Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign

Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign

Woman wearing her invisalignIf you think dental braces are limited to younger patients, think again. Yearly, more and more adults are getting braces. What is good to know is that there are more dental brace options they can get aside from the traditional wire-and-bracket option.

Invisalign, also known as “invisible braces,” is one of the most popular dental aligners available to older dental patients, even seniors. If you are planning to get Invisalign this year, here are some questions you need to ask your dentist about this specific dental aligner.

How much do I need for an Invisalign treatment?

By now, you have probably read several invisible braces review on the internet from online resources and dental clinics such as MiSmile, but it is important to ask your dentist about the real costs of an Invisalign treatment. In the UK, an average Invisalign treatment normally costs between £2,500 and £5,500.

While it is good to have an idea of the average costs, it is important to ask your doctor for an actual quotation as rates vary depending on the complexity of your treatment.

How long does an Invisalign treatment take?

A typical Invisalign treatment normally takes 12 months for adult patients. Again, this depends on how complicated your teeth misalignment is. It also depends on your proper care, usage, and maintenance.

While Invisalign aligners allow for removal from time to time, you need to wear it regularly for the treatment to work. However, it is advisable to ask your doctor how long your treatment will take so you can prepare financially.

How do I care for my invisible aligners?

Just like any dental appliance, your Invisalign aligners need proper care and maintenance. If you do not have good dental habits yet, it is time to start. You need to observe good brushing and flossing practices avoiding dental complications that could affect your oral health and even the effectiveness of the treatment.

Perhaps there are more questions that you need to ask your dental provider about Invisalign, but these basic inquiries can help give you an idea about the treatment. Just like any dental treatment, you need to get the right information from your dentist and not just from the internet.