Orthodontics Explained

Orthodontics Explained

Orthodontist Doing Teeth Straightening on PatientOrthodontics is the field of dentistry which deals with straightening your teeth. Misaligned teeth can cause improper wear on your teeth which can lead to serious problems later in life. Misaligned teeth can also affect your smile which can lead to a loss of confidence and self-esteem. There are several treatments that can help including retainers, braces and even headgear all designed to help move your teeth into their proper position.

What to do next

A consultation with a dentist will help you decide what you need to do to fix the problem of your crooked teeth. In Weybridge orthodontics, will be offered by most, if not all, of your local dentists. Check their websites for patient reviews and testimonials and talk to friends and family about their choices. Chances are you will know someone who has had braces in the past or may even be wearing them now. You may have to look closely because many dentists offer invisible braces, try not to stare.

What is involved?

Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth before proceeding with any treatment. They will take X-rays, photographs and a mould of your teeth to devise a treatment plan that is right for you. While there are, similar principle involved in all orthodontic care each treatment plan must be tailored to the individual. While your procedure is being devised you may also be given extra instructions on oral care and dental hygiene.

Once your bespoke treatment plan is ready your dentist will make another appointment for fitting your appliance and they will give you any instructions for proper use and care of any apparatus you are given.

Having braces fitted is a common treatment in orthodontics, your dentist will give your teeth a through clean and then dry them so that brackets can be bonded to your teeth effectively. An archwire is then used to connect the brackets together which then provided the force to move your teeth to where they need to be.

Will it hurt?

During the first few days there may be some discomfort however your dentist can offer advice on how to deal with any pain. There are options available to you and in the long run the rewards will outweigh the problems.