Top 3 U.S. Destinations for Wakeboarding Adventures

Top 3 U.S. Destinations for Wakeboarding Adventures

WakeboardingLooking for the ideal place to go wakeboarding this summer? Who can beat the combination of warm summers and cool, calm waters? Enjoy adrenaline soaring summer water sports activities in the some of America’s greatest lakes. Here’s a list of the best places to head to when the wakeboarding bug bites.

Lake Powell, UT

The second largest artificially created reservoir in the United States, Lake Powell stretches across 200 miles to cover 96 canyons and other fascinating natural wonders to explore. This picturesque lake offers primo riding sites and snowboarding adventures in the backdrop of the world’s biggest natural stone bridge—the Rainbow Bridge. Contact a wakeboard rental provider in Jordanelle Reservoir or anywhere in the state for all your watercraft needs.

Blue Lake, FL

The signature Florida warm weather and the cool, gentle water of Blue Lake is an irresistible mix. This place is often visited by professional wakeboarders who are looking for a more private and exclusive water skiing experience. The crystal clear Caribbean-like waters and the picturesque backdrop make this one of the most sought after wakeboarding destinations in the U.S.

Lake Havasu, AZ

Glittering clear waters and innumerable concealed coves make this an exciting wakeboarding spot. Boating enthusiasts from the southwest visit here for the warm weather, clear waters, and easy accessibility to Vegas. Enjoy water skiing adventures spread across about 45 miles in length. The consistent water rise makes this one of the best wakeboarding destinations in the nation.

Some of best places to wakeboarding include the crystal clear Blue Lake, the dripping with natural beauty Lake Powell and the perennial water elevations of Lake Havasu. Other lakes such as Lake Tahoe, Radar Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, Lake Lure, Lake Mead and Lake Dunlap are also a boater’s and water skier’s paradise. Put these places on your list and get started on your water adventure.