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Get Rid of Medical Debt By Filing for Bankruptcy

Man consulting a lawyerBurdened with medical bills that you can’t possibly pay? Would you turn to bankruptcy to have your debt discharged? Due to the rising healthcare costs, it’s pretty common nowadays for people to opt for bankruptcy just to get rid of their medical debt. The question is why and is bankruptcy the best option.

Why People Turn to Bankruptcy to Eliminate Medical Debt

During times of economic turmoil, plenty of people lose their jobs and go through extended periods of being unemployed, which leaves significant holes in their healthcare insurance coverage. Also, those who have very little to spare usually go with cheaper healthcare insurance plans to get reduced premiums and save some money.

However, what some people don’t realize is that reduced premiums typically with high deductibles, which makes them more prone to acquiring higher costs before their coverage kicking in, explains a renowned medical bankruptcy lawyer from Barski Law Firm, PLC in Scottsdale, AZ.

But of all the debt that the average American incurs, medical debt is among the top kinds of debt that they’re more inclined to pay off. Because of this, some people opt to take out loans, open a credit card, or ask for more credit, which in turn results in more debt. So is bankruptcy the way to go? The answer would generally depend on the specific circumstances of the person burdened with medical debt. However, it’s crucial that you thoroughly research your options and do your due diligence before filing for bankruptcy.

Other Vital Things to Note

If you’re considering bankruptcy to discharge your medical debt, you should know that this relief is only often available to “medically distressed debtors”. 25% of these people’s income goes to health care costs and related expenses. But do note that this same classification could apply to any person who’s incurred the same percentage due to lost wages or if he or she has been on unpaid leave for a month at least because of an injury or illness.

When considering filing for bankruptcy to get rid of medical debt, you would also need to determine which type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, would be most beneficial in your case. With that being said, speak to a bankruptcy attorney to figure out the best course of action for you.

3 Most Common Mistakes Couples Make During Divorce

Marriage separation conceptThere’s nothing like an easy divorce. Every divorce comes loaded with its adverse effects — both emotional and financial. Unfortunately, as much as the separation is supposed to be between two parties only, it ends up affecting other people. Good thing, there are common mistakes couples can avoid ensuring that the process goes smoothly.

1. Representing yourself

One of the worst mistakes you can make is going at it on your own. You don’t only put yourself at a high risk of making mistakes, you also stand to lose your case. Get an experienced family law attorney in Denver or elsewhere in CO to guide you, so you could have a good chance. Even if you can’t afford a full-time attorney, get one who can check your documentation to ensure that they’re excellently done.

2. Being too rigid

Yes, you’re hurting, and you would like your partner to pay for what they’ve done. However, this is not the time to get even. This includes refusal to compromise or negotiate with your ex-spouse. According to Huff Post, this will lead to more frustrations and conflict.

Listen to each other and be willing to negotiate. This way, you’re likely to reach a better agreement and make each party more faithful in carrying out their end of the bargain. If possible, consider mediation, which is a lesser aggressive way of settling your divorce case.

3. Being malicious in matters finances

First, it’s worth noting that any intention to hide money or assets will not be taken kindly by the judge. Remember, some private investigators make a living through unearthing such things. Make an honest financial declaration and this will pay up in the end. Also, avoid getting into intentional debts or misspending your money during the process. This will not only hurt your future negotiations, but it’s likely to lead to a financial crisis in the end.

It’s quite natural to be emotional during a divorce process. The fact that your marriage is shattering, and all your dreams seem to come to an end, can be devastating. However, you need to be sober and wise during this moment since any mistake can be costly in the end.

Dangerous Drug Claim: Filing for Just Compensation

Medical form with words Medical Malpractice and gavelWhen you go for a medical appointment, in your mind you trust that the professional you are dealing with is qualified, certified, and licensed to work as a healthcare practitioner. But for one reason or another, sometimes their prescriptions fail to yield the expected results. When this happens, you may end up with more damage and bigger expenses.

If you have suffered injuries following a prescription error or medication mistake, here are some critical steps to take when claiming for the compensation you deserve:

Seek medical attention immediately.

If you suspect that you have been given the wrong prescription, don’t take strange symptoms or side effects lightly. Call for urgent care when necessary and make sure not to put it off for a later time. If you can make it to a hospital, get there as soon as you can. Be as honest as possible, so the doctor can make a realistic and factual documentation for your defense.

Keep relevant information about the drug

WebMD says that millions of individuals in the U.S. are harmed by medication errors every year. If you are one of these people, you will need solid and convincing shreds of evidence for your case. Therefore, it’s essential that you keep the drug, the receipts, the name of the attendant, and the prescriptions you were given. Provide a list of side effects you suffered from. Also, note the dates when you bought the drugs as well as when you started and stopped taking them.

Work with a trusted dangerous drug lawyer

Most top pharmacies in New York City have lawyers on their side ready to fight for their interests. This is why you need an established, reputable and highly skilled law firm with adequate resources to defend you and help win your case. A good lawyer will aggressively fight for you in court and make sure you will get the compensation you truly deserve.

The bottom line is, when filing a dangerous drug claim, it pays to hire the best lawyers and have all relevant documents in place. If you observe these key steps, you can go far with your claims and receive just compensation.

3 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer with Family in the BackgroundDivorce is still the most controversial subject in family law these days. With so many complex legal proceedings—not to mention the personal matters you need to deal with at home—it can be challenging to have everything in order.

Hiring a trusted divorce attorney in Long Island, New York can simplify things for you. You just need to be cautious when choosing the right legal counsel to work on your case. Here are some of the things you should discuss with your prospective lawyer:

1. Track Record

The first thing you need to know is the win-loss rate of your prospects. Learn about the previous cases they have worked on. Ask them about their methods and the results they get. Obviously, you should choose a professional who has a proven track record and has worked on cases similar to yours.

2. Credentials

Look for a well-established and reputable law firm. Just make sure it’s clear who’s going to represent you on your case. A reputable law firm should walk you through the different processes. They should introduce you to the team who will work on your case as well.  Be sure to double check the credentials they mention during the initial consultation.

3. Perspective

You can tell you’re dealing with a reliable lawyer based on how they discuss your case. Sometimes, law firms can be aggressive with their strategies. Your prospects should be open to any settlement to simplify the case. In fact, they should help mitigate the family matters, not escalate them or cause more problems. Usually, lawyers may recommend attending couples counseling before proceeding with the divorce.

These are just some of the factors you should consider when hiring a divorce lawyer to work on your case. Be meticulous with your selection and look for the best solution to your problems.

How Does The Adoption System Work in Washington?

Man with his adopted sonThose who wish to become a foster parent in Washington don’t have to pay fees for wanting to adopt a child, but there are certain things to handle such as training and licensing requirements.

Most foster parents only take in children for a short period, but only half of the children under state custody find their way back to their birth parents within two years. Some cases can be complicated, so some people decide to seek the services of a child custody law firm like Feldman & Lee in Kent.

Struggling Parents

The state’s child welfare system supports foster care yet it prioritizes children to be back under the care of their birth parents. However, that can’t be easy for some people who were once deemed unfit based on a court’s evaluation. Even after turning their lives around, it remains difficult to reunite with their children.

A birth family may even lose their rights to a child permanently if a court decides that they are not a role model among other factors. This is where foster parents step into the picture if other birth relatives are unavailable.

Requirements For Adoption

Foster and adoptive parents in Washington need to complete Core Training and orientation before they can proceed with their plans. You would also need to hold a license for foster care without any charges.

The only time when you would need to spend happens with seeking assistance from private adoption agencies in the state, which has fees for a home study, placement and post-placement services.


Whether you are an aspiring foster guardian or a birth parent, legal counsel will help in your pursuit of custody for a young person. You should consider hiring a lawyer who already knows the process in Washington, and preferably someone with extensive experience in family law.

Auto Accident Aftermath: 3 Errors That Can Cost You

Explanation of benefits for insurance coverageNothing hurts like looking back and wishing that could you have done things differently, the outcome could have been better. This is truer when it comes to mistakes you make that leave detrimental effects on your auto accident case.

Below, see some of these mistakes and how to avoid them, as explained by Haffner Law, car accident legal expert and Los Angeles-based lawyer.

1. Talking to the insurance adjuster without an attorney

This seems harmless to many people. However, talking to insurance adjusters without first talking to your lawyer can cost you later on. Remember, these are not your friends; instead, they are trained professionals who are after reducing your claim to the lowest amount possible.

Your attorney is well-versed in the tricks they use, such as getting a statement from them in which you provide incomplete information or even end up downsizing your injuries.

2. Failure to get a lawyer

In an attempt to save some bucks, some people opt to go through it alone. However, you ought to know that you stand to lose more than the money you could have used to hire an experienced attorney. This is because the laws involved in an auto accident case or a personal injury case are complicated.

You also stand to lose a lot of valuable time trying to research your situation and could miss your deadline. And, don’t expect the court to be lenient just because you are not a trained lawyer. Instead, you will receive the same treatment.

3. Not seeking medical care

No matter how fit you feel after the accident, always seek medical care says Huff Post. This will not only help diagnose any underlying injury, but it will go a long way in proving your case. It’s imperative that you cooperate and be honest with your doctor.

Don’t try to be a hero by downplaying your injuries as this could cut down your claims. When all your medical records are well-documented, your case is a step closer to getting a favorable verdict.

The burden to prove an auto accident case doesn’t solely lie on your attorney. As the victim, you have a significant role to play. Avoiding the above mistakes is a sure way of ensuring that you get the right amount of compensation for your injuries.

Making Extra Income from Rental Properties

property rentingAvoiding legal trouble is the key to keeping your rental income constant at all times. If you are not sure of the legal provisions or requirements in an area, you are better off seeking legal advice and avoid any problems.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity with consistent income every month, you can’t go wrong with rental properties. Whether it’s a factory complex, office building or an apartment unit, you stand a good chance to make money.

However, you need to address some crucial issues that ensure success, explains a property lawyer in Townsville. Without a great understanding of the legal provisions, you are likely to run into some legal issues that could ruin your plans.

Don’t draft weak rental agreements

Troublesome tenants come in all shapes and sizes, and without proper protective measures, they can hurt you. To avoid unnecessary trouble, have the proper legal counsel when drafting a legal document. Some renters are quite adept at spotting loopholes in lease agreements. They can use shortcomings to their advantage and cause you a lot of grief.

In some cases, tenants can pick clauses in the agreement and bring a civil suit against you in a court of law. Such a move could cost you thousands of dollars in legal costs and lawyer fees. In some instances, the tenant might legally stop remitting payment until the matter is resolved by the courts.

Don’t ignore the law

In legal matters, ignorance is never a defence, and as such, you can’t use your unfamiliarity with the laws to defend a wrong. Property laws vary between places, making it crucial to appreciate these differences. What might be legal in one area might be illegal in the next.

Failing to tell the difference can saddle you with hefty fines and penalties. You are better off having a legal expert handle such matters if unsure. Such a move saves you a great deal of trouble in the future from both the law and unruly tenants.

Rental properties make an excellent way to generate income and build wealth. You stand a better chance of having a regular rental income by avoiding legal troubles.

What Debt Enforcement is All About

Modern apartment buildingWhen you run a business, one of the things you should be aware of is going into debt. Debt is the single most common reason businesses go under. They are unable to manage the debt they have and end up having to close down to pay the debts.

This is why there are many debt enforcement companies in the UK. In fact, it is a very lucrative business. Debt enforcement agencies cover a wide variety of services such as recovery of commercial rent, lease forfeitures, repossessions, and much more.

But are these companies really necessary?

How Debt Enforcement Works

You see, when a company or individual goes into arrears, they usually end up being in breach of a contract. Their debt is then transferred to a debt enforcement company. The company or individual will then have to settle their accounts with that debt enforcement agency.

In turn, the company gets a cut from the payments made to them. But why would individuals or companies be alright with a debt enforcement company taking a cut from what people owe them? The answer is very simple. Uncollected money is as good as no money at all.

So, if a company can collect on their behalf, then they are very much willing to let them have a cut if they can collect. Often, this is motivation enough for a collections company to make every opportunity to get a payment from the ones who have not made a payment.

In extreme cases, a debt enforcement company will have a certificated bailiff and levy distress by repossessing land and property. If the debtor cannot make a payment, the properties will be sold or auctioned off until the amount owed is paid.

In this way, the company or business whom the money is owed to can recuperate their losses from the unpaid rent or lease.

The Necessity of Debt Enforcement

The thing about debt enforcement is that debt that remains uncollected is not useful to anyone. The money owed to debt needs to circulate as it allows for the stimulation of growth in many countries. In fact, if you have a lot of unpaid debt to a company, that company may close down as they are not receiving the money they need to continue running their business.

Debt enforcement also allows an opportunity for landlords to get a part or most of their investment and recover their losses. In many cases, a landlord may depend on rent money as their main source of income.

If they could not recover their loss from their previous tenants, then they run the risk of not having enough to pay for their own needs and services they use.

Debt enforcement is definitely an interesting line of business. It may not be for everyone, but many need their services as many companies and individuals can easily fall into debt.

Road Accidents and Personal Injury Claims in Oklahoma

car accidentOklahoma, with its population of nearly four million, is indeed a booming and busy state. However, this does not just mean a thriving economy; with so many people using the roads, motorists and pedestrians are undoubtedly at risk of getting into an accident every which way they turn.

Like in any other state, road collisions almost always result in injuries. Fortunately, the Sooner State’s personal injury laws allow for the victims of such accidents to receive fair compensation for the pain, suffering, and losses they incur due to their injuries.

Here is what you need to know to prepare yourself in the event you fall victim to such an unwanted situation.

Compensation for damages

Whether it is a car crash or a motorcycle accident, the damages awarded to the plaintiff – the victim making the claim – fall under two categories. These include economic and non-economic, as explained by law expert Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC.

Economic damages are typically those that you can measure, such as the cost of repairs or replacements for vehicles, hospitalization and other medical expenses, as well as lost wages. Non-economic, on the other hand, covers physical pain, emotional distress, and other forms of suffering.

The comparative fault law of OK

In Oklahoma, filing a vehicular accident claim does not always mean full compensation for the plaintiff. This is because the state implements the “modified comparative fault” law, which basically means shared fault. This happens when both the defendant and the plaintiff had something to do with the accident.

For instance, in cases where the plaintiff has a 30% fault, then he or she will receive a reduced amount of compensation.

It is for this reason that you should not underestimate the expertise and skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer. You want to ensure that you receive just compensation, especially if you know that you are not at fault, and a lawyer can help you increase your chances of doing so.

An Overview of the Criminal Defense Procedure

man arrestedWhen you are accused of a crime, whether you committed it or not, you will need to have a defense attorney by your side. A criminal defense lawyer in Marysville, for instance, can help you develop a strong defense strategy to deal with the accusations, help you post bail, and negotiate plea bargains. Below is a detailed overview of a criminal defense process:

Posting bail

After an arrest, what the majority of defendants want is to get out of jail. Aside from the usual inconveniences, being in jail means no working and no more earning.

To be released from jail, you will need to post a bail, and if you cannot afford to do this, a defense lawyer can persuade the judge to reduce the amount. This is achieved by insisting that you don’t pose any danger to other people and that you have strong ties with the community.

Plea bargaining strategies

A significant number of criminal cases do not get to trials. Your criminal defense attorney will enter into a plea bargain, which is also known as a settlement agreement. In other words, you will agree to plead guilty in exchange for a lenient sentence.

Presenting a sure defense to the jury

To succeed in a case trial after it has proceeded to the jury, a persuasive and coherent theory explaining how the defendant has been wrongfully accused can be presented. A criminal defense attorney will keep insisting on this theory throughout the court proceedings. Developing an appropriate story and effectively presenting it in court is the main objective of every defense lawyer.

The complicated justice system is not fit for people to represent themselves in court. If you have been accused of a crime, it’s prudent to hire a defense lawyer to defend your rights effectively. Also, whether you plead guilty or not, your legal representative will help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.