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The Surprising Addictions: Do You Need Help?

Drug Rehab Facilities in UtahMost people seeking help in inpatient and outpatient drug rehab facilities in Utah are addicted to substances – whether it’s cocaine or heroin. But are alcohol and drugs the only addictive things? Certainly not.

Here are six surprising addictions affecting millions of people across the world:

1. Plastic Surgery

Persons with a “body dysmorphic disorder” are obsessed with imaginary body defects. They constantly worry about those defects and can seek endless surgeries to fix the perceived shortcomings.

2. Tanning

Exposure to UV light releases endorphins, which can lead to addiction. Studies have shown that frequent tanners usually exhibit symptoms of physical and psychological dependence. Addicted tanners are can risk sunburns, blisters and skin cancer for the relaxation and mood enhancement associated with tanning. They are unable to quit without help.

3. Exercise

People addicted to exercise shows an extreme need for control. These extreme exercisers can wake up early in the morning to work out even when they may be ill or injured. Their lives revolve around their exercise.

4. Sex

Some people can’t stop having sex. They may also risk too much to have sex. They have a hypersexual disorder and their brain shows similar patterns to brains of people addicted to drugs and gambling.

5. Smartphones

Individuals with this addiction can’t stay away from their smartphones. They keep their gadgets with them all the time and keep checking them every other minute. They also keep ignoring friends at the dinner table to chat with people miles away.

6. Social Media

New studies show that 10% of social media users are addicted. Social media activity affects their brain in the same way cocaine would. Sharing their details on Facebook and Twitter also gives them a “high” that leaves them craving for more.

Addiction comes in different shapes. If you find yourself having trouble stopping any habit, the best thing is to acknowledge the problem and seek help. Remember, you can get hooked to anything that can alter your mood.

When Stars Fall Down: Celebrities You Won’t Believe Have Been to Rehab

Rehab in UtahA lot of celebrities have already gone to rehab. There are some, however, whom you never thought could be in rehab, but have actually been there. Here are a few of them.

1. Eva Mendes

No one really knows what went wrong and Mendes would never talk about it, but once upon a time, she checked herself into rehab. At least, she faced the problem head on – whatever it was – instead of making it worse. And, if you’re in Utah and suffering from similar problems, Renaissance Ranch Outpatient highly recommends that you look into a treatment center for outpatient substance abuse and get help.

2. Selena Gomez

The fresh-faced beauty spent 14 days in rehab back in 2014 – much to the shock of many. Apparently, Gomez had been suffering from prescription drug abuse, mixed with marijuana and alcohol, prompting her to cancel her tours. Today, the singer has come out strong – and more confident than ever.

3. Zac Efron

Yes, the beloved Troy Bolton had a bout with drugs, and not a good one at that, too. Shortly after her breakup with High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens, Efron barely survived an overdose which prompted him to check himself into rehab in 2013.

4. Ben Affleck

Before he became Batman and way before the infamous divorce from Jennifer Garner, Affleck was part of the young Hollywood scene. But his alcoholic ways caught up with him, prompting the actor to go to a rehab facility in 2001.

5. Mary Kate Olsen

Back in 2004, the Olsen twins had a big movie, New York Minute, and were starting their first year in college. All seemed well – until the reports surfaced that Mary Kate actually checked herself into rehab for an eating disorder. Years later, traces of the said year are no longer clear and Mary Kate is healthy yet again.

Even the most popular celebrities could fall, so if you’re having problems, make sure that you face them head on instead of letting yourself go to waste. Seek help and get your life back on track.