The Simple Wedding: How to Save Money and Enjoy Your Wedding Day

The Simple Wedding: How to Save Money and Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Happy NewlywedsThe facts: you love her and you know she feels the same way towards you; you want to ask her to marry you; you don’t have $30,000 in your bank account for a wedding. The sum of all those facts is you want to marry your girlfriend but you want something less costly.

The good news is, these pieces of advice will help you save money. Let’s start with the proposal.

Don’t blow thousands of dollars on the proposal

If you’re going to go all out — for whatever money you have in your account — don’t do it at the proposal; save it for the wedding. For the proposal, keep it simple yet romantic. There are thousands of ideas to do this, but the first thing you should consider is do it while you are both doing what she loves. For example, if you’re both accomplished mountaineers, climb an easy-enough mountain and get on one knee as soon as you catch your breath at the summit.

As for the ring, a diamond is a great choice but it will set you back a lot of money. Instead of a real diamond, pick a forever brilliant Moissanite ring; it sparkles even more than a diamond, looks exactly like one, and costs only a fraction of what you’d pay for a precious stone, points out. It will be a precious little secret between the two of you.

Don’t overspend on flowers at the wedding

Have a garden with colorful flowers? Think about using those. If you do hire a florist, ask for the less expensive packages. And to save even more, have the flowers at the wedding transferred to the reception area. Even the bridesmaids’ flowers can be repurposed as table centerpieces.

Pick a wedding dress on sale

Designers often shave off a huge portion of a wedding dress’s cost when it’s time to display a new set. Ask for those dresses; it’s highly unlikely that there’s more than one version of the dress your girlfriend picks. In some weddings, those that happen away from a church, a wedding gown isn’t even warranted. Your lady can pick a simple white dress to go with your semi-casual attire. Here’s a tip: a Bohemian style wedding is a good option.

There are many ways to save money when you’re planning a wedding. Include hiring a cousin to take the photographs, and asking other friends and family to pitch in with whatever talent they have. You can concentrate on saving more for the future instead of blowing everything on your wedding day. After all, the best part of it is your union.