CNC Machining VS Manual Machining

CNC Machining VS Manual Machining

CNC machining in KewdaleChoosing between two types of machining can be a challenge, especially if you do not know what option to settle for. However, your decision can be simplified by factoring in all the pros and cons of the options that you have. To choose between CNC machining and manual machining, therefore, we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both. This way, a sound decision based on what you need will be easy to make.

Cost considerations

Users explain that the CNC machining in Perth may not be an easy path to take because of the high expenses involved. When compared to manual machining, CNC is several times more expensive. Most people will opt for manual machining especially in the case that it is able to perform the same task. Any minor inconveniences can be ignored as long as the pricing remains reasonable.


On the other hand, Engineered Precision Machining says that the CNC machine takes the day when it comes to efficiency. This machine is able to operate for longer hours for most days of the year without breaking down. All that is needed is a few hours of shutdown during the occasional maintenance. However, the same cannot be said for manual machines. Manual machines can only work for a given number of hours. Stretching it too far could cause serious damages.

In addition, CNC machines are set and programmed to function the same. This means that a similar quality will be produced in different locations. However, with the manual machinery whoever is operating the machine determines the quality levels. This leaves room for inconsistencies and may not be good for business. It is prone to human error. Excellence depends on whether the person handling it is keen or tired.

Productivity comparison

The argument is that whichever machine you choose depends on your personal preference. Both can work as long as you know what you want. However, production could be higher with the CNC machining, but this is subject to question.

In the end, experts believe that whichever machine you go for works. It may not be a matter of which works better, but more about the work at hand.