Services You Probably Didn’t Know Your Dentist Provides

Services You Probably Didn’t Know Your Dentist Provides

DentistDental clinics vary in what they offer their patients or clients. In earlier times, you went to the dentist for matters that had to do only with your teeth and gums. Cleaning, dentures, treatment for bad breath or gum disease – these were the usual offerings.

These days, however, dental facilities are not limited to what they used to offer back then. So many technologies have emerged, so that your dentist in Croydon may offer services beyond the usual.

Dentists, like the ones in Gentle Dental Care, typically attend more classes to further their knowledge and improve their skills, so they can offer more services to more clients and patients. Many of them attend post-graduate studies, and there are also those who are never absent at seminars and refreshers. Some also go to training sessions not limited to the dental profession.

Here are some services your dental clinic may provide that you never knew about before.

Treatment of sleep apnoea

It’s normal for anyone to snore sometimes, particularly when they’re tired or have been up for too long. But if you snore every time you sleep, almost or completely without fail, you may have sleep apnoea. Of course, your dentist still needs to observe your condition if it is indeed sleep apnoea. You probably never knew about it, but they may offer treatment for it. As sleep apnoea may cause heart disease and other health problems, it is important that you receive treatment for it as soon as possible.

Reduction of wrinkles

When you talk about concerns about wrinkles amongst your friends, you probably mention dermatology. But did you know that your dental clinic may also offer ways to deal with wrinkles? Many dentists today are licenced to give Botox or dermal filler injections and help certain patients solve their wrinkle problems.

Fitting of dental implants

Older generations used to rely mostly on dentures to solve their problem with missing teeth. Older dentures came with several issues, such as discolouration, clicking and coming loose. Now, there are dental implants, which your dentist may offer. Implants act as a replacement for the tooth root, as they fuse with your jawbone. The replacement teeth attached to the implants are more natural looking, based on the colour and the shape of your real teeth. They are permanent and mostly need the same care as your natural teeth.

You might be surprised to find out how many other services besides common dental treatments that your dental professional may offer. Give them a call right now and find out.