Limo Amenities to Get for THAT Night

Limo Amenities to Get for THAT Night

Limousine When you hire a limo for an occasion, chances are you’re doing it to make an impression. It would be a shame to go for the cheapest limo in CT you could find, because after all is said and done, it’s just another car. You should go for a limo with all the bells and whistles for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It will be an experience you will remember all your life.

Stretch those legs

The best thing about any limo is the legroom. Basic amenities include ultra-comfortable seats, and all the privacy you want. Go for the longest stretch limo you can afford. You may not be able to get the record-breaking 100-foot limo, but you can make do with the standard 120” for up to eight people.

There are also party limos that can accommodate up to 28 passengers. If the price is too rich for your blood, get contributions from everyone who wants to party!

Bars and disco balls

You can actually hold a mobile party in one of the bigger limo buses. These come with a mini-fridge, well-stocked bars with sinks lit up with neon, decanters and glasses, and even disco balls. Ask for one with a retractable roof so you can “step out” whenever you want to. Party the night away on prom night, and still have a designated driver. You can participate in post prom events, too.

High-tech audio and communication equipment says you can choose to ride alone or with friends. It’ll be fun having some company, what with modern limousines having high-quality audio equipment and Internet access. Newer models come with charging docks for all mobile devices.

Bigger limousines are equipped with tables and swivel chairs for that conference on the go. You will not have to miss a day of work going to that out-of-state wedding, and you can even bring your staff with you.

All these added amenities and features come at a price, of course. But it will be worth the experience.