Pool Designs for Limited Spaces

Pool Designs for Limited Spaces

Small PoolJust because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you can make room for a swimming pool. The good news is, there are several pool shapes and sizes that could fit well in a limited space. You can also work with a pool builder to customise one that is right for your budget and backyard size.

Bellevistapools.com.au shares a few pool design choices for smaller spaces:

Lap Pools

As the name suggests, these pools are designed for swimming laps and rhythmic strokes. Lap pools are long and narrow, ideal for swimming back and forth for the number of laps you desire. These are a great option for narrow lots and for families who want to get frequent exercise. The basic design is rectangle, but it can have a slightly unusual shape. You can also choose an L-shaped pool for an additional area for recreation.

Freeform Pools

These have rounded edges and are perfect for maximising the available backyard space. Most freeform pools today are customised to complement the outdoor space and landscape design. It can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want with natural rocks and waterfall features. It can also be made to resemble a natural pond or lake. If laps pool are for exercise, freeform pools are for recreational use.

Kidney Bean Pools

These pools may resemble an oval shape, but with indentation on a single side. Kidney bean-shaped pools are an excellent choice for almost any backyard size. They also offer a soft retro look that fits plenty of architectural styles. Many homeowners add coloured pebble tiles on the edge of the swimming pool to emphasise or highlight the unique shape.

When deciding on a pool shape for a limited space, talk to a builder to learn more about your options. You may also want to consider self-contained pools or swim spas that make use of current to stimulate a swimming lap. Just be sure to hire a reliable pool builder for a quality installation.