On Website Design: Minimalism is Back in 2016

On Website Design: Minimalism is Back in 2016

Web Design in DenverAmong the five trends in web design today, minimalism is the concept that seems to elude many. While it is a known movement in the art world that makes the most of using less in terms of design elements, in web design, it focuses more on simplicity.

A Movement of Innovation

Steve Jobs, for one, believed in minimalism and how stripping down an object to its bare fundamentals was important in design; it removes the distractions and complications. Looking at Apple’s products, Jobs’ minimalist approach has turned a simple electronic device into an elegant and civilized aesthetic gadget.

The MacBook is a marvel to look at for its sculptural shape, while an iPod is neat and easy to operate with its simplicity. These products show how industrial design, to Jobs, is more of an art than it is a science.

Kanye West, like Jobs, is a minimalist, too. In his Yeezy fashion line, you can see how earth colors and distressed structure dominate the look. He does away with intricate designs, fanciful colors, and ornamental fashion styles. And when it comes to music, his album Yeezus is another aesthetic practice in minimalism. With a stripped-down production, West describes how a “Corbusier lamp” inspired the album.

On Website Design

Minimalism, as a movement, has influenced the way people engage with a website. Take, for instance, how bright color schemes are a part of trending website designs in Denver. It is a reflection of fashion and interior design, as well as weathercast graphics. These serve to impact the brand by providing a strong effect on users.

Along with responsiveness and interaction, a flat and minimalist design increases user engagement. Thirty-nine percent of surfers choose to jump when the images on a site refuse to load. But by using vibrant colors in a minimalist aesthetic and flat design, you can get a clean but visually active website. It will be free of clutter and will be easy to navigate, which improve usability and interaction.

With minimalism making a comeback in 2016, expect to see more of the aesthetic as websites looking to increase optimization will head towards this path, evoking “less is more.”