Things to Evaluate Before Choosing a Primary School for Your Children

Things to Evaluate Before Choosing a Primary School for Your Children

Primary School in DubaiWhen it is finally time for your children to go to primary school, you may feel happy and anxious at the same time. Happy because your kids will learn more and make new friends, but anxious because it might be the first time that you won’t be with them for a few hours. That is why it is important to evaluate the primary school you’re sending them to.

Here are the things you must look for to have peace of mind:

Scope of Curriculum

The school curriculum should support all aspects of learning, including cognitive, social, physical, and emotional. Your children are still developing during these formative years, so it is important for their education to be as all-inclusive and comprehensive as possible. If you are an immigrant from another country who needs your kids to learn two languages, find a school that offers bilingual programs.

School Policy

You must also thoroughly assess the school’s policy to see if it is in line with your principles and preferences. This includes how they discipline the students (code of conduct), how often homework is given, extracurricular activities, recognition of impeccable behaviour and outstanding grades, partnership with parents, and more. Your kids will spend a lot of time at your chosen primary school in Dubai, so it is important to know these things.

Credentials of Teachers

Lastly, you need to know if the teachers that will handle your children are qualified for the job. Ask the headmaster or principal about their requirements and the screening process for the teachers they hire. This will give you assurance that your children are learning only from the best. This is not exclusive to just the teachers, but also to other staff members such as the librarian, security personnel, and janitorial staff.

Make sure your primary school of choice has a wide-ranging curriculum, effective policies, and impressive teachers and staff to have peace of mind about the education your children are getting.