Green Products: Protecting Your Health and the Environment

Green Products: Protecting Your Health and the Environment

CleaningSupplies and consumables used for cleaning can have a huge impact on our health and the environment. Cases of people developing health issues after prolonged exposure to certain cleaning products are not isolated. Various studies have also shown that these types of products can greatly contribute to the damage of the environment due to harmful ingredients they contain or the inefficient manufacturing process.

You can help a lot when it comes to caring for the environment and making sure that public health is not at risk. One way of doing this is to by buying green cleaning products.

Jasco Distributing shares a few things you should note when buying cleaning products:

  • Product Contents

Advances in research and technology have made it possible to come up with products that do away with harmful chemicals and other ingredients. These eco-friendly products would mean the absence or limited quantity of substances that cause health issues, ranging from cancer to respiratory disorders.

These products have also passed stringent tests when it comes to environmental effects. This means the elimination of pollutants and hazardous waste that contribute to global warming. Make sure these products come from renewable, biodegradable sources.

  • Product Packaging

It is not only the ingredients that you should check, but also the packaging. The packaging should be made from eco-friendly, recycled materials. It would be better if you the product comes in refillable packaging, or pump sprays rather than aerosols.

  • Company Reputation

It is not enough that a company professes its commitment by having a Code of Corporate Responsibility. Whilst this may be a good sign, you need to check if they practise what they preach. Knowing more about the company and staying up-to-date through write-ups or news can provide you with the necessary information.

Our environment is at a fragile state; it needs all the help it can get. People can make a significant contribution by choosing the right products rather than going with what is popular.