Planning a Wedding to Remember in Tunbridge Wells

Planning a Wedding to Remember in Tunbridge Wells

Wedding in Tunbridge WellsPlanning your wedding is one of the most exciting and memorable things you will do in your life, including choosing from wedding venues. However, while it may be memorable for you, it may not be for other people if you go the traditional route. While there is nothing wrong with traditional weddings, you might want to leaven it a bit to make it stand out.

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Wedding Vows

To love and to hold may sound like poetry, but the modern couple may need to go into specifics. Marriage vows are about promises, and setting expectations. You can create your own wedding vows to reflect your lifestyle and relationship more closely than traditional vows, even if they do not sound as pretty. It will certainly be more memorable to your guests, and to each other.

Wedding Venues

Your reception is where most of the action happens, so you have to choose it carefully. Instead of the usual hotel or garden venue, choose a restaurant or pub that can offer you something out of the ordinary. Go for something with character, a place where you can have fun with your guests. A few establishments in Tunbridge Wells can fit the bill nicely. However, make sure you find one with ample parking space for the convenience of your guests.

Wedding Songs

The first dance of the newly married couple is as traditional as they come, but nothing in the rules say the song has to be the same one all the time. Make your first dance more interesting for your guests and memorable for you by choosing modern songs that mean something to the two of you. It will be more in keeping with your venue and vows, at any rate.

Planning a wedding to remember does not mean you have to fly completely in the face of tradition. You can keep to the old ways as much as you want, but you can make it better by mixing it up with the new.