Dental implants or natural teeth

Man ready for his dental implantWith modern dental techniques, patients can retain teeth that once would have been lost. However, sometimes tooth loss is inevitable. It can be a stressful and painful experience. However, the consequences of tooth loss are no less worrying or serious. It is therefore vital to replace lost teeth as soon as possible. Today one of the most long-lasting and reliable method for restoring missing teeth is dental implants.

Dental practices across the UK, such as Northlight Dental, recommend dental implants. In Milton Keynes, implants can be used to replace anything from a single tooth to a whole mouthful. Dentists also offer dental implants in Milton Keynes to support loose dentures.

A minor surgical procedure that saves natural teeth

In Milton Keynes, dental implants are planned with care and attention, using x-ray and digital imaging technology to plan exactly where to place the implant and how best to carry out the procedure.

After this meticulous planning process, a screw or screws are then inserted into the patient’s jawbone. These screws are made from titanium as it allows the jawbone to integrate around the screw to create a stable anchor for a crown, bridge or even existing dentures.

The whole process usually takes around six months, so a patient can be back enjoying their favourite foods within the year.

Having a tooth replaced actually helps the surrounding natural teeth. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone where the old root once lived begins to recede and change shape. This can cause the surrounding teeth to move into the space left behind by the missing tooth. In turn, this pulls the patient´s natural teeth out of alignment, putting them at greater risk of damage.

A new, natural looking and feeling tooth

When a replacement tooth is inserted into a patient´s mouth, it completes the appearance of their smile, giving them a confidence boost and allowing them to enjoy a variety food without worrying about it get stuck in the gap left behind by the missing tooth.

If an implant is looked after properly, it can last a patient a lifetime. Implants are looked after like normal teeth, so there will not be much change to the patient´s dental hygiene routine.