Endocrine Disorders Affecting Millions of Americans Today

Endocrine Disorders Affecting Millions of Americans Today

Diabetes information and a stethoscopeThe endocrine system’s eight main glands produce hormones that influence the function of different organs, including the brain. When there is too much stress on the system, or in the presence of infection, hormonal levels go awry.

Here are three common endocrine system disorders to be mindful about:

Diabetes mellitus

In America, millions of people modify their lifestyle to manage a disease known as diabetes mellitus. Individuals who are smokers, have nutrition disorder and are of a specific race (Hispanic, Asian America, Indigenous peoples) have a higher genetic predisposition for the disease.

When the body is unable to process sugar due to problems with the secretion of a hormone known as insulin, then you have to see an endocrinologist. Insulin injections are quite common, although milder forms of the disease respond well to specific lifestyle modifications.

In diabetes management, the most effective approach is one that is personalized.


Any imbalance in the level of hormones can have a significant impact. For instance, in hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland, located in the area of the throat, is unable to produce the amount of thyroid hormones needed by the body.

In some instances, the problem arises from inflammation of the gland, such as in Hashimoto’s disease. In hashimotos, help come in the form of medication that boosts the under-active thyroid and alleviate symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, and poor tolerance to cold temperature.


Women are at higher risk of developing a progressive disease of the bones known as osteoporosis. The disease compromises bone density and mass, and in older women leads to a predisposition to disabling fractures.

In osteoporosis, hormonal insufficiency affects the disposition of minerals in bone. Aside from greater incidence of fracture, there may also be back pain and loss of height due to poor bone mineralization.

There are hormones catalyzing processes such as growth and sexual function. Others regulate bodily functions such as digestion, body temperature, and breathing.

The endocrine system is very important, and these three diseases cause significant loss of productivity and often require complex treatment protocols.