Moving Up: Ways to Move Heavy Furniture Upstairs

Moving Up: Ways to Move Heavy Furniture Upstairs

People often believe that selecting and buying new furniture is the hardest part of furnishing one’s home or apartment, or when replacing old or broken furniture. However, for those who live in a home or apartment with more than one floor, the hardest part would be to move your large and/or heavy furniture up the stairs.

So, before you decide to buy bedroom furniture online or through a local furniture shop, you’ll want to plan out how you’re going to move your new cabinet or nightstand up to the master’s bedroom on the 2nd floor of your house, or to your room situated at the 3rd floor of an apartment with no service lift or elevator.

It may sound a bit intimidating when you think about it now, but you have to keep consider these simple tips to make the entire ordeal easier (or at least manageable):

Use the Proper Equipment

Moving furniture upstairs, especially large and heavy ones, could be dangerous. Which is why you should use or invest in proper equipment such as protective non-slip shoes, lower back support, gloves. You can use planks or a ramp to slide the furniture up, as well as buy or borrow a hand truck to make things easier for you.

Lighten the Load

If your furniture can be dismantled, it would be best to bring dismantle them and transport them piece by piece up the stairs where you can re-assemble them where they need to be. For cabinets, you have to remove all the contents, and see if you can remove the shelves and transport them separately; this would lighten the load and make it easier to bring upstairs.

Wrap Everything

Wrap everything in shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or even a thick blanket. This would protect your stairs, doorways, walls, and the furniture itself from getting damaged. This is also necessary for cabinets and shelves to make sure that they don’t swing or slide open while in transit and cause any damage or even injury.

Get Help

You’ll have to determine whether your furniture is a one-man job, or if it requires two or more people. So consider the size, shape, and weight of the furniture you need to bring upstairs. You could ask a few friends or relatives to help you out in moving the heavy furniture and treat with a meal or have them assist you in exchange for your old furniture.

Hire Professional Furniture Movers

Moving company helping a family move to their new home

Sometimes you have to know when to concede and call in the professionals. There are times that furniture needs more tools, manpower, and expertise than you have at your disposal. Some may even need to use a crane and pass through a large window if they’re large and solid furniture pieces. So if you’ve tried plotting it out and there’s really no way for you, your tools, and your friends to move the new furniture upstairs, then it’s best to browse for local professional movers to safely and correctly do it for you.


Moving furniture could be tough, but with the right tools and manpower, you’d be able to accomplish the task. But whether you’re doing it alone or with help, always make sure to prioritise safety: your new sofa is not worth the bruises and broken bones.