How to Deal with Dental Emergency

Dental emergency being taken care ofAlthough emergencies happen in all areas of life, dental emergencies can be among the most distressing and painful. It’s hard to focus anything except the unbearable pain when toothache becomes severe, which can happen very quickly. And breaking or getting a tooth knocked out can cause panic. That’s when having the number of a good local emergency dentist already in your mobile can make all the difference.

It’s very important to try and not panic when a dental emergency arises. Things may seem bad, but the most important thing is to get to an emergency dentist in Edinburgh as quickly as possible, so that they can begin the process of making things right again, and stopping the pain. Dental emergencies are not respecters of business hours, so it’s important to find an emergency dentist in Edinburgh, such as the Polwarth Dental Clinic, that will guarantee to see you on the day you call.

The first priority of any emergency dentist will be to get you out of pain. Often, the acute pain that propels you into an emergency appointment is just an indicator of a deeper problem. The dentist may not be able to treat this in just one appointment. Severe toothache, for example, is often a symptom of infection inside the tooth. The only way to fully cure this may be root canal treatment.

When it comes to knocked-out teeth, it’s really important to know what to do, because it can be the difference between saving or losing that tooth forever. If the tooth is on the ground, don’t touch the root. Instead, carefully lift it by the crown and clean it with saliva or milk. If possible, put it back in the socket, guiding it in with your tongue.

Once it is in place, bite on a clean paper towel for 15-20 minutes, and call the dentist. Otherwise, put the tooth in a clean container and cover it in milk or saliva and take it to the emergency dentist in Edinburgh. It is often possible for the dentist to put it back in the socket without too much difficulty and then strap it to adjacent teeth for temporary support.