Powder-Perfect Ski Locations for Skiers, Riders, and Heliskiers

Powder-Perfect Ski Locations for Skiers, Riders, and Heliskiers

Expert SkierEvery seasoned skier wants to ski down different slopes. Different locations mean different ski experiences that can make one ski trip as memorable as the other. When you have the drive and the resources to travel to different ski adventures, you first have to know where to go.

No matter if you go on a ski trip or a heliski vacation, you can check out these locations for a one-of-a-kind experience each time.

Pyramid Peak

When on a heliski vacation in Valdez, Alaska, you can ski down the 3,875-foot Pyramid Peak that boasts spines worthy of a ski movie. Many professional skiers and riders consider the peak a proving ground where professionals can test their mettle. You can find the Pyramid Peak in the Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez.

Chugach Range

Speaking of Chugach Mountains, other spots in the range can work for skiers just as the Pyramid Peak can. The Mountains receive around 700 inches of snow yearly, and the steep slopes have the more stable snow.

Mount McKinley

Still in Alaska, you can also ski around the 1.2 million acres of snow around Mount McKinley. The mountain is the highest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet. You can have a field day skiing in its snow filled slopes and find all kinds of terrain to challenge you in the location.

Other Perfect Spots

Other great spots for skiing or heliskiing include British Columbia spots, such as Bella Coola, Revelstoke, and Mica. You can also ski down the Utah and Colorado spots of Mount Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon and Highland Bowl in the Aspen Highlands respectively. Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and New Hampshire also offer pretty great spots.

Out of all the locations, the Alaskan spots may be the best since they offer endless skiing opportunities for the hardcore skier or rider. You can book your lodging and your tickets as early as you can. Early preparation can ensure you enjoy your ski trip.