Ideas to Support Your Millennial Children’s Creativity

Ideas to Support Your Millennial Children’s Creativity

 Millennial Children from UtahBased on recent surveys, more young adults today are choosing to stay home with their parents longer. It’s not a problem of employment in most cases; it’s just that this generation of millennials is more conscious about spending money.

For all the things everybody else is saying about millennials, many members of this young generation are forward-looking. They have ideals and want to hold on to those ideals for longer. Instead of renting an apartment by the time they turn 18, for example, they would rather stay with their folks so they can save for something better in the future.

Many members of this generation are also not inclined to stay employed for a long time. They know the possibilities of getting into the tech business (as compared to their parents’ generation, which was raised knowing the industrial business) and they are also aware that they can form a startup even when all they have is their laptop.

So if your millennial child isn’t planning to leave the nest just yet, you might want to give them a better shot at their startup or work-from-home setup. Here’s what you can do.

Set them up in a new room

You can always choose to let them keep using their old room, as they have not left it anyway. But if you want to teach them to be somewhat independent, build them a new place where they can be. In Australia, these are popular as granny flats. Build one atop the garage or in the backyard. It’s a small apartment complete with bathroom, pantry, and bed. A Utah plumber like Ponds Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will have no problems helping you out with the pipework and even the heating and cooling. And don’t forget the Wi-Fi connection.

Encourage their creativity

It’s practically impossible to find a millennial who isn’t adept at using modern devices like smartphones and laptops. As a matter of fact, your child is probably building a program or a website for a startup. Even if they were making something else, which they intend to turn into their business, they still need the space and support. An extension to your garage would be a good idea. Think about this while planning the independent flat, so you can just connect it there.

Millennials may be staying longer with their parents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your child to be responsible and support them with their business and work ideas.