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Glasses Brands for Kids

Parents and child wearing sunglassesChildren grow up fast. They quickly outgrow their clothes, shoes and even glasses, and their preferences change at a snap of a finger. The need to find products for kids that match their physique and preference as they grow is a large factor that contributes to the growth of many industries. This is especially true for the Eyewear industry.

Sight problems may develop as early as infancy. After being prescribed a pair, children will eventually outgrow the size and design of their glasses. Stocking up on glasses for kids may be a daunting task for sellers when taking into consideration the preference of consumers. International Eyewear  has some suggestions of popular eyewear brands that sellers could stock up on.


Young fans of superhero stories have been treated to Spiderman, Thor, and Iron Man  movies more frequently in the past few years. The growing fan base of the MARVEL comics and the MARVEL Cinematic Universe has inspired glasses with themes of justice and peace. Some of MARVEL’s common designs include plastic frames in more mature colors like blacks or blues, colours that boys prefer. They come in plastic frames and kids still prefer plastic frames because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Disney Princess and Disney FROZEN

Disney Princess like Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel are childhood staples. After the release of the box office hit FROZEN, Elsa and Anna have developed a large fan base. Disney Princess and FROZEN inspired a feminine line of eyewear with themes of friendship, love, bravery, and adventure. This brand has plastic frames that come in purple colour with accents of bright coloured patterns that girls like. Some frames are more simple and sophisticated while others are more fun with different patterns on the temple.

Star Wars

The Star Wars brand offers space fantasy inspired spectacles. The simple and even minimalistic style echo a sophistication which is often found in adult glasses. Not only will kids feel adult wearing these glasses, they will also be able to wear a brand they love.

Kids easily outgrow their things and it’s never long before their items need to be replaced to fit. It’s a good idea to make sure that not only is the fitting correct, but that sellers provide style options which the kids will love.

4 Unique Wedding Ring Engraving Tips to Consider

Platinum Wedding RingsThe practice of engraving wedding rings has been around for centuries. Today, romantic messages are inscribed inside of the bands to personalize wedding rings in Utah and around the world. If you’ve been thinking of engraving your wedding bands, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

1. Have a skilled jeweler do it

Once you’ve found a reputable jeweler, request them to do the engraving for you as soon as you order the rings. If they aren’t able to do it, then they should refer you to a reputable engraver. Carefully check the spelling of the inscription for engraving before passing it on to the person doing the work.

2. Come up with a unique idea

Different people have different ideas as to what they want to be inscribed on their wedding rings. Take the time to think carefully about what you would prefer. It could be a few romantic words, a stanza from a poem or even an entire song. Skilled engravers can even inscribe a microscopic message that is only visible with a magnifying glass to keep it a secret between you and your spouse.

3. Do it early enough

Some engravers can do the engraving while you wait. Others will tell you to wait for up to a month – especially if it is a detailed or lengthy inscription. For this reason, it’s important to know how long your engraver will take so you can plan ahead or look for another person for the job.

4. Plan for the cost

Engraving costs can differ significantly based on how the inscription is done and how many characters are to be engraved. If done by machine, then it will be much cheaper. Hand-engraving will typically cost more, but you get that special hand-forged feel. Decide early about what you are willing to pay for.

Engraving your wedding rings is a unique way to customize them and give them a more personal, romantic touch. It’s something every couple should consider, given the significance of this new phase of life.

Save Money on Your Next Travel Vacation

Passport and Visa Travel can be a freeing and satisfying experience, which is perhaps why many people, both young and old, aspire to travel the world. Even if you only travel within the United States, you can still have a great time.

With cheap nonstop flights from South Bend, Indiana, to 10 domestic locations with international connections, you can be the traveler you want to be.

Book during sleeping hours

Even with cheap flights, however, you can still spend more money than you anticipated. Fortunately, you can save up on travel costs through different ways. You can save up even more on your flight by booking a ticket early and on a Monday or Tuesday between midnight and 5 a.m.

During these sleeping hours, they release flights not paid in full during the day, leading to cheaper airfares, less competition, and more seats.

Book a bundle or travel off-peak

Regarding other flight-saving strategies, you can get a cheaper flight when you avail a package that includes a flight and a hotel or rental vehicle. Otherwise, you can travel during off-peak times such as early mornings or late nights.

Many travelers find these times inconvenient, which results in less demand and lower airfares.

Bring your meals

Airport meals can cost you quite a lot. To save up on meals when waiting for your flight, you can pre-order meals from restaurants on the way to or near the vicinity of your airport terminal. For your in-flight meal, you can even keep instant oatmeal in a Ziploc bag.

Ship your souvenirs

On your way home from your travel vacation, you may have some souvenirs or items that can take up space. To save time at the airport and to free up storage in your luggage, you can ship your items.

With these tips, you can enjoy your vacation!

API 620 or API 650? Which is the Better Storage Tank?

Storage tanksIf you own a business that deals with oil and chemicals, you may need a storage tank that will supply your needs and adhere to the standards of the government. Upon choosing, you will come across various kinds set by the American Petroleum Industry (API). Two of the most common are the API 620 and API 650. Here’s what you need to know about them.

The Use

Now you ask: What are these storage tanks for? What are their primary purposes? Simply, the API 620 regulates the design and manufacture of large steel low-pressure tanks while the API 650 are ideal for carbon, stainless steel and aluminium tanks found in terminals, pipelines, and other process facilities. Your model choice, however, will depend on other particular needs.

The Design

The API 620 constitutes a single, vertical, centered axis of revolution, which entails a material thickness of 3/16 inches. Typically, this kind of storage tank comprises of various materials such as carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel, and nickel alloys all constructed in low temperature. Its design requires an elevated or flat bottom for storage.

The API 650, just like the API 620, requires a minimum material thickness of 3/16 inches. Regarding construction, the API 650 design constitutes of carbon steel, austenitic duplex stainless steel, and aluminium materials. It comes in cylindrical forms and different capacities and sizes.

The Benefits

Unlike other storage tanks, the API 620 can store contents at a higher pressure (maximum 15 pounds per square inch of gas or vapor storage) and lower temperatures of -325 to -250 degrees Fahrenheit. It can store any liquid that has high internal pressures such as liquefied natural gas.

Apart from storing some of the most common liquids in the industry (oil, gas, chemical, water, and biofuel), the API 650 can store contents at a lower pressure (maximum of 2 ½ PSI) but at a higher temperature of -40 degrees to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. These specifications can match any tank size.

When choosing a storage tank, make sure that it suits your needs and specifications as to prevent spillage and other hazards in the workplace. Make sure to work with a professional tanker when doing so.

A First-Timer’s Dilemma: How Do You Start Investing in Gold?

Gold Coins and BullionsOne of the things you have to keep in mind when building a portfolio is that you need to diversify. This is easier said than done, however, especially if it is your first time to invest in anything of great value. One thing is certain, though. An investment in gold is something that could withstand time.

If you are interested in investing in gold, Atkinsons Bullion says that you will come across two options—gold bars and gold coins. While the decision is ultimately up to you, you need to make sure that you know the pros and cons of each.

Go for Gold Bars

Gold bars tend to suffer more when it comes to liquidity. Investing in a gold bar may put you at a higher market risk. If you buy a huge number of bars, storing it could be a challenge. Gold bars, however, come with their own certificates. This makes buying and selling more secure. It goes without saying that buying a larger bar can prove to be more economical than buying smaller ones.

Go for Gold Coins

One advantage gold coins have is that you can either go with numismatic ones (if you are on a budget) or with bullions. They are easier to store, poses a lower risk and are more liquid. In most cases, gold coins can come in an assortment of designs and would have dates stamped on them. This makes them a great way to celebrate an important occasion. Gold coins, however, do not usually come with certificates and can make transactions a bit risky. The more coins you buy, the higher premium you have to pay.

In both cases, you would need to get in touch with a dealer to buy and sell gold. Fortunately, there are more than a handful of companies in the U.K. that can help you. All you need is to find a reliable one.

Choosing the Right Type of Moissante Earring Studs for You

Moissante Earring StudsWhen looking for moissanite earrings, there are a few things that you need to consider, which can spell the difference between buying an awesome piece of jewelry and falling prey to a scheming, unscrupulous businessman. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


The price of moissanite earring studs and other jewelry pieces depends on the gem’s carat and the type of setting used. Typically, every piece of jewelry is handcrafted only after the order is placed.


You can buy moissanite in various colors – white, gray, green, or yellow, with rarer ones in pink or green. Take some time to match the gem with your personal preferences or for the particular outfit you plan to wear the jewelry with.


Cut is another essential element, apart from the color, that you must pay particular attention to when shopping for jewelry. Various types of cuts are used to give a gemstone a specific appearance that will enhance its natural characteristics. The most popular cuts include the cushion, princess, marquise, pear, and round. Bear in mind that the stone’s cut not only affects its visual properties, but its overall aesthetics as well. Likewise, it has a bearing on the jewelry piece as a whole.


The setting of moissanite earring studs is usually more important than the gemstone that is set on it. Notice how people first notice the setting and almost ignore the stone that it is studded with? Thus, it is advisable that you first go for the type of setting that is best suited for you and your lifestyle. You may want to have discreet mountings or you may prefer an impressive setting that will match the value of the gem, says an expert from

When buying moissanite jewelry such as earring studs or pendants, it is important to take a few things into consideration that will help make sure you will go home with the piece of jewelry that is perfect for you.

Safety Measures to Take Before Selling Your Jewelry for Cash

Selling JewelryIt is not easy to sell high-end pure precious stone metals. The risks are numerous not to mention that you could get into trouble for selling fakes when you did not know they were fakes in the first place. Despite the challenges in this extremely difficult market, it is possible to sell jewelry at affordable prices if you know what to do. The following are some hacks you can follow when selling your jewelry pieces at a profitable rate.

Shop around

Perhaps one secret that all jewelry appraisers in Utah will advise you is to look around. You need to know what other people are selling. This will give you an idea of the price range depending on the quality of jewelry. You will also get to know what customers want depending on what is in the market. It is also a platform for you to learn how unique you ought to be to attract a certain type of clients. Furthermore, you will get to learn about reliable and genuine appraisers for when you decide to set up shop.

The market has rogue buyers

If you are interested in selling jewelry, you need to note that some buyers are after stealing your pieces. This happens when precious stones are involved. Gold, diamond ,and ruby jewelry is likely to fall under this category. Buyers come promising excellent and attractive prices only to leave you with little or no payment. Scammers are all over. You must learn to identify them and always ask for full payment before releasing your pieces.

The scale accuracy matters

Do not take your eyes off the scale when verifying the authenticity of your pieces. You may be duped into selling cheaper than the actual value of your prices if you are not keen. Attention to details is very crucial in this line of business. Do not be too trusting when dealing with such experts.

Working with people who do this every day is an added advantage. A few tricks may come in handy.

Licensed and Unlicensed Roofing Contractors: The Difference

Roofing contractorsIn Salt Lake City, all roofing contractors need to obtain a license from the Utah Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL). They have to carry a license before they can proceed with any type of roof work, including installation of roofing systems and important components, repairs, and maintenance.

As a homeowner who needs the services of a roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, it's important you enlist only the services of one satisfying all the necessary requirements, particularly licensure. There are huge differences between licensed and unlicensed contractors, including the following:

Quality of work

For contractors to receive a DOPL-issued license, they first need to undergo rigorous assessment. This involves testing their technical knowledge and skills. All in all, the exams they take measure their ability to perform jobs as complex and difficult as roof work. Only those who meet the stringent standards of the DOPL receive a license.

By choosing licensed roofing contractors, Wesley Green Roofing says you can rest easy knowing they will deliver quality work.

Clean history – including no criminal records.

Another huge benefit of enlisting the services of licensed contractors has something to do with your personal safety. DOPL runs background checks – including criminal records – on all licensure applicants.

Homeowner safety and protection.

With licensed contractors working on your home, you can feel more at ease knowing you and your property have protection and coverage in case of damages. Also, since licensure requires roofing tradesmen to have insurance, you don't have to worry about liabilities if an unfortunate situation arises, such as an accident that results in injuries.

As you can see, license plays a huge role in many aspects of getting roofing work done. So don't underestimate the value of hiring licensed contractors; it can mean all the difference between a successfully completed job and a poorly installed, repaired, or serviced roof.

The Difference Between a Diamond Grading Report and an Appraisal

Diamonds are precious stones that many people, especially women, want to own. They use it in jewelries or as part of their collection. When buying loose diamonds on wholesale from either an online or local jeweler, learning the 4Cs isn’t enough. It’s also important to learn the difference between a diamond grading report and an appraisal.

What is a Diamond Grading Report?

The diamond grading report, or certificate, is the official blueprint of a diamond. It describes the shape, measurements, and other characteristics that make it unique. It’s a scientifically based assessment of the diamond’s qualities; including the 4Cs. Diamond experts base it from the International Diamond Grading System that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) introduced nearly 60 years ago.


A diamond’s value may change over time, but its qualities are unlikely to change. To record these qualities, the GIA developed two additional types of grading reports:

GIA Diamond Dossier – This is the more compact form of the diamond grading report. It’s available for diamonds weighing 0.15 to 1.99 carats. It includes the laser inscription of the diamond’s unique number, which is on the stone’s girdle.

GIA Diamond e-Report – This digital report consists of the graphic representation of the diamond’s qualities. This includes the detailed face up image of the diamond, which was recorded through a grading process.

What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is the monetary worth of a diamond. It defines the selling price, which is based on current market conditions. There won’t be an appraisal without the help of a grading report, as jewelers need to find out about the diamond’s quality before pricing it. Although the prices change over time, an appraisal gives you an idea about the value of the diamond you’re going buy.

Both of these aspects are important when buying wholesale loose diamonds for sale. Don’t be confused. Just remember that both are different, and an appraisal won’t work without the grading report.