New Business Opportunities to Explore When You’re Not a Big Fan of Office Work

New Business Opportunities to Explore When You’re Not a Big Fan of Office Work

Are you a natural-born go getter who is unsatisfied with “boring” office work? Do you enjoy taking on challenges with little-to-no support from others? Do you want to explore ways to augment your current income without  investing too much of your savings?

If you find yourself nodding at any (or all) of these questions, then perhaps you’re more suited to run your own business. Office work may not be for you, especially when you no longer find it mentally stimulating and you’re eager to explore new opportunities.

Fortunately, there are businesses that you can start on your own. Here are some of them:

Can Tackle Any Challenge? Cleaning Service Provider

There are many ways to get into this business, one of them is to start as a one-man-team. If you’re interested in helping people with their homes, consider a cleaning business.

You handle the bookings and do the cleaning as well. If you’re able to deliver the quality of service that your clients expect, more opportunities for opening another cleaning business will come your way. You can expand from cleaning houses to cleaning offices, from weekly visits to daily schedules, and from a one-man-team to a complete cleaning crew. You just need to have the perseverance to finish each job excellently and the foresight to anticipate new opportunities in the future.


Detail Oriented? Party Planner

Whether it’s for a children’s birthday party, an engagement, or a small office celebration, you can work your magic and plan for a truly unforgettable event. Start your own party planning business without too much stress.

All you need to begin is an able-bodied individual who can wear different hats. Hire another person who can help you with the logistics, food, and other aspects of the event. If you feel like giving up, know that the industry is growing, with the average spending for a simple birthday party is around $500. Imagine if you’re doing up to three events per week, you could easily earn what you make in a month at an office in just a couple of weeks.

Love Animals? Dog Walker

You love pets. Check. You love walks. Check. You’re all set to start a career in dog walking, especially if you take the time to train and get a license for it. Even if you live in the city or in the suburbs, dog walking is an in-demand job because not everyone has the luxury to walk their pooch for one to two hours aday. Take the burden off their hands and leverage your love for animals, dogs especially, into a lucrative career. You can expand your market by word of mouth, so it’s important to do your best for every “client” you walk. There’s a lot of opportunity to grow in this line of business into pet boarding/sitting, grooming, and more.

Nowadays, there are a lot of business opportunities that anyone can explore. There’s no need to get tied down to a 9-to-5 office job because you can dictate your operating hours and more.