Road Accidents and Personal Injury Claims in Oklahoma

Road Accidents and Personal Injury Claims in Oklahoma

car accidentOklahoma, with its population of nearly four million, is indeed a booming and busy state. However, this does not just mean a thriving economy; with so many people using the roads, motorists and pedestrians are undoubtedly at risk of getting into an accident every which way they turn.

Like in any other state, road collisions almost always result in injuries. Fortunately, the Sooner State’s personal injury laws allow for the victims of such accidents to receive fair compensation for the pain, suffering, and losses they incur due to their injuries.

Here is what you need to know to prepare yourself in the event you fall victim to such an unwanted situation.

Compensation for damages

Whether it is a car crash or a motorcycle accident, the damages awarded to the plaintiff – the victim making the claim – fall under two categories. These include economic and non-economic, as explained by law expert Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC.

Economic damages are typically those that you can measure, such as the cost of repairs or replacements for vehicles, hospitalization and other medical expenses, as well as lost wages. Non-economic, on the other hand, covers physical pain, emotional distress, and other forms of suffering.

The comparative fault law of OK

In Oklahoma, filing a vehicular accident claim does not always mean full compensation for the plaintiff. This is because the state implements the “modified comparative fault” law, which basically means shared fault. This happens when both the defendant and the plaintiff had something to do with the accident.

For instance, in cases where the plaintiff has a 30% fault, then he or she will receive a reduced amount of compensation.

It is for this reason that you should not underestimate the expertise and skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer. You want to ensure that you receive just compensation, especially if you know that you are not at fault, and a lawyer can help you increase your chances of doing so.