Veins and Blood Flow: Preventing Venous Diseases

Veins and Blood Flow: Preventing Venous Diseases

Woman with Venous DiseaseLike an engine, your body should be well fueled in order for it to function properly. While your car engine needs proper flowing of gasoline, your body needs a different kind of gasoline in the form of blood. However, if your blood flow encounters setbacks in its movements throughout your body, complications, most commonly in the veins, would arise. These complications can lead to various types of venous diseases.

Here are ways to prevent complications from happening and how to treat early stages of it.

Ways to prevent venous diseases

  1. Continuous mobility

Regular body movement to ensure blood circulation is needed. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. If truly unavoidable, regular stretching, flexing and extending your legs should be done.

  1. Regular exercise

Stretching is not enough. Diet and regular exercise are also needed to ensure proper blood flow. Walking, running and swimming are among the common exercises doctors recommend its patients.

  1. Compression stockings

specialized type of stockings where the ankles are tighter than on the legs. Wearing compression stockings can help prevent blood from pooling in the ankle to prevent swelling and pain.

  1. Watch your weight

Too much pressure to one’s legs due to one’s weight is also among the major causes of venous diseases. Losing weight when you have symptoms of venous diseases can be an effective way of prevention.

  1. Elevate your legs

Increase your blood flowing by keeping it elevated daily, especially after strenuous activities. Keeping your legs above your heart for a couple of minutes can improve proper blood circulation all throughout your body.

These tips can help prevent venous diseases. However, if you have more complicated types of conditions like May-Thurner Syndrome, then proper medical treatment like stenting, and sclerotherapy for other venous conditions, should be considered. Always seek professional medical help if you feel any discomfort in your body.