Up Your Nail Game With these Of-the-Moment Nail Polish Trends

Up Your Nail Game With these Of-the-Moment Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish TrendsFrom sophisticated glitters and sparkles, to French tips version 2.0 and ombre nails, these novel twists on nail art and colour should be at the top of your nail game this year. According to various online style influencers in Australia, these nail polish trends will be sure to give your go-to reds and nudes a run for their money.

Be Glitterate

Yes, you can pull off glitter with class and sophistication. If you don’t like glittery clothing, opt for glittery nails instead. Cluster it or splash it on; doesn’t matter. The key to making it sophisticated is to sufficiently layer glitter over a base colour that’s classically sheer.

Stripe It Up

Striped tees? Why not striped nails? All you need is a base colour, a vertical or horizontal stripe or two (you can also opt for a check or plaid pattern) and you’re good to go. Black and white, blue and red, doesn’t really matter!

Colour Pop

Look to your trusty plastic beach ball for colour inspiration. The key is to slather on a thick coat for a more solid look.

French Tips v.2.0

White French tips — not. Go bold and modern this year by pairing the classic nude base colour with a splash or two of colour. French flag colours on your tips? Oui, oui.

Brush Away but with Purpose

Negative space has always been a massive trend in nail art these past seasons where the nails are almost left bare except for a purposefully applied brush of colour. This year, the negative space is more artsy and natural-looking with lighter and more strategically placed strokes of white nail polish. Experiment with different strokes to create interesting textures.

Ombre Nails

Yes, now that ombre hair is out, ombre nails are definitely in. Get three nail polish colours, a small, clean sponge, and add a bit of patience and luck. The result, gorgeous ombre nails. Instead of choosing hues within a colour family, such as different shades of blue, opt for contrasting hues that will pop more, but seamlessly blend into each other.

Just remember that you have to keep your nails clean and properly groomed so that you can pull off these nail looks without hitches. Likewise, don’t be afraid to experiment — it’s just nail polish, you can erase it and then try again.