Easy Pest Control Solutions from Pros

Easy Pest Control Solutions from Pros

Pest Control Service in RiversidePests normally breed and live in the rubbish and dark and damp areas such as drains, tunnels, and septic tanks. But when it gets too hot, cold or rainy, they flee and move a drier place, which is your house. Once these pests get a close contact with food and people, it could be detrimental to their health. Before it’s too late, you have to protect your house before extreme weather conditions occur. Your trusted pest control company shares simple pest control solutions to safeguard your house from the territorial insects.

1. Get rid of damp and moisture in your house.

Pests such as cockroach and mice increase in damp areas. According to doctors, wastes from these pests can trigger allergens that can worsen asthma and other respiratory problems. Mosquitoes are known to carry deadly viruses and lay eggs in wet areas. Though it is the rainy season, make sure you keep your house dry. Inspect your house to find moist areas, and dry them right away. If you have left any container outside, throw the water away to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

2. Check if the window screens are not loose.

During summer, homeowners want to keep their windows open. You are free to do that, but make sure the window screens are perfectly fit. Flies grow fast in summer. They could be carrying bacteria they got from rubbish and food stacks.

3. Rake dead leaves in your yard.

Dead leaves are also breeding ground for pests such as rodents, spiders, and ants. If rain comes, they can hide under your garden furniture. Once you sit on your garden chairs or eat breakfast outside, they could be crawling anytime and might even sting you.

4. Seal all entry points such as windows and doors.

One of the most guaranteed services of pest control companies in Riverside like Orange Coast Pest Control is making sure the windows and doors are sealed up and tight. Pests such as cockroaches and spiders are able to crawl into small spots.

5. Be careful with insecticides; call the pros instead.

You may have been taught for years that insecticides can kill pests. However, many insecticides pose health problems, especially on the skin and respiratory system. Many insecticides are harmful to the environment, too. It is better to call the pros for pest control problems because their products are safe and environmentally conscious.

Following these tips can save your house from damages and your family from getting sick. But, still, prevention is the best solution to scare pests away. Fix a problem in your house no matter how small it is because pests are keen. Don’t let them outsmart you.