First Timers: What to Consider Before Getting Inked

First Timers: What to Consider Before Getting Inked

Getting a Tattoo Tattoos are almost forever, so it is best to choose a design that you’ll love for the years to come. It is advisable to do your research like knowing the best colour and design for your skin tone or determining the ideal tattoo size and placement. Educating yourself is extremely beneficial, especially if you are an ink virgin.

Timelessness Matters

Picking the right design isn’t about choosing what’s in at the moment. Think hard about the design that you’ll permanently ink into your skin. One that will stand the test of time is always the better choice, as it will never be irrelevant. Seventh Circle Tattoo Studio and other tattoo studios suggest choosing something that you cherish, so you’ll not have to spend thousands of dollars when it becomes embarrassing after several years.

Think About Size

Some first-timers choose small tattoos, thinking that bigger ones can get ugly over time. The truth is, however, extremely small ones with fine details are not always the best choice. A bigger one is more advisable, as they look better in time, with lines, details and colours blending well. While you don’t need to ink your entire back, choose something reasonably noticeable.

Tattoo Placement

The design and placement of your tattoo can show a lot more about your individuality. While others may think it is unique, some will not. Neck and hands are not always the ideal parts, as they are known to be job-stoppers. A tattoo that covers your entire neck, for instance, is extremely noticeable and can ward off some employers. Neck and hand tattoos, for the most part, work well for tattoo artists and rock stars.

Get it Right

If you want a nice tattoo, choose the right studio. Good work has its price, so if an artist promise to deliver a great tattoo for a low price, they might compromising on things you don’t see. Proper tattoo and cleaning equipment are not cheap. It is best to note that a tattoo that turned out bad might scar your skin forever.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. Make sure to consider these things, so you’ll not suffer from a bad ink that will need expensive cover-ups in the future.