, the purity certificate for the metal, the value of precious stones in the pieces, applicable warranties, and the like.

2. Gold Ornaments

You must know the meaning of karat when referring to gold. This refers to the proportion of gold present in a particular piece. Pure gold is 24 karats. Nevertheless, you will not find any ornament made from 24-karat gold. This is because pure gold is supple and fashioning any form of jewelry with it is not possible.

Jewelers elsewhere in the world make 22-karat gold jewels. Normally though you can only find 18-karat ones. Jewelry below 10 karat is not even gold at all. The experts refer to this kind of ornament as gold-covered or gold-plated pieces.

3. Diamond Studded Ornaments

There are four features to consider while buying diamonds. They are clarity, cut, carat and color.

The cut is the most important aspect as this is what gives the stone its brilliance and symmetry. It could be machine-cut or hand-cut. The cut here refers to the polish, width and depth and not to the shape or size of the diamond. Engagement rings in Utah usually prefer the round cut.

Finally, purchase the ornaments from honest shopkeepers. Large discounts are not possible here, so be vigilant. The value of these pieces rarely depreciates. So get the pieces you love to cherish them for a lifetime.