The Wonders of 100 Percent Recyclable Aluminium

The Wonders of 100 Percent Recyclable Aluminium

Aluminium recyclingWhen you melt down metals, they retain their original properties. That is one of the most fascinating characteristics of these versatile materials, and we often take it for granted. This quality makes them recyclable.

We now have the technology to transform discarded aluminium cans into new products. Of the different types of materials coveted by metal recyclers in Auckland, aluminium is definitely the most popular. Metal Salvage Services Ltd shares some interesting information about aluminium.

No small wonder

When it was discovered in the 1820s, there was no inkling aluminium would be extremely useful. These days, about two-thirds of the processed aluminium ever made into objects is still in use. The alloy can be recycled forever because it does not degrade or lose any useful property when undergoing the recycling process. You might have to think about it in order to understand that every aluminium product can be recycled back into itself continuously. As such, it is always on the list of most recycled materials on earth.

Recycling versus producing

Aluminium processing is a difficult and resource-consuming endeavour. However, it is easy to find because it is the most abundant metal on our planet. Processing aluminium from ore is a tedious, laborious and fuel-burning process. The labour and resources required when recycling aluminium is a fraction of the requirements of producing it.

If you want to save on energy usage, you will opt for recycling because it is the economical choice. The latter choice is environmentally friendly because you can save as much as 90 percent on energy usage.

A versatile metal

Being 100 percent recyclable is not the only quality of aluminium that makes it a popular type of material. Durable, ductile, and silvery white are the characteristics of aluminium distinguishing it from other building materials. It is resistant to corrosion as well.

A billion dollars’ worth of aluminium ends up in landfills every year—a huge waste. Recycling aluminium is both profitable and money saving.