Organisational Talk: Efficiency and Productivity in Your Kitchen

Organisational Talk: Efficiency and Productivity in Your Kitchen

A kitchen requires an organised and well-designed architecture. To increase productivity and efficiency while working in your kitchen you should consider a lot of factors.

Considerations in Putting Up An Efficient Kitchen for Home and Restaurant

Researching about or consulting on designs before putting up your kitchen is one of the best ways to achieve the best kitchen layout. Consider the following:

Location– Using the Power of Triangle for Layout

A great kitchen follows the “Power of Triangle” or the shape that dictates the placements of your work stations. The sink, stove and fridge must sit just a few steps away from each other, not too far nor too near each other. Being aware of the locations of these three will help you plan the next key elements like stations and storage.

Tip: Take note of your doorways such as entrance, emergency exits and ventilation as well.

Maximising Stations and Storage Placements

To create a neat and tidy kitchen, you need to prioritise storage and stations. Stations are the areas of the kitchen where specific tasks must take place. The idea is to keep all necessary things related to each station close enough for an efficient workflow. 

Preparation Station– An area in which you prepare all the needed utensils and ingredients during cooking. This might be a wide table where your chopping boards, knife, mixing bowls, platters, etc. are located.  The pantry should be just a few steps away from this station.

Cleaning Station– This is where you should find your sink. Dishwashers, drying rack, and towels are in this area.

Cooking Station– All the major action happens here. You must place your stove, gas range and range hood in this station. Other than you should also store, your pots, frying pan and other utensils near this area.

Tips: Utilise all space as possible for storage.

Kitchen in modern house

Choosing the Best Kitchen Appliances

To increase your efficiency and productivity in the kitchen, you must also consider the appliances that you are going to use. In today’s market, there a lot of options offering the best energy-efficient technologies. There are machines with inverters outfitted with glass doors for easy checking of items or products.

Glass-door refrigerators offer energy efficiency, safety and hygiene control on top of food storage and preservation. These refrigerators offer instant food visibility compared to those conventional ones. allowing for snap decision making in terms of meal planning and shopping.

Electric appliances are also the best choice especially with those having a small space in their kitchen. This eliminates adding gas tanks that will take up more space.

First-In, First-Out and Putting Commonly Used Items In Front

“First-In, First Out”, this note must always be present especially in your storage area and refrigerators. It simply says that whatever has been placed in there first must also be the first one to come out or used. This reduces the possibility of spoilage of goods and commodities.

Putting the commonly used items in front is a common ‘must-do’ in the kitchen systems. It is easier to use the items you need soon if they are readily available in front.

Investing in a Sanitised and Clutter-free Kitchen

Since you are working with food, cleanliness is a must. It is also better to work with an area without clutter. Clear and clean the kitchen every after use.

Creating a system and laying out stations well promote a better flow of work and execution. This enables you to become efficient and productive as you make food for your family or your customers.