No to Back Pain: Why You Really Need an Ergonomic Chair

No to Back Pain: Why You Really Need an Ergonomic Chair

Since you spend most of your time sitting on your office chair, it only seems fair that it should be as comfortable as possible. Sitting on a poorly designed chair for several hours could lead to back problems and other health issues. So, before ordering office furniture online, make sure to choose ergonomic chairs for everyone. Here are its key benefits.

Maintain proper posture

Most people suffer from back problems because of poor posture. Non-ergonomic chairs are not designed to provide ample support to a person’s back and other parts of the body.

When you sit on an ergonomic chair, on the other hand, the backrest is designed specifically to follow the curve of a human’s back, which enables a person to sit naturally. The cushioned seat is also soft enough to lessen the pressure on the buttocks, so your behind won’t be sore after sitting down for several hours.

Prevent slouching

When you’re sitting in a non-ergonomic chair, you tend to slouch because the backrest doesn’t have a curve that allows your back to settle in comfortably. Also, traditional chairs don’t have swaying backrests and wheels. So, you’re more likely to move forward when you need to reach your keyboard or any item on your desk.

When you do that, you’re not only developing poor posture but you’re also performing repetitive trunk flexion. When you do this, you put too much strain on your lower back, which is why when you sit on a non-ergonomic chair, you feel lower back pains after just a couple of hours.

But, if you’re sitting on an ergonomic chair, it helps you sit with your back erect minimizing the strain on your lower back. With its swaying backrest and wheels, you also don’t have to slouch forward when reaching your keyboard or anything on your desk.

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Armrests for proper arm positioning

Another advantage of ergonomic chairs is their armrests. Most of these chairs have adjustable armrests, enabling you to keep your arms level to your keyboard. When your arms are not hanging below your keyboard, there’s a lesser strain on your shoulders and arms. This, then, minimizes your chances of developing pain in these areas.

Also, those adjustable armrests can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, which a lot of office workers who do repetitive tasks, such as typing, suffer from. The more strain you put on your arms, the more likely you’ll develop this condition. And when your arms don’t have anything to sit on when you’re typing, you’re adding more strain on them.

Adjustable height

Another great thing about ergonomic chairs is that you can adjust the height. It’s important that your thighs remain parallel to the ground when you’re seated. For instance, if you’re short you can adjust the chair so that your feet are planted firmly on the ground and your thighs are parallel to it.

So, if you want to be more comfortable and avoid developing any back pains, you should get an ergonomic chair. It’s the best chair for any office worker.