The 5 Rules to Becoming a Successful Personal Trainer

Fitness Training

Fitness TrainingPersonal training may look like a dream career, but it requires dedication and hard work if you want to go far. What differentiates successful PTs from those who struggle to keep their clients? Whilst all of them have their own challenges and triumphs, these rules tend to be universal.

  1. Never stop learning – A career in personal training demands continuous improvement. Enrolling in classes, subscribing to newsletters, and getting your cert 4 in fitness are some examples of what you should do in your spare time.
  2. Under promise, over deliver – Never promise the client anything unrealistic. Whenever possible, try to keep their expectations low. People are far more impressed when the actual results surpass their hopes.
  3. Build a strong network – In the health and fitness industry, success depends on who you know. A strong personal brand will help you land more jobs, so take every opportunity to meet people in your community. Local clinics, businesses, and workshops – these are all potential opportunities.
  4. Focus on the client’s goals – You should never take a “one size fits all” approach to training. Every client has different aims and capabilities, so you should structure their routines according to the results they are after – whether this is simple weight loss or improving their 5K run times.
  5. Put safety firstAvoiding injuries should always be one of your top priorities. Teach clients the importance of stretching and implement exercises that will train their mobility. You should stress that giving 100% is good, but not to the extent that they hurt themselves.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to cultivate your professional reputation and become a competent, reliable trainer. As with everything else, your efforts will make an immense difference. Continue to work hard and put the client’s interests above everything else.