Simple Ways to Prevent Losing Your Possessions to Thieves

Simple Ways to Prevent Losing Your Possessions to Thieves

A Break-In in the United StatesThe FBI has released information on crimes perpetrated within the United States in 2015. $12,420,364,454.00 – that is the total value of reported stolen property, including money, jewelry, electronics, firearms and vehicles.

Although the statistics show a decline in property crime (and an increase in violent crimes), that is no reason to ignore your security at home. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid losing your possessions and vehicles.

Lock your Doors

That goes for both your home and your vehicle. It’s the simplest thing, yet a lot of people ignore the simplicity of locking before leaving. If your car or home has a door with a broken lock, call someone to fix or replace it right away. Pay for new Chicago garage doors. It’s not just your car that you’re protecting when you have a trusty door in your garage; it’s also your tools and everything else in your garage. Many burglars enter homes through the garage because the door leading from there to the house is usually left unlocked. Be more vigilant; lock your car whenever you leave it, even after closing your fence gate or the door to the garage. Lock it when you’re inside too. Always check if your doors and windows at home are locked before leaving the house or retiring to bed at night.

Fence your Property

It’s not a foolproof solution, but if you install a fence around your property thieves are more likely to move on to the next, less-protected house. A better option is a perimeter fence with sensors, alarms, and cameras.

Be Friendly with Neighbors

Be a good neighbor. If you are, they are more likely to call you or the police if they notice something suspicious at your place when you’re not at home.

Get a Dog

Dogs may not be able to stop a dedicated thief, but they do make a racket when they see the intruders. A trained guard dog will ignore distractions like meat thrown at it by a burglar.

Keep your Possessions Inside the House

It’s common for an opportunistic thief to stop and steal a bike if it’s lying on the grass, unguarded. Keep it in a garage and close the door. Anything that can tempt someone to steal from you should be kept away from prying eyes.

Don’t Post your Holiday Photos on Social Media

Or at least wait until you’re back home before posting them. If a thief has been watching, observing, and making plans, your family photos in the Bahamas are like an invitation to check out your empty house.

There are many other ways to make sure you are protected from crooks. Get in touch with your neighborhood watch and volunteer, and learn more about protecting your property.