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The Best Towns in Bali for Expat Families

indonesia mountain

Many come to Bali for the year-round sunny climes, surf, sunsets, and nightlife. But some come to find their slice of paradise with their family in tow. If you’re one of them, you surely have a longer list of considerations and months to years of preparations to make.

To help you narrow down your search, here are some of the most family-friendly towns in Bali to put down roots:

1. North Kuta

Kuta is one of the busiest towns in Bali and is known for being the clubbing destination for foreigners. But if you look beyond the center, you’ll find a few good reasons to live there. It’s where all the action takes place. North Kuta, in particular, has some quiet villages with modern conveniences within reach. It’s also home to one of the best international schools in Bali. So you get to live in an ideal location and still give your kids high-quality education.

2. Denpasar

As the main hub and capital city of Bali, Denpasar is easily an expat’s retirement destination. But its breathtaking sunrise views, laid-back beaches, bustling center, and cultural melting pot make it attractive for families, as well. It’s also the main gateway to the island and where the old meets new, where modern buildings and shopping malls are juxtaposed with shrines, temples, and Dutch colonial buildings. You’ll not only get a taste of Balinese culture and heritage, but you’ll also get the best of city living.

3. Ubud

If your family desires a more peaceful, away-from-the-bustle kind of lifestyle, then Ubud is the perfect destination. This idyllic town is in the uplands of Bali where terraced rice paddies stretch as far as the eye can see. It also hosts some of Bali’s most significant temples and shrines. Expect to find big but affordable homes and a charming town lined with shops and cafes. More importantly, you get to live among the locals.

4. Sanur


If you’re moving to Bali for the beaches, then it’s only logical to live in Sanur – Bali’s top destination for diving and quiet coves. It’s on the east coast of the island, which means the ocean is mostly calm year-round, making it ideal for safe swimming with the kids. Not only that, house prices and rentals are much lower in this area, and it’s also near the Warmadewa University and a few world-class restaurants.

5. Seminyak

If you’re looking for a fancier place to live where you can mingle with foreigners and locals, alike, you may find Seminyak an ideal choice. The district is clean, dotted with high-end shops, museums, restaurants, and some of the best beachfront villas in Bali. Not surprisingly, many expats put up roots here or even set up shop.

Whether you’re drawn to the craziness of Kuta or the tranquil landscapes of Ubud, Bali is an island that has it all. Whichever district you and your family decide to live in, all these towns will just be a few minutes to hours away. Just make sure you choose the town that best fits your needs and desires to make your transition smooth and your move less stressful.

Ways to Cope with the Death of a Loved One

woman comforting the other who is cryingYou or someone you know might be going through a hard time due to the death of a loved one. Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience, whether or not it was expected. For anyone, coping with the tremendous feeling of loss is challenging and often seems hopeless. Each one grieves differently and must find a way to cope.

Accept what happened.

Denial is a natural response for many, but it’s never beneficial. After some time, you must find a way to accept what happened.

It’s also crucial to accept your reaction and feelings. You might feel guilty from feeling angry or frustrated with your new situation but know that these emotions, as well as exhaustion, sadness, and fear, are all normal. Everyone has a different way of processing death, so you don’t have to guess if what you’re feeling is right.

Change your inner talk from “I shouldn’t be feeling this way” to “It’s okay to feel this way because I am still adjusting.”

When you’re ready, talk about it with someone you trust.

It’s never easy to talk about how we feel, especially when the emotions are still fresh. But keeping it all bottled up inside will only lead to isolation and feelings of loneliness. It’s only natural not to want to talk to anyone about anything that had just happened at first, but you have to take the leap and open up to somebody eventually.

Talk about your feelings and thoughts to someone you trust, like your parents, siblings, colleagues, or a close friend. Some people also find it easier to talk to a psychologist because it’s sometimes easier to open up to a stranger with a fresh perspective. If you can’t talk about it, at least write about it in your journal or on a blog.

man comforting woman

Consider getting emotional pet support.

Some people also find great comfort from animals. If you like to get a pet, you can get a certificate of emotional disability and an emotional pet support letter from a licensed psychologist.

It’s great to know that even if you live in an apartment or condo, the Fair Housing Act allows you to live with your emotional support animal legally.

Do something new.

Jinna Young, a lifestyle photojournalist, found that traveling helped heal her wounds from the death of her father. In her words, “It (traveling) opened up my eyes, expanded my perspective and inspired me to continue to fight to find happiness.”

Maybe it’s picking up a new hobby or going somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe it’s reading a new book or meeting new people. Whatever it is, do something new that’s enjoyable for you and will help widen your perspective and change your focus.

In the end, the grief over the death of a loved one is a unique kind of pain. You have to be patient with yourself because the process takes time. But with the support of your loved ones and your continued effort to get support, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Concealed Carry Etiquette: Tips and Tricks

woman drawing handgun from holsterCarrying a concealed weapon is a great way to secure yourself and those around you — as long as you behave responsibly. Apart from training rigorously at the local shooting range to hone your skills, you have to understand the concealed carrying etiquette and practice it to the latter to avoid making people around you uncomfortable.

The rules to follow vary from wearing the right concealed carry clothing to keep your firearm out of sight to instructions on how to handle the weapon to avoid accidents. Here are the top things every concealed carrier must remember on a daily basis.

1. Don’t touch it if you don’t need it.

Most concealed carry people give away their status by fidgeting, adjusting or touching their holsters in public. People will notice your movement no matter how subtle they might be and know what you are doing.

This will not only make people uncomfortable since they don’t know your intentions but also give away your weapon carry status hence doing away with the so important element of surprise in case of an attack.

2. Get used to the setup before wearing it in public.

Every time you buy a new holster, gun or concealed wear clothing, you must first break it in at home before wearing the setup in public. The trial period while at home will not only help you dial in the setup or do away with it all along but also ensure that you are used to it when you step out. This will do away with the fidgeting mention above or accidental exposure of your firearm.

Person putting firearm in gun safe

3. Control your emotions or don’t carry.

Concealed carriers must be even-tempered. Rash action, impulsiveness, and anger could be catastrophic. Don’t carry your gun on days you are angered by something, are going to drink alcohol or feel unsettled.

Such states of mind not only make you a danger but also increase the chances of the firearm being directly used to harm you and your loved ones. You should also avoid highly charged areas, such as bars at late night, political rallies, and high-risk street corners. Don’t put yourself in a confrontational position just because you have a firearm.

4. Concealed doesn’t only mean ‘out of sight.’

Most people assume that concealed carrying is all about keeping the firearm out of sight. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from covering it well, ensure that your firearm doesn’t draw a discernable outline against your clothing when you sit, walk or climb into a car. Choose the holster or carry clothing that best keeps such outlines out of sight.

Every time you step out of the house with a firearm, know that you can be either the solution or problem to people around you. Following the basic etiquette practices and only bringing your weapon to play when absolutely necessary will not only keep you safer but also keep the person who would have been on the other side of the gun safe.

Frequent practice at the shooting range and regular self-defense classes will help you assess the situation better hence making you a better and helpful concealed carrier.

Millennial Trends Spark Need for More Truck Drivers

Driver posing beside a red truckIt may be hard to connect Millennials to the trucking industry at first glance, but when you think about the online conveniences this generation has gotten used to, the connection becomes apparent. Millennials are known for being tech-savvy, with their generation growing up being aided by technology almost all the time. Particularly, these practices have resulted in the need for more truck drivers:

Online Shopping

Millennials love their online purchases. They have several websites bookmarked for beauty, wellness, food, and other items they can easily buy without leaving home. Even the way they buy presents for the holidays rely heavily on these online tools. They love to do extensive research and compare several websites before finally spending money.

They also trust online shopping enough to buy bigger and more expensive items, such as furniture and appliances. All these, of course, cannot reach their home without trucks handling the delivery. With the rise of online shopping, there have been many trucking job openings to fill the demand. Millennials also want quick service, which is why a small delivery company will need to improve their fleet and roster of drivers if they want to keep their clients.

Seeking Independence

Smiling millennial while workingMillennials have a tendency to feel restless. They travel a lot and want to fill their lives with unforgettable experiences. Some may even say they prefer to acquire experiences rather than spend money on expensive items. This need for independence is also the reason more Millennials are considering living on their own. The move out of the nest they grew up in calls for movers, especially if they’re headed to a different city or state.

While it’s true that they may not afford a house of their own just yet, this hasn’t stopped them from finding a property for rent, which they often share with others to make monthly payments affordable. They also want to be close to the city, where their jobs await along with forms of entertainment that their parents’ suburban home simply does not have access to.

Building Their Own Name

No matter how small or simple, Millennials love to capitalize on their ideas. You’ll see their entrepreneurial skills at play when they come up with innovative products that solve problems that have plagued their peers for a long time. They’re also an environment-conscious generation, which gives rise to more sustainable business practices. All the changes they want to do for the world are reflected in the way they design their office, which of course, calls for new equipment, furniture, and miscellaneous tools.

As they acquire an office, all the renovations and item purchases require the help of truckers. Even the delivery of items from their home or old location to their new office also needs the assistance of movers and truckers. Millennials may also ask for help from friends and family, commandeering their personal vehicles to save on costs, but there are bigger items best left to the hands of professionals. When it comes to important and sentimental items, they don’t mind spending a little bit.

Truckers are needed more than ever in a world that has to cater to the needs of millennials. It makes sense that there’s a rise in job opportunities in this area.

Here Are Simple Ways to Foster Your Child’s Intelligence

Teacher and children

You are doing the very best for your child, and it is your wish to see them become intelligent as they grow. That is every parent’s greatest wish for their little ones.

There are several habits and activities that you can do to contribute to their mental development as they grow from infants through to teenage.

Introduce them to books

Introducing your children to books early enough improves their intelligence and vocabulary. Allow them to read along with you as they grow. Put attention to the words and pronunciations.

When they are old enough, you can buy them school chairs popular in Australia and have them read the books by themselves. This creates a conducive atmosphere for reading and improves the child concentration and reading skills.

Also, encourage them to talk about books, for example, share their thoughts about a book and hat they see in it.

Play some music

Research has revealed that playing music instrument improves a child’s brain, spurs their creativity, and motivates their sense of expression. Train them to play a musical instrument and sing with them as they play.

Also, you can sing with them nursery school rhymes, holiday songs, and other fun tunes. You can also add some dancing as this will make it even more fun.

Encourage outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are not only good for your kid’s health but also for their mental development. A 2007 study revealed that humans learn new word faster after exercising.

Being outdoors also increases your child’s curiosity and knowledge about nature. You can take walks with them, allow them to help you with gardening and talk about plants and animals.

Feed them well in the morning

Proper feeding in the morning is vital for a child’s successful day. Ensure that their breakfast is nutritious by including proteins, whole grains, and some vegetables. Minimise their sugar intake by limiting or completely removing snacks.

Children need to be well nurtured during their formative stage to promote their mental development. The strategies discussed above will help your child become intelligent.

Different Uses Require Different Types of Ski Pants

Female skierSkiing is a passion. It is not just a sport and a pastime. For skiers, going down the slopes is like standing still while the whole mountain moves past them. The only thing that a person needs to do is to stay warm and dry while the skis slide down the snow-covered mountain.

Wearing winter clothes, such as Bogner ski pants and jackets, is a necessity. Skiers take comfort, warmth, safety, and protection seriously.

Basic Ski Pants

There are several types of ski pants and the activity determines which type to use. Ski pants are flared below the knee to allow them to fit over ski boots. These also have gaiters, a thin waterproof fabric which is pulled over the ski boots to keep the snow out. Scuff guards are extra abrasion fabric sewn from shin to ankle and protects the ski pants from hard boots and buckles.

Pockets are common features for those going to a ski resort. This is where skier keeps the ski pass and other small items. Additionally, the pants must be waterproof and sealed. This prevents the snow from getting inside.

Vents and Insulation

Insulated ski pants are important for activities where the user does not move a lot. If the skier will be using the chairlift a lot or if the pants will be used in ice fishing, it is better to use an insulated pair. For alpine skiers or ski touring, less insulated pants are better. It will be lighter and allow for better freedom of movement.

Active skiers can sweat a lot under the pants, especially when it’s sunny The vents along the outer thighs going down to the knee help in letting out the heat. Long distance and backcountry skiers have pants with double zippers for long hikes.

Skiing is a winter sport and skiers must wear the right clothes, jackets, and pants meant to stay warm and comfy. For casual skiers, the clothes must have better insulation while more active skiers need clothes with vents to avoid overheating.

The Secret to a Warmer, Sweeter Movie Date Night: Cool Temperatures

Warm weather for a perfect date nightDid you know though that there’s science-backed info that can make your romantic movie night sweeter and more special? It’s simply about changing one tiny bit in your room: turn the thermostat down.

What Science Says

A 2012 study notes that cold temperatures cause people to snuggle up to romantic movies. The link? The colder the atmosphere is, the more people long for psychological warmth. And of course, there’s nothing feels warmer than love, right?

In a series of experiments, the researchers assigned undergraduate participants to warm and cold conditions. On the first one, some were given hot tea, while to some, iced. On the second, researchers controlled the room temperatures.

What they found was when participants are exposed to cold conditions, they were more inclined to watch romantic movies and even pay for an online rental. What happens is that cold temperatures activate your need for warmth. And that need is closely associated with the warm and fuzzy romantic movies.

So, if you want your significant other to crave for more warmth (aka love), turn the AC down. Even in the middle of the night, you can get experts that offer 24 hour HVAC; West Valley specialists, including Desert Star Heating and Air, will guarantee that your AC regulates just the right temp for your romantic movie night.

Warm and Fuzzy Date Night

Of course, don’t neglect the other stuff that would make your night special. Even if it’s just a night in your place, make an effort to create a romantic set-up.

Turn off the lights to turn on the romance. Light up those scented candles or those fairy lights for a magical vibe. Get the coziest blanket to make curling up and cuddling under better.

And of course, don’t ever forget the selection of romantic movies. For added fun, you may want to have a theme for that night, such as ‘90s films or chick flicks.

A romantic movie night in may be the simplest date ever, but it could be the most special. Before you snuggle to Titanic, make sure to lower down the temp.

The Korean Spa Experience: Get an Unforgettable Rub

Woman in a SaunaSpas and bathhouses are integral in many cultures around the world. In Korea and Japan, spas have become a vital part of maintaining health, cleanliness, and beauty.
Spas are now seen as central to health and wellness, and many provide essential other services such as massages, facials, and even cosmetic enhancements. However, many people are now seeing the benefits of traditional Korean spas.
In fact, there are many like Grand Spa that offers special Korean spa and sauna in Los Angeles that offer their unique services. It provides dry saunas, steam saunas, cold and hot saunas. They also provide special sauna rooms that help clients relax.

Relax  the Korean Way

A Korean spa usually begins with a shower and a soak in the hot and cold pools Korean spas mostly boast of steam rooms and saunas and mineral hot spring pools. The temperatures will soothe and calm you.
These spas also offer an oil scrub, which most people find rejuvenating. In the end, you will have smooth and soft skin that will make you feel several years younger.
This Korean scrub is often a cause of apprehension for many first time clients. The client is usually bathed in hot water and then scrubbed with a towel that feels like sandpaper. The scrub aims to remove the layers of dead skin to reveal smoother and younger skin.
Some spas use an infrared ray thermal treatment room. These rooms use a mid to low temperature range, which is safer for senior citizens. This can increase their blood circulation and dilate capillaries.

What’s All the Fuss?

Korean spas can rejuvenate, smoothen, and calm you in several ways. The cold and hot baths, the saunas, and the skin treatments all give your day at the spa a whole new meaning.

Americans May Move 11 Times before Officially Settling Down

couple lying down in middle of boxesPeople love to chase: partners, jobs, and dreams. They also want to find the best home. This one, though, may mean moving to another destination more often than they thought.

So how often?

There’s no official statistic, but according to FiveThirtyEight, it may take as many as 11.7 times. This, however, is not set in stone. Based on its data, the number can vary depending on the age.

For example, children are more likely to move around more, which is understandable. While they’re young, parents bring them to new homes. When they get older, they have the option to relocate as well. By the time they reach the ages of 20 to 30 years old, they would have called on moving companies such as at least 11 times. The older the person gets, the less likely they would consider a different address.

Why people move

There are many reasons for this. The same blog stated that those who earn more tend to stay put than those who don’t. It may represent the baby boomers or senior adults who have a more stable position in the company or even running a business.

The millennials, on the other hand, may move more often than the older ones. In fact, 30% would move to a new county compared to only 4% of the seniors.

The Y generation also has a different reason for moving than the older group. While seniors are more likely to relocate for retirement or an assisted living facility, the young ones are for jobs and lifestyle.

Colorado Springs currently has the fastest growth rate regarding millennial migration. Besides a more laid-back lifestyle, it also offers jobs in tech, particularly in cybersecurity. So does Houston, Texas. The lively arts scene, nature, and cost of living may invite them to move to Sarasota, Florida.

One may ask, “Why do people move a lot when relocating is daunting?” It’s all about finding a place you can call your own. If it takes that long to do it, then so be it.

Powder-Perfect Ski Locations for Skiers, Riders, and Heliskiers

Expert SkierEvery seasoned skier wants to ski down different slopes. Different locations mean different ski experiences that can make one ski trip as memorable as the other. When you have the drive and the resources to travel to different ski adventures, you first have to know where to go.

No matter if you go on a ski trip or a heliski vacation, you can check out these locations for a one-of-a-kind experience each time.

Pyramid Peak

When on a heliski vacation in Valdez, Alaska, you can ski down the 3,875-foot Pyramid Peak that boasts spines worthy of a ski movie. Many professional skiers and riders consider the peak a proving ground where professionals can test their mettle. You can find the Pyramid Peak in the Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez.

Chugach Range

Speaking of Chugach Mountains, other spots in the range can work for skiers just as the Pyramid Peak can. The Mountains receive around 700 inches of snow yearly, and the steep slopes have the more stable snow.

Mount McKinley

Still in Alaska, you can also ski around the 1.2 million acres of snow around Mount McKinley. The mountain is the highest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet. You can have a field day skiing in its snow filled slopes and find all kinds of terrain to challenge you in the location.

Other Perfect Spots

Other great spots for skiing or heliskiing include British Columbia spots, such as Bella Coola, Revelstoke, and Mica. You can also ski down the Utah and Colorado spots of Mount Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon and Highland Bowl in the Aspen Highlands respectively. Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and New Hampshire also offer pretty great spots.

Out of all the locations, the Alaskan spots may be the best since they offer endless skiing opportunities for the hardcore skier or rider. You can book your lodging and your tickets as early as you can. Early preparation can ensure you enjoy your ski trip.